Most useless campaign unit?

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From most to least useless:

1. Wraith: useless even in one mission that it was meant for
2. Predator and Raven: the other option is just better
3. Goliath: outclassed by vikings in the mission it was meant for (if you have vikings), useless otherwise
4. Diamondback: useless outside of the mission it was meant for
5. Medivac: medics are just so much better and I didn't find much use for dropships in the campaign
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My god, the wraith. Viking does a better job than this craptastic unit.
I think I used every other unit at some point or another.

I have to concur. I mean the Viking was phenomenal anti air, and I left anti-ground to the Banshee who was damn good at it. I only used Wraiths when I honestly had no choice: Better units were always available.

I also have a forgiving opinion of the Hellion. I prefer the Firebat for nostalgia, the fact it can be healed and its stim packs. But the Hellion's nice speed and impressively fire power actually saved my bacon on an achievement I earned this morning. They're great when you micro them. But I'd prefer to just have the Firebat if I could.
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From least worthless to most worthless
  • Medivac - Medics are better healers and Hercules are better dropships

  • Reaper - Only useful in 3 missions

  • Raven - Science Vessel is better, sorry Raven :(

  • Goliath - Viking or MM is always better

  • Firebat - Some use in the begining, but quickly becomes obsolete

  • Vulture - Only good in it's own mission

  • Helion - same deal with vultures, although reapers are better

  • Diamondback - Too expensive and only good in it's own mission, where siege tanks are better

  • Predator - did anyone actually chosse this?

  • Wraith - fail unit is fail, not even good in its own mission

  • ^^^ This. I'd say medivac is not really a useless unit at all though. Sure you listed 9 units more useless, but don't even bother mentioning the medivac. Medivacs are good because they are cheap for moving smaller forces, have more health than medics, and don't get attacked as much as medics. Hercules is great, but I didn't use it much at all (1 mission) because it's expensive and takes fusion core.

    I also disagree with goliath just because of it's range compared to M&M, larger health, and excellent mineral to gas ratio (3:1) . It's 3 supply and increased 50 mineral cost from SC1 is unfortunate, but don't really matter much. Attack air and ground at the same time is pretty good too. Vikings are faster, better AA units, and about the same on the ground, but their transition period really sucks, especially when dealing with both ground units and air units.
    Getting gols makes it so that you don't need to get marines at all, really. While you could say the same with vikings, they cost more gas, and have the annoying transition period.

    I rank diamondback near the top of that list too. When I first saw it I was thinking "WTF awesome unit" cause it had a +1 range upgrade. 20+20 damage at 7 range attack while moving? sweet. Too bad it turned out to shoot too slow, and move too slow for either of those things to be too great, while it also costed a whole lot (GAS!)
    Never tried predator, but looked like crap. Same with the wraith.

    Also, I'd say just because science vessel is better, doesn't mean raven is a bad or useless unit. Both raven and science vessel are good units
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    Actually I found the wraith extremely useful on the last mission on hard because I had to deal with swarms of air units, without detectors I could easily pick off groups of air units while my marine medic ball owned Kerrigan.
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    I was on the fence regarding the Viking, prior to completing the Haven's Fall mission last night. I LIKE this unit - the very model of Terran versatility.

    I don't have a problem with ANY of the units I've used, so far. To me, they all have their niches. Cloaked Wraiths can still waste a Battlecruiser QUICK!
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    Compare the raven to the SV and yes, SV wins. Don't compare and the raven is much better than most other 'useless' units. The challenge mission with the ravens and ghosts really highlights the unit's usefulness.
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    I agree with almost every reply here except Helions. I personally found them quite useful on Outbreak (I admit I didn't have reapers yet) and also on Haven's Fall. Helions roast those infested terrans up pretty good.

    I also used Hellions to good effect in the Outbreak mission. In fact, it's the ONLY ground unit I sent out to clear the infested structures. I put a reactor on my factory to crank out two at a time and sent out groups of 14-16 for clearing duty.
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    All throughout the campaign I was trying to find a use for Hellions since I foolishly upgrade both their upgrades. Needless to say the only time I used them was the mission you save Warfield on Char. I used them to cap the reinforcements quickly, and then use the reinforcements to punch through the Zerg blocking them.

    The Wraith and the Vulture I also never used much. In fact I didn't even build Wraiths in their pilot mission because they were so bad. Goliaths + Diamondbacks + a little MMM and mercs won me that msision.

    EDIT: Hellions were the only things I used on the Outbreak mission. Grouped like 20-30 with a reactor and sent them throughout the night.
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    It depends,

    I think all units are good for some purposes in the campaign, at least is what I think Blizzard tried to do, untis are well suited for early stage missions because even the maps are designed for them. After that, they are useless... honestly...

    And forget about Multiplayer, where the by the book gameplay of the 95% percent of players forces us to do the same tactic again and again ..... and again... so u get the point...
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    I like the wraith. Predators were pretty bad.
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    I used wraith in the final mission against air so I could also clear up ground when needed. didn't buy any of the upgrades for them though.
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    Science Vessel repair is very very slow and it runs out of energy quick trying to heal battlecruisers. I tried using 3 SVs on Maw of the Void to heal the mass BCs, and it was pathetically slow and I had to use scvs anyways. SVs fail hard, Raven point defense drone works on Kerrigan's attacks!!!! That saves you tons of units!

    How is that an argument against the Science Vessel? That's like saying, get 100 marines to 3 health and see how long it takes for 3 medics to heal them all to full hp. Or trying to heal 100 marines in a firefight with 3 medics.

    Also, I don't know what people's problem is with wraiths, sure their damage can't outperform the viking but I used them on their introductory level and between them and some scvs I finished the mission on hard no problem.

    Reapers make It's So Easy a joke on Welcome to the Jungle, those grenades are ridiculous.

    The initial vultures are pretty clutch for Solitaire for the spider mines so you don't have to spend time and minerals on base defense against the first marine/medic mass.

    However, helions aren't useful at all even on their mission, since if you try and park them behind bunkers to supplement a defense all they do is block scvs.
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    Ya I have to go with the predator, got and never used it. And I have to agree that while raven isn't nessesarily bad, SVs are amazing, bunch of them can turn the tide of any battle.
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    predator at least wraiths can fly and cloak
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    I usually get bio-steel so I don't really need vessels although it helps to have a mobile repair that doesn't cost money for maw of the void.
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    I haven't gotten to SV's, yet. Do they still have the irradiate attack? I LOVED that about them the first time around.
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