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Most useless campaign unit?

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Predator: I picked Predator in my 2nd campaign. I did use them in All In but they indeed suck still.

Hellion: I rarely build them but they are very good for speeding down to the other Nexi in Safe Haven if you are trying to do the achievement. I also used a few in All In as additional fire units for anti-Zerg.

Raven: Science Vessel the first time, Raven the second time. Science Vessel wins. =\

Wraith: Never built them except to keep the Odin safe in its debut level. I always used Vikings for anti-air.

Goliaths: I built these frequently especially when upgrade with the +range bonus. They are extremely good anti-air in this way.

Vultures: Mostly useless. I did mine some levels such as the rescue drop pod one. Once you memorize the drop areas, it becomes more effective.

Hercules: Neat the first time. Didn't pick it the second time. I guess I didn't really need them. Medvacs work pretty well when they can dual heal support infantry.
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Never bothered to get predators as they seemed rather worthless.

Otherwise I never built a single Hellion, Vulture, or Diamondback after their missions.

Never built an additional Wraith even on Engine of Destruction.
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Science vessels are useful to healing a mech army in pretty much every mission. Just because the Raven is a choice on countering Kerrigan 4-5 times in one mission out of 29 doesn't make it superior. Maw of the Void has no time limit, but it does have a hard resource cap, you have one expansion, whatever you get from your starting base, and the minerals and gas you can pickup from the platforms. That's it.

The repair speed of the science vessel is pretty much comparable to the travel distance your bcs would have to go to be repaired by scvs, and scvs are much more vulnerable to being destroyed especially by ground forces that cannot target air because they're the only thing to destroy in a BC/SCV situation.

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Vulture: Useless...never made one
Wraith: So...expensive..
Diamondback: ^

I disagree with hellions. They have their uses. They are actually the reason why I manage to get my Kerrigan portrait. Sniping those probes in Welcome to the Jungle.
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I have yet to create a Firebat, Diamondback, or a Vulture.

Fully upgraded Hellions are beast for base defense in the char missions. Just put them behind your bunkers and watch the zerg fry. And I love the Hercules transport. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.
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In order of worthlessness:
5.) Raven. Anyone playing brutal has to choose science vessel over Raven because it's immensely more useful and heals your mechanical units. Just like the predator, it doesn't even get chosen half the time.

That's what I thought when I got it, boy I wished I would've gotten the Raven.

The mechanical healing is nothing compared to SCV's + Regen.

Though, I thought Vultures were the most useless. They die quickly, and are hardly useful. Sure, the Spider Mines are okay, but I only used them on the mission with Han.
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I don't see how science vessels wins. Point defense drone > Kerrigan. Enough said.

I don't think most people are all that worried about Kerrigan, man. That's one mission, and she wasn't even the worst part of that mission for me. I was more concerned with keeping my air force repaired.
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In order of worthlessness:

1.) Predator. Why? because I never use it and the other research option is better than even having it. So the fact that its not in anyone's important game is epic fail for it.

2.) Helion. I can't remember ever building one of these during the campaign, or even wanting to keep it alive if I had one at any point.

3.) Vulture. Only mission I used it in was its feature mission and all I used them for was to mass spider mines. As a unit, they suck.

4.) Wraith. It even sucks on its opening mission. terrible. snipe siege tanks and run away because the wraith is too crappy to use in the campaign.

5.) Raven. Anyone playing brutal has to choose science vessel over Raven because it's immensely more useful and heals your mechanical units. Just like the predator, it doesn't even get chosen half the time.

Hercules might be far better than the Predator, but when I used on Easy for fun, I found it was slighly stronger than 2 archons or 6 zealots.

I wouldn't say it's useless, I'd say the Hercules makes Brutal too easy.
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My Science Vessels were always out of energy so I had to bring SCVs along most of the time anyways. I'll probably use Ravens for Brutal.

Wraith was surprisingly useless. I was hoping there would be a mission where having an invisible Wraith/Banshee strike force would be useful but it didn't really happen.

Firebats I used in the early missions, and for nostalgic value later.

Also I used Goliaths quite a lot in some missions. When upgraded their AA is kind of awesome. + simultaneous ground fire.
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I tried using science vessels and got annoyed with how quickly they ran out of energy compared to their cost. I just went with normal repair + the zerg upgrade after that

I didn't know pdd worked on kerrigan, will have to try that.

wraiths need to diaf. there's a reason why they split the sc1 wraith into 2 units, and it shows.
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The most useless has to be the wraith.

I mean, come on. It has absolutely no advantage over the banshee and viking when they're used in combination. Sure, unlike both of them it can shoot both ground and air without skipping a beat, but my god it's so completely inferior in every single way when you actually look at what it does! The air attack is a full 3 range shorter than the viking's; the ground attack does one third of the DPS of a banshee! There's just no freakin' reason to ever, EVER use them over a viking/banshee squad (especially if you can field science vessel support).

Predators are a close second. Mind you, their DPS is absolutely gobsmackingly insane (35 damage per hit to the primary target with 20 splash and also with a fast refire rate ftw), but the fact remains that they're MELEE and ARMORED and EXTREMELY SQUISHY. Their only use is as an anti-zergling/anti-zealot screen for siege tanks; anything else and they just die in droves with their craptastic HP (and their insane gas cost does not help matters any).

I did use one once to accompany my death squad in the mission where they introduced medivacs (where I had a squad of SCVs to repair them), and surprisingly it survived to the end. Somehow, though, I doubt it would do so well in any other mission. (Hell, I massed them in the Gates of Hell mission and they couldn't make it past the spine crawlers...)
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I tried about 5 different strats on Engine of Destruction Brutal, then just went with mass Wraiths and walked through it like cakewalk. I think I had 27 of them ending the mission with no other real forces.

I actually ended up using Wraiths again the Supernova mission because I didn't have vikings yet for any type of AA beyond a few marines while doing Hurry Up, It's Raid Night achievement.

I took raven the first time through and science vessel the second time through... I never built either of them.

Maw of the Void on brutal I ran my BC's back to repair. On Normal/Hard, you can kill 3 of the rifts with DT's.

I tried to make predator's, but they just died to fast for me to do anything with.

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Okay guys, when you're talking about Ravens, please don't just use the "it's great against Kerrigan" reason, because that's just one situation. Science Vessels are extremely useful in a lot of other missions, such as Supernova, Safe Haven, Haven's Fall, and especially Engine of Destruction. Even though repair is faster than the heal, it's still reasonable.

My SCV's are too busy doing what they can to pay attention to my Banshees in Supernova, and I do a LOT of hit and runs, so in this case, I just use SV's to heal. This is especially so in Haven, and also helpful in Engine of Destruction, where the Odin is constantly being damaged. Stacking SV's and repair helps a lot.
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Wraith, Vultures, and Goliaths. I never looked at them again after their feature mission.

But the Wraith is still #1 most useless for me. Amazingly useless in their feature mission. I just massed Vikings for my anti-air.
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Wraith. With poor attack and armor made out of tissue paper, I never found a use for these guys. Vikings just seemed a lot more useful. Plus if I wanted powerful ground DPS from the air I can use banshees, which also have cloaking. So the Wraith can't do anything other than look cool.
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