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I've been looking around for one of these since Heaven Besieged made it to the top few pages but haven't yet found one so I made this. Anyway, I love this map, especially playing as The Devil. I was just wondering, what do other people do with The Devil himself. All that I've been able to do without getting him killed is snipe tanks, kill ghosts, and snipe the occasional hero that gets stuck or comes out too far. My main ground taking strategy is using Beelzebub's Dark Swarm and the Behemoths and Mammon to destroy everything, and so far, it seems unstoppable. I know intellectually that powers should be able to stop it because they're melee, but the Behemoths seem to just chew through them. Does anyone have any other suggestions to this or modifications to make it better or just any good strategies in general?
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they need to weaken the darkswarm a bit.
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What they need to do is to return Jehoel's attack to 300x2 from 275x2. Jehoel and Uriel shred through behemoths, with Uriel able to kite, chase, ignore armor, and attack while moving. The problem is the lack of melee counters to Mammon.

Heaven has: Jehoel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Powers, Principalities to counter the behemoths. Of those, Uriel and Jehoel both need to be present to turn back Mammon

Hell counters this by throwing the Tormented Souls in, or getting help from Yellow via Abbadon or Orange via Sammyzza.

And NO, dark swarm doesn't need a nerf. Dark Swarm is the only thing that keeps them in the game. The ENTIRE game revolves around how well Red uses Beez, and to a lesser extent Mammon. Each Hell group has a unit, or set of units that without them they cannot succeed. Heaven can win if played well without most of their heroes, Hell cannot.

Orange: needs Tanks and Asmo to create a forward position (Countered by Zad, Jehoel + Uriel)
Yellow: Needs Fallen to break lines, flank elites, assassinate heroes, etc (Countered by Uriel, Duma, Zad if hidden)
Red: Needs Beez to be able to advance (Countered by Duma's FF, Uriel, Powers, other melee)

In addition, Hell's forward buildings need more HP

Nydus have what? 750HP? Michael, Zadkiel, Jehoel, Donatello's legion, Raphael with warrior angels, Nathaniel (to a lesser degree), Seraphiel, Virtues, etc. all those can snipe the Nydus worms with near impunity.
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I will be just saying this simply.. The goal of the game is defending to get out god right? after that then what? hell 90% still wins.. thats the fact. THE DUDE's votex is rather a setback and the invisibilty range i think needs to get buffed.. If i may, i want to request additional units to be added with THE DUDE rather than just himself for the defence-and-push at the same time.
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I agree 110%! god himself is far too weak, if heaven is about to die and god gets out, it should be liek oh my jebus! GOD! WE AREN'T GUNNA DIE!, instead its more like, oh !@#$, god. Hide him in the back! He's so under-powered its pitiful, i suggest when he spawns, something like archons or giant probes will be with him, God's Valkyries, or something liek that, or even just make god stronger but as he is, he's more of a keepsake then a super secret special weapon!
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If the Uriel player starts using Donatello + his Reaper force to harass you, just burrow pairs of Tormented Souls across the map. Keep a close eye on the minimap, and when Donatello gets close...detonation at the right time can probably kill ALL of the Reapers and almost kill Don.
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Michael can 1v1 asta and win... Wow
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