Saturated fat, is it good for you?

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after watching the movie super size me on netflix i saw a recommended video called "fat head" watching it basically the creator Tom Naughton disproved everything shown in super size me. he also concluded that we have been fed a bunch of lies about saturated fats being bad for you.
after finishing the movie i decided to look around the web for other sources claiming the same things.

first, i looked at more of Tom's work, because why not start with another presentation?
the big fat fiasco - this is part 1 of a 5 series, i won't post the links to all because it shows up on the right side anyways.

in the presentation he has more information why saturated fats aren't bad, he also pokes fun at the experts who claim they are bad.
the audio isnt the best, but take the time to watch it.

next i looked at this ny times article-

the writer makes good arguments of why carbs are the cause of the obesity epidemic, not fats.

The last thing i looked at is an article found here

I think there is a very good chance that saturated fats are in fact good for you, or at the very least neutral. before the 1980s carbs and sugar were considered by most doctors to be the cause of many health issues. so why is it saturated fat that is so bad now?

I leave you with this link of a clinical trial of atkins, zone, and ornish diet in women, funny how those on the atkins diet lost the most weight, and had the best heart health markers..
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An easy answer to your original question is, yes, humans need a certain amount of saturated fat. Look at the back of any nutrition facts food label. You will see by the saturated fat content some percentage. That percentage means the amount of saturated fat that is in the food which the label describes. The actual percentage is a portion of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat you should eat in one day.

For example, if you eat some chocolate covered almonds and one serving has 25% of the daily recommended saturated fat content, four servings would be all the saturated fat an average person should consume in one day. Consuming any more saturated fat than that is where the trouble starts, because the body would have to store it and you would gain weight.

The things that you should not eat are polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, trans fat, and anything else that is in foods but there is no percentage next to them. That means there is no recommended amount you should consume each day (not required for a healthy diet).

And of course, with just about everything, consumption should be MODERATED. Saturated fat is not simply GOOD or depends on how much. The recommended daily amount is GOOD, after that it is BAD. =)
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