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In defense of SOPA

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what the business really needs to do to stop pirating as stated from a lot of the sources I have read.

1. Simply offer a better product than what the pirates can give you
2. price it at a point that makes that item worth buying

I often "steal" games to demo them and buy the ones worth buying. I do not have any pirated material long term, though it is still illegal.

stupid anti piracy protection drives up cost and actually hurts them more than helping in about every case.

bastion $10, could have stolen it easy, great game, demo was available.
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01/12/2012 10:49 PMPosted by Etra
We solved the Y2K crises pretty easily, a solution will be found and implemented swiftly.

LOL! Did you just huff a can of spray paint before you came up with that "counter point?" It's censorship, plain and simple. And this is after we (Americans) threw a fit about Google China... how quickly we forget.
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lets trample all over the constitution some more!!
don't you get it violates our rights of free speech on the internet??
They can shut any website down under the guise of 'copyright protection'...

same with all that bullsh** from the Patriot Act... more people die of lightning strikes in this country than terrorism... yet they can pretty much do whatever they want to you, and you lose all freedoms in the name of 'terrorism'...

if you support SOPA, then you deserve having your constitutional rights violated.
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01/12/2012 11:04 PMPosted by PandaGAF
piracy is not stealing, it's piracy.

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Dumb troll.


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1: Funny story, piratebay is immune to SOPA so your argument is invalid. As a follow up this threatens ALL sites that rely on user submitted content as it forces them to spend resources on either heavily policing their user base or trying to argue the shut down in the first place, all because one user posted copy written content.

1.5: agreed

2: This will cause companies to spend money hiring lawyers to fight these false claims rather then building up their new business while start ups get DESTROYED by BS claims. Further more this is ALREADY HAPPENING where companies in their over-zealousness take down content that isn't even theirs being hosted by others who DO own it. Hell, I've even seen companies take down their own !@#$%^- videos they display on sites promoting whatever the video was about.

3: The idea that anyone could be watching what I do on a site by site basis or worse what I do on the internet as a whole is an invasion of my privacy. It doesn't matter if they don't have the ability to do it to all their users or just a select few it is wrong. The only time it is ok is when they have sufficient evidence to suggest they are doing something wrong, you know, like how the police need a warrant? I know this already happens at times but that still does not make it okay to add more to the invasion of privacy that is already happening.

4: The internet technically is something that MUST be provided to human beings, it is a human right according to the U.N. Does this entitle anyone to free stuff? Of course not, but what SOPA is is less people wanting free things but rather the industries lack of ability to adapt. There are companies who are THRIVING when all they sell is digital merchandise. Look at Valve which has posted 100% growth in profits for yet ANOTHER year.

5: These people have a point though part of it turns into a circular problem at least with films. For a while films were crappy so people pirated, the lack of income forces hollywood to go with safe choices which lowers innovation in movies and ideas meaning more lame movies, but it still hasnt killed innovation in movies and they are slowly starting to grow their uniqueness from indie films that hit it big (paranormal activity being the best example).

That being said they have for years been over charging customers while giving crappy service and screwing the content providers. Their greed is shown more when they sue regular people for exuberant amounts of money, $2,000+ per song? That's $18 thousand to $44 thousand for ONE ALBUM. This isn't new either, they have constantly tried to destroy new technology because it vaguely threatens their business, from cassette recorders to CD burners and now the internet. Rather then innovate they have constantly tried to reduce what these technologies bring to consumers and producing better content in which to show off the power of the new technology.

Are the excuses some people using to pirate good? No of course not, but to let them get SOPA as a cop out because they can't get their *!@# together every time something new and exciting comes out is pathetic and we shouldn't stand for it.

Piracy is and ALWAYS will be a service problem. Provide a better service and you will see less piracy.
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sopa will cause so much problems, one half companies will leave united states just because they can't afford upkeep to make sure all t is crossed and all their i is dotted. plus if your website is down, is it caused by hacking or your ispn provider just blocked you.

Their is no way knowing because problem about sopa their is no warning we found you violation you have so many day reply, it wont it be it was working and then it wasn't.

China, iran probaly the hardest places to IT for because no one knows if their down time is caused by goverment or hackers, United states its easy. yet sopa makes it impossible to tell.
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01/12/2012 10:49 PMPosted by Etra
Thieves keep thinking up new ways to steal - that doesn't mean law enforcement just gives up and lets them keep stealing.

This is the most retarded thing I have ever heard to be used to attempt to justify a completely illogical action.

It'd be like if Bush authorized the entire US nuclear arsenal to blow up the whole of the Middle East in order to stop Osama Bin Laden simply for the sake of doing something to pursue him.
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This thread does have some good arguments, but at the end of the day it sounds just like a bunch of pirates justifying their actions. "I pirate games to demo them, and buy the ones worth buying"? Why not just go rent it from an actual store? Its 5 bucks to rent from alot of places, and you'll still help out. Companies have the right to defend their property, and I think this will help that cause, as they've obviously had enough.
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01/13/2012 05:02 AMPosted by Inphinity
This thread does have some good arguments, but at the end of the day it sounds just like a bunch of pirates justifying their actions. "I pirate games to demo them, and buy the ones worth buying"? Why not just go rent it from an actual store? Its 5 bucks to rent from alot of places, and you'll still help out. Companies have the right to defend their property, and I think this will help that cause, as they've obviously had enough.

Quite a few games do not present demos, on top of that other games have crippling DMR which hinders paying users. Another strong purpose of pirating is that of activism. Certain companies have put out crap or treated their customers horridly. In these cases individuals will boycott but still enjoy the games the company makes by pirating, thus giving them no money but still allowing players to play the game which helps the developer (with feedback and player base) rather then the distributor.

In addition many individuals have seen sales growth due to pirating. Many see the number of times someones intellectual property has been pirated and say it is a bad thing, what they do not note is the boost in sales gained or the conversion of pirates to paying customers. This mostly focuses on smaller groups or lesser known individuals but it still helps.

Does this justify ALL pirating? No, of course not, there will always be those who abuse the system simply because they can, but punishing EVERYONE for what those people do is wrong.
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I don't care if it stops pirates and heavy distributors from pirating or not. SOPA and PIPA provides the USA with a way of censoring the internet that affects all users, globally. Sure it might force sites to take a stricter position with potential copyright on their channels but SOPA and PIPA effectively give the USA government the power to shutdown sites, in some extremes internet based companies. SOPA as it is now will very readily give corporations dominant control of the internet media we are exposed to. SOPA is censorship of the internet there are better ways to shut down piracy then monopolizing and censoring the internet.
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Someday when you're old enough, you'll understand legislation doesn't curb the "offending" activity, but stimulates it. It's called prohibition.

A large concern about the bill has to do with its DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS to those deemed offending.

This is not new behavior from the media industries who support it either. Same thing happens each time new technology becomes available. VCRs, MP3 Players, etc...It threatens the way they've done business.

Being so uneducated that you will vote for your own repression is how the downfall of freedom's start.
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