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In defense of SOPA

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01/13/2012 07:54 AMPosted by Drhorrible
What drives me nuts is that in doing this the music and media people are crippling themselves. The internet is like the perfect distribution tool for them allowing them to reach the largest audience they can ever reach.

There are some companies that understand this. Not all clips from movies / tv get immediately taken down from sites like youtube.

You can go right now and watch tons of clips from movies like The Dark Knight and TV like Game of Thrones right now on youtube. Obviously you won't find full episodes (nor should you), but all the relevant, most exciting scenes are there for anyone to see.

The people behind that content know that they've made a great product and know that letting it exist on youtube only results in even more people being exposed to it (and wanting to buy it / watch it on TV when future content comes out).
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A big problem with sopa, is the fact that there is no due process, if a copyright holder deems something breaking copyright, then you get blocked, only ip address direct access. and if you have a website that depends on ad revenue, like a lot of sites i visit, they will go out,

cinemassacre, tgwtg, to name two would probably get blacklisted and then their ad revenue would go away, and then they would stop making content.

furthermore, pirating will still go on, because you can just type in the ip address, so this wont stop pirating at all and it will screw some of my favorite sites,

and im not even american :(
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Who else doesn't pirate stuff, but almost feels like starting because this is all annoying?
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01/12/2012 11:09 PMPosted by EternalSad
I often "steal" games to demo them and buy the ones worth buying. I do not have any pirated material long term, though it is still illegal.
You could just play the legal demos instead of pirating those games.

01/12/2012 11:09 PMPosted by EternalSad
stupid anti piracy protection drives up cost and actually hurts them more than helping in about every case.
Adding more protection causes less people to pirate the game, which I don't hear people complaining about Blizzard's security measures in SC2.

you are assuming every game released has a demo

and when it comes to price, simply look at how many more people bought starcraft after blizzard put out free starter editions and dropped the price of every thing around the holidays.

Go on steam right now and buy dead space 1 and 2 for $10. At a price that cheap why would you pirate that.

Also watched a news article of a comedian producing his own work as an experiment and offered it at cheaper prices and made far more money than when he has going with the labels, when his work was so easy to steal at this point. Better product, better price = more sales. Higher price, more profit per sale, smaller audience.
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While I agree a lot of you that SOPA might be pushing the edges of normal supposed freedoms, i feel like the only people who are angrily against it are really just worried they won't get free !@#$ anymore.
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fk you
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Someday when you're old enough, you'll understand legislation doesn't curb the "offending" activity, but stimulates it. It's called prohibition.

A large concern about the bill has to do with its DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS to those deemed offending.

This is not new behavior from the media industries who support it either. Same thing happens each time new technology becomes available. VCRs, MP3 Players, etc...It threatens the way they've done business.

Being so uneducated that you will vote for your own repression is how the downfall of freedom's start.

This is truly brilliant

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