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In defense of SOPA

I'm sure the recording studios would have taken down youtube a long time ago if they could have.

Youtube already controls their copy righted content. Or they try to.

But they can't keep track of every video.

Did you know that there is 2 hours of video uploaded every minute on youtube?

I think you just perfectly articulated why this would be a stupid law in it's present form.
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Have you actually read the bill? Nothing that you said is correct, and all that it takes for a website to be blacklisted is for the company to simply be accused of hosting pirated content (aka users on the website file sharing, which happens on basically every website).

Even if you could stop people from pirating stuff on the internet, shutting down websites because some of the users are breaking the law isn't the right way to go about doing it.
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I think you just perfectly articulated why this would be a stupid law in it's present form.

So then why are everyone freaking out?

Because had this law been established 10 years ago, there would be no YouTube.
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OP, understand that it's not the music producers who are mad. It's the CD companies. By using downloads instead of discs, those companies lose profit, so naturally they will try to pass a law making it illegal to download.
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01/13/2012 02:20 PMPosted by MadControl
That's your argument?

No, that's my opinion. I don't feel like elaborating on a starcraft forum, sorry.(I mean, you can read a lot of explanations in this thread, though I didn't read all of it)

Unless you're a large corporation owning a lot of IP personally, sopa is insanely bad.
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01/13/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Trinity
I'm merely saying I completely support internet gluttons doing what they do at the expense of greedy corporations.

What a load of crap. Remember Tribes? Piracy nearly killed that small developer. You can live in a fantasy world where software pirates are the noble Robin Hoods fighting to keep us safe from the evil robber barons, or you can get a dose of reality and realize the piracy makes it harder for developers to succeed.

Let's recap.

Pirates: bad.
Government controlling the internet: worse.

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Ah !@#$

Just realized the representative of SOPA is Lamar S. Smith from Texas and he has no technological background.

ok guys we might be in some serious trouble after all

He just might be ignorant enough to shut down Google.

not sure if serious.

You do realize how dangerous it is to have ignorant politicians craft laws that astute lawyers can exploit, right?
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