Co-op campaign mode

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07/21/2012 06:04 PMPosted by BallsOfSteel
this would also encourage extra sales ;)

exactly what sc2 needs :)
+ fun
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01/30/2012 09:53 PMPosted by Stealthydog
That is a FANTASTIC idea 1 player could be Kerrigan and her zerg, while the other plays Raynor!!!

Would be a cool and interesting angle, then depending on who wins would decide the next mission. Would give you incentive to play through a few times to go different routes. Would be a lot to do but would add a cool angle.
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Would be awesome, I used to play a game called Dawn of War which was also an RTS and it had co-op campaign mode and it was a blast to play with my friends.
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I thought about it but the campaign was something I liked doing by myself away form any multiplayer aspect of the game. In fact I wish there more missions added to it as the years went by, I finished every campaign achievement and now kind of miss it.
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I would love it if there was some way that they could make this work!

Perhaps they could implement some kind of like the Macro Micro custom game where one person is back at your base making the units and structures and then the other is out killing targets. Then for the more hero focused missions they could just do 2 Kerrigan's and have each player be able to customize their own... Probably something worth looking into. Playing campaigns coop is a really fun experience!
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+1 I would even pay for this feature if included new levels
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Years ago, my best friend and I had a blast playing Duke Nukem 3D's campaign in co op mode. Granted, that was a much simpler undertaking to develop, but I think this could be really, really fun and I personally would finish it with several friends.
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Micro-Macro for the campaign! WIN!
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Great idea. I love playing co-ops with friends. This is what makes team games fun, you can have fun playing with and introducing someone to the game regardless of their skill level.
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Totally agree, even if it isn't the main campaign, for 60 or 40 dollars it seems like to get my money's worth both a single player campaign and co-op campaign would be warranted. Would definitely give me a much stronger selling point to convince my friends to get into SC2.
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Even Red Alert 3 had Co-op, before SC2 me and my friend used to play RA3 all the time, such fun on a casual level!
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Pure Brilliance. They could add addition levels that you can access where you can potentially access the war from the Protoss and Terran perspective. Give back story to the defenders of the ancient artifacts, and even give teasers for the future.
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I think it would be absolutely amazing if we could do co-op campaign. Though, because campaign missions are typically designed with a single base (outpost) or some other starting point, I imagine this won't happen. I think it would be pretty sweet though.
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As someone who has this as the last thing on my priority list for changing SC2, I have to admit that it would sell copies. Especially if you retroactively made the first campaign allow some of the same features.
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Red Alert 3's story was lackluster but the campaign mode was 2 player Co-Op and it was a lot of fun.

It was a great way to introduce your friends to the RTS Genre.

I'd love a cool co-op campaign.
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I have to agree, whenever I play a campaign I always want to know if it is CO-OP. It's always fun to do story mode missions with friends. You are always 1 second away from winning, and your friend decides to die/!@#$ up on purpose. Always brings laughs. :D
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sounds like fun
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I think this is a good idea, but I would make a separate part. Meaning I would not make this for the normal Campaign. I would try to do what CoD:MW2 did with their "Spec-Ops". You basically had the choice to play a part of a mission with a buddy (or solo) and complete it. It would be a part of a mission and maybe you would have to do it within a certain time, but I think this could be a good idea if done correctly.
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one of the missions should be a macro micro mission where one person can only control buildings and the other units. :D
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Yes please. Been wanting a coop since sc2 came out.
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