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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sort of new to this site.
I understand that there are some of you who are trying to remake StarCraft 1. I've been trying to do that myself. I'm starting with the Terran Campaign, but there are a few problems I'd like to share.
First, there is no model or texture for Jim Raynor riding a Vulture. I downloaded someone else's maps of a SC1 remake, and I found that Raynor looks more like all of the Vulture units. If there is anyone, please make a texture or model of Raynor, without his armor, riding a vulture. I do not have the skill or experience for doing it myself, plus my computer can be a piece of s@#t at times.
Second, I have found a texture for replacing Nova's, creating the Ghost version of Lieutenant Kerrigan. Here is the following link:
Third, there are some units whose models look too fake. For example, the Valkyrie and the Arbiter. Aren't there better models than those? They don't move around much.
Those seem to be the only problems I have. If I have any more, I'll post them through this link.
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I could have swore someone already did the entire original campaign in Starcraft II. Are you doing this for your own research?

Also, I hate to bring tear down your enthusiasm but nobody is going to make a model with Jim Raynor riding a vulture just from a random request on the forums. It's much easier just to use a regular vulture. You're asking someone on a whim to dedicate dozens of hours to making just one model and then animating it.
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No, this is the Terran campaign for StarCraft 1. This is what I'm talking about. The list of problems I wrote above, these are the maps I'm talking about right here in this following link. See for yourself:
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Look, I hate to be blunt, but more than one person has remade SC1 in different ways. And if you can't make a Raynor-in-Vulture model, then maybe there's a link. This is not a request, but a favor.
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I hear you on this. I would really like to see this happen as well. I have even tried a few maps. However, i am only good with the maps and editing existing units. That would leave me high and dry for triggers and old units. other than that I have made 3 perfectly matching maps from SC1 as far as terrain and unit placement. This is of course with new units in place on old ones.
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