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Hi, i applied today but i dont know when or how i will be informed if accepted. Yesterday when i registered with my hotmail email i never received a confirmation email and if you will notify me by email im afraid i will never recieve it. In that case my ingame id is AMAGAD (310).

Thank You.
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I registered under the nickname ravenfire though my IGN now is Xeelee.... i plan to use a name change though
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Heya I'm very interested in the clan but for some reason i cannot access the website... says its forbidden! Any other way i can apply for the clan?
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01/27/2012 11:07 AMPosted by LGimbaASfuts
Sign up here and you'll be added to our roster:

I'd love to be considered for your team, but it appears your website is broken. Getting a 403 forbidden error.
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hi i applied not to long ago and i hope you respond very soon i am very excited to join your guild, im 19 experienced and know my way around this game i am a protoss player and plan to stay that way i would be a great asset to your team as i have tons of potential please contact me asap in game name is grislythrone. i look forward to hearing from you.
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just so you know, LGviCtoR is really BM.

I beat him in a peepmode game and he was probably embarrassed so he BM'd me pretty badly. Then he sent messages to me after the game and kept harassing me, calling me a scrub and all this and that, etc.

06:10 [All] LGviCtoR: well ur a cheesy !@#$%^
06:11 [All] LGviCtoR: gg
06:14 [All] OPisME: LOL
06:14 [Allies] Fogedaboudit: :(
06:15 [All] Seven: rofl
06:15 [All] LGviCtoR: ill rematch u
06:16 [Allies] EmptyMind: LOL RAGE
06:17 [Allies] Coraph: LOL
06:18 [All] LGviCtoR: since i know ur trash

If you would like to have a successful team, you should encourage mature and mannered players.

Good luck!

edit: I don't see him on your webpages roster, so maybe he is not a member, sorry if that's the case!
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01/27/2012 12:35 PMPosted by Venusaur
Join people we have 10 GMS +
why isn't this maphacker banned yet?
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is he part of your clan?
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I can vouch for this clan. Actually legit.
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One of their clanplayer asked us to join to learn how to become platinum. When I joined in their channel and expressed the interest...

One of the clanplayer told me to take 2 to 4 squares and use it until the area is clean.

Then other send me this as instructional:

I see the previous comments saying that they are awesome. I think otherwise......

Not impressed with their sportmanship attitude.
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Are you guys still recruiting? I'm interested.
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I would like to apply for your team. It has always been my dream to become a pro gamer, this would be a great place to start.
- Sunny
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I would like to apply my dream is to use money from pro gaming to pay for college and have fun in this game i love, Bronze high bronze atm
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Hey im a ex vVv Gaming member and would love to join LG. please send me info or contact me via game.

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Is this clan still recruiting?
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this clan is dead bro
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I'm looking for team please add me or inform me.
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