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Will Campaign increase my Terran skills...

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if I have little to none already?

I am happy with my skill using both Protoss and Zerg, but would greatly enjoy playing Random on the ladder sooner than later.

To what extent will playing through the campaign increase my set of tools as a Terran player? Does playing campaign put players in the proper mindset?
Is there a better option?

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Not one bit. Campaign has medics, diamond backs, tech reactors, science vessels, 100+ damage tanks. None of those are viable to learning online play. You play campaign to get good at campaign. You play 1v1's to get good at 1v1's
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It's good if you need to learn the basic mechanics of Terran, but as Xombie said all the extra units make it different from multiplayer enough that you won't gain too much skill.
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The only things I learned from campaign were how to make seperate control groups and how to auto-cast actions.
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Sorry, have to disagree with the other posters. Its not as useful as playing real games, but you can learn from it if you have little experience playing as terran. I was able to learn about stuff like 3rax, 1-1-1, etc, mule timing, macro, control groups, optimizing the spending of resources, terran unit counters, etc. 3gate+robo, too, in the 'toss missions.

I haven't done my qualifying matches yet and I consider myself a total N00b. However I've been through the campaign several times on varying difficulty levels, cleared most of the campaign achievements, and done the challenges. I played my first co-op games this weekend as terran, admittedly on very easy, and was astonished at how people don't know where to wall off correctly, build probes, rally workers, etc.

The downside is I barely know a zergling from a baneling...but I'll use HotS to teach me about zerg.
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I wish I posted sooner, LAndo... :/ I believe the single plyaer can help you get your mind off of badhabits in the multiplayer. When you palay multiplayer, it's like you are in a tournament EVERY TIME, when you want practice for the big thing, which is every league match ur in, So try bouncing back and forth and TRYING to get better as you play the terran campaign. Play on normal, okay?

Play the campaign on normal and try to beat it... or some of it and go online and try to use your NEW FAST SKILLS. This game is about multitasking VERY FAST. I repeat: this game is about multitasking VERY FAST! .. and your creativity. You can go far with this.

Just use your head. Bunkers ARE SWEET.

And just remember to inspire yourself. Too much multiplayer can be frustrating. I started off OONLY playing the campaign and never the multiplayer. The campaign, I repeat, can whelp work off bad habits. Just "live a little!" Live a little and releax! Have fun! SCII WAS A FUN CAMPAIGN!... I am sad theg raphics couldn't be the grates for my CPU but it was beautifiul, along witht the music... and SCII can be even more beautiful. We need thoughts and revolution, but you need to start with using your head and feeling better about your skills. It's NEVER easy for me to be gbe good either... but EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE to learn to hafeel good plaiyng their favorite game. EVERYONE HAS THAT CHANCE AND NOT EVEN I... TAKE ADVANTAGE...
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I think the campaign can help your skills overall, especially with Terran. The campaign can help you learn the importance of macro and exploiting your enemy's weaknesses.

I finished the campaign on brutal before I started laddering and I thought it helped quite a bit, and I don't even play Terran. Especially the last mission, All-in, where you really have to keep on top of unit production and your micro to make sure you can survive against all the different elements against you.

If you just learn to macro well that can easily get you to gold league or beyond, just because you have more economy and a larger army. You only need to start bothering with compositions and builds when you run into that wall and you can't get any further just with your good macro play.
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Playing it on Brutal would definitely help improve your multitasking and macro and micro, especially in missions like Welcome to the Jungle, Engine of Destruction, and The Moebius Factor.
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Might help you with apm, macro/micro, and other basic SC tools. Won't help much with like predicting opponent or anything like that. For those skills you'll have to play multiplayer
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02/13/2012 10:44 PMPosted by Xombie
Not one bit. Campaign has medics, diamond backs, tech reactors, science vessels, 100+ damage tanks. None of those are viable to learning online play. You play campaign to get good at campaign. You play 1v1's to get good at 1v1's

the campaign holds the original stats of units from when it was first released
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Definitely... I came to SC2 in August 2011 and I did not know a THING. I got a new computer because was so amped for D3 so thought why not try SC2?

Anyway, It helped so much that when I started playing 1v1, I got placed in Platinum for my first time and managed to get myself to 35th rank I think it was? I'm now gold though Q_Q.

I think if you play it on brutal you kind of get a good idea.. Granted you can't use some of the campaign things, but it does help... Can't say that it doesn't.

imo anyway!
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practise makes perfect i found the challenges help out big time with skills check out my project for school guys thanks
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It depends on what you already know.

On the one hand:

Campaign is good for familiarizing you with what you "should" have. What I mean here, is that in campaign mode, lots of the later missions begin with your base being firmly established, with you already having a fair amount of minerals and training structures in place.

The placement of these structures will vary, but most often, it is "what" you have as the mission begins compared to "how far your base is" that matters the most.

I personally found it good visual conditioning for playing multiplayer/co-op games. Before, I used to over-manufacture one type of building, to the point where once I got a steady flow of one type of unit, my forces would be majorly flawed and unable to deal with some enemy set-ups (which the campaign is good with throwing at you).

Campaign gets you conditioned to building variety, instead of going in a singular type of unit. It also conditions you to using good Micro/macro skills to a point (think of missions like the dreaded "fire wall" and "hot lava". You learn from those missions how to move your entire base if your position becomes compromised.

On the other hand, Campaign is unrealistic, and should not be relied on for heavy macro training. Use the Challenges for the more "down to not-Earth" training.

Edit: In my humble opinion, the best Challenge out there to get good tactical insight on is the "Opening Gambit" challenge. Getting gold on that requires good macro skills. "Tactical Command" on the other hand gives you massive micro skills.

You will want to figure these missions out on your own, achieving the best possible scores with your own meta before looking up a youtube/ect guide on the best way to beat the challenges. If you just so happen to get gold in the challenges, it means you're getting better on your own. But getting hints after your very best try will help you fill in the gaps, as opposed to following someone else's meta completely.
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I wouldn't count on Campaign preparing you for anything other than getting a feel for terran units and structures. It doesn't teach you to build fast or smart, or require anything other than facerolling MM balls (which don't exist in multiplayer, you have to use medivacs which are way more expensive, vulnerable, and can't heal each other). Brutal can honestly be beaten without having to diversify at all in regards to unit production (I know this because that's how I beat 90% of the missions). Give a Very Hard AI custom game a shot and see if you've really learned how to play properly. I did...I can't stop crying now.

This is one of those games I just don't think I'll ever be good at. Micromanaging/multitasking is something I suck at in real life, I shouldn't expect to do well with it here. I kinda have crappy memory too, so it's easy for me to forget to build stuff xD I'm better at hyper focus, as in the kind of hyper focus that allows me to forget to eat. It's why I only played one WoW character for six years, and played it really well (sorry for the story, I thought it was pretty cool).

All in all, I think Brutal campaign is good as what it is: a solid challenge for average players who won't ever really make it far up the multiplayer ladders. If it was harder, it probably wouldn't have been that fun. I approve of the difficulty in brutal campaign. If people want a further challenge, lot's more await them in multiplayer.
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