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So far, from what I hear the easiest way to publish a map on a different server other than your primary server (NA, EU, SEA) is to use sc2-localizer to set the right localization and then to either purchase or borrow an account on the other servers. Right?

Are there any plans coming up in HOTS or before to allow authors to either publish across servers or allow players to play maps published on different servers. Is there a reason for separating the map community like this?

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Yes, blizzard is working hard for several months on this idea. Of course it has not left the break room because ideas on paper and even being coded would be too real and too much work.
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I think they said they would allow players to change region, in order to play with different players and maps.

But currently most mappers ask friends from other regions to be publishers. This system leads to several problems, like desync of versions, or even maps that no longer get updated or have to be removed.

Recently my maps had to be removed from EU (I'm from NA), because the guy got a localization error and was unable to update them, this lead to desync and I started having problems with feedback and bug reports as I didn't know anymore what the EU version was.

As all maps already have unique names through all regions I suggest making the map pool global, so no more NA, EU... suffixes in order to have a map on different regions. I know it might be hard to accomplish but it's very important for the custom map community.
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Using sc2-localizer will cause you to have to uninstall your game and re-install it in order to publish maps. detects your game installation as broken when attempting to publish after using the localizer. The localizer seems to work if you want to play in different regions just fine though, but this is not a tool for mapmakers who publish.
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