The StarCraft II 'Art of War' Compilation

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~The StarCraft II Art of War Discussion Threads Compilation~
Discussions created by Daxxarri
Will add on as more are posted

Below are Discussions throughout the forums on topics related to StarCraft II. Each discussion contains a host of player feedback, ideas, and opinions, from Bronze to Masters. If you are new to StarCraft II and would like to know more about anything specific, this is a great place to start to see what the rest of the community has to say about it.

Unit & Ability Discussions:
Warp Prism -
Immortals -

Mechanics Discussions:
Chronoboost -
Spawn Larvae -
Control Groups -
Supply -
The Minimap -

Gameplay Discussions:
ZvP Late Game -
Rushing -
Scouting -
Choke Points -
Basic Economy -
Keeping Your Lead -
Taking Your Third -
Map Control -
Timing Attacks -
Tech Choices -
Psychological Warfare -

Building Discussions:
Barracks -

Other Discussions:
Morale -
Terrain -
Replay Analysis -
When to GG -
Mental Blocks -
Map Vetoes -

Art of War Feedback Discussion:
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I like this. Even though I don't care much for the Art of War threads. Helping people find them is nice.

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i am going to request a sticky here there are far to many art of war threads to sticky all of them but this is a good way to find them and would be a worthwhile sticky to help players see some fairly productive discussion about stratagy instead of QQ about everything else.
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Thanks! Daxxarri has done a fantastic job with coming up with topics! I know there are too many art of war threads so I thought why not just put them all in one thread?
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It looks solid, good work. :D
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Great Work IronMan

I gotta congratulate Daxxarri as well for participating more actively on the forums, as well as the other forum mods, like Aldrexus ^_^
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Liked and sticky requested. Hopefully we can get this stickied.
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bump this needs moar stickys!
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Community Manager
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Beat me to it!

Thanks for the hard work, IronMan.
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Yay for sticky!1
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Reported for trolling.... kidding. :)

Sticky Sticky!
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02/28/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Daxxarri
Beat me to it!

i winz :D
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This is fantastic work, stickied?

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What a good idea =D
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02/28/2012 04:27 PMPosted by PotatoLiSK
Damn good job.

I was sober when I made this.
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