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Can someone here explain the RP System?

03/29/2012 05:13 AMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
Just think WC in space XD

"This is not Warcraft in Space! It's... much more sophisticated. I know it's not 3-D!"
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It basically is warcraft in space, but with guns and a lot more air units. That's watering it down a lot though.
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Bump so people can see.
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This may also help motivate you.

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Bumping this back up.
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Hi new guy!
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I'm profiling all of you (and myself) for the new people.
(And because I'm bored)
-This is a work in progress-

Set up using following format:
RPer status:
Race most used (in Rps):

RPer status: Very Credible. Fits under 'Old Guard' category.
Race most used: Terran/Protoss
Personality: I like the rules.
Quirks: I am insane, but no one can tell because I regulate it so well.
Other: I've been here forever. I was the bar owner for more than half a year, but was recently subject to a coup d'etat by the bar's original owner, Thunderclash.
If this bar had a sheriff, it would be me.
----------IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ME----------
I am an easy going person but, if you post something that contains x-rated or downright disgusting material I WILL REPORT YOU.
I have reported two people for this, and they were both PERMANENTLY banned.
----------End note----------

RPer status: Very Credible. Fits under 'Old Guard' category.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Excellent.
Quirks: Characters have a very healthy dose of paranoia. Has a love for epic fight scenes. Comes across as slightly sadistic at times, but keeps himself mostly under control.
Other: Been here forever. The original bar owner, until I took over the enterprise and got 4 complete threads out of it before it was 'reclaimed' (Can you tell I'm still a little cranky about that?) Excellent post length.

RPer status: Competent.
Race most used: Zerg (Changeling)
Personality: Insane.
Quirks: Tends to go into excessive detail about the inner workings of his characters. That is not a bad thing.
Other: Good post length. Not the new guy anymore.

RPer status: Competent. Old guard.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: A stable individual.
Quirks: Likes the science to make sense.
Other: Been around about as long as Thundercrash and I have.

RPer status: Retired, but maintains a story that she updates periodicity.
Race most used: Terran (Ghost)
Personality: Happy.
Quirks: Sudden mood shifts.
Other: Been around about as long as Thundercrash and I. Peak of activity summer 2011.

Ender now Hegemon
RPer status: Retired.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Stable.
Quirks: Nothing jumps to mind.
Other: Peak of activity summer of 2011. Comes back occasionally.

RPer status: Good.
Race most used: Terran.
Personality: Stable.
Quirks: Thinks there is a conspiracy to ignore him.
Other: Been at Joeyray's since day one.

RPer status: Credible.
Race most used: Terran (prefers Specter)
Personality: Very level headed individual.
Quirks: Nothing jumps to mind.
Other: Excellent post length. Most words per post of any regular poster. Has a lot of characters.

RPer status: Good.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Stable. Likes battle.
Quirks: Likes Chaos themes from warhammer.
Other: His characters seam to loose there arms a lot. Often a metal smith as an extra.

BzKKryrne now _______
RPer status: New. Good.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Stable.
Quirks: Nothing jumps to mind.
Other: I haven't known him very long, but I haven't seen anything bad yet.

RPer status: New. Good.
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Stable.
Quirks: Nothing jumps to mind.
Other: Doing very well on the first RP he made. I haven't known him very long, but I haven't seen anything bad yet.

RPer status: New.
Race most used: -Terran?
Personality: I'm not sure, but seems stable.
Quirks: Randomness.
Other: Seems to like dice rolls. He shot Joeyray's TV, he paid dearly.

RPer status: New. Good.
Race most used: Protoss/Terran
Personality: Stable.
Quirks: His threads have a habit of being briefly very popular, then... Dying.
Other: Character's often part of some knowledge collecting group.

RP status: semi-regular
Race most used: Terran
Personality: Stable (see other)
Quirks: Once replaced himself with a clone of himself (Named Reality). His characters have a very high mortality rate.
Other: Was one of the main drivers of the Troll Wars. He may have been infected with NickDaMan's "there is a conspiracy to ignore me" paranoia. More on this as it develops.

RPer status: New
Race most used: Terran?
Personality: Seems impulsive, but that may just be his characters.
Quirks: Started with a bunch of one sentence posts back to back.
Other: Immediately had a run in with Wfawwer in logic mode.

RPer status: Good
Race most used: -need info-
Personality: Stable
Quirks: Nothing jumps to mind.
Other: Suddenly back again.

RPer status: Competent. Old Guard.
Race most used: Terran
Personality Mechanic all the way.
Quirks: Fairly normal guy (Who knew there were any of those here?)
Other: Likes Goliaths, often has one in his RP's. It rarely sees use.

RPer status:
Race most used:

RPer status: Difficult to determine.
Race most used: Protoss?
Personality: Eager.
Quirks: Can't seem to capitalize. This makes his posts very hard to read.
Other: Low tolerance of ace.
---I would like to bring your attention to something at this point---
This is a SELF POLICING community. darkra made a thread complaining about ace that bordered on being a 'hate thread'. I called him on it immediately and gave him a set time to edit/delete the thread so that I would not need to report him.(Like I said, I'm almost the Sheriff)
I received immediate support from Wfawwer (belayed Thank You to her), then from the rest of the Joeyray's community who were here at that time.
darkra edited the thread and was saved from a possible ban.
---Keep in mind that this was a long time ago---

ace now BcACE
RPer status: Not quite a troll.
Race most used: Protoss
Personality: He tries really hard. Eager.
Quirks: Improved his spelling and grammar by leagues.
Other: Has a tendency to kill RPs. He tries to be constructive, but it conflict often follows him
He is picked on more than anyone else here. Be tolerant.

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Oh and apparently whatever you do never have a Kate Lockwell Portrait or a few people (wfawwer) will complain about it.
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*Throws brick at computer monitor.*

It's just...her face...

it's so shiny.
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Somebody has a cruuuuuuuuush................
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I think if he had a serious crush he'd have thrown a CHOCOLATE brick.
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A word of advice - if you intend to romance someone, DO NOT throw ANY kind of brick at her face, chocolate or otherwise.
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It's hideously shiny. It's like...

instead of having cheeks she had the scalps of two bald people.

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Oh, you're falling hard wfawwer. So hard.
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Phasing Ling I win :P
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Psionic Prison Box ability.

You lose. :D
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Another New Guy.
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So many newbies . . .
not enough time to haze them all . . .
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Were/are my characters any good? Been MIA for so long lol
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