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So true...

Not that I ever need this...

This calls for...!

That's a part of college life?!
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Holy !@#$... O.O

Poor kitty...

It's so stupidly incorrect that it has to be in the "Picture is unrelated" section of the site...

Umm, what? A bowl I guess.


Okay then...

WHy Buddha? I'm not rubbing your belly...
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The !@#$? Very possibly fake since Captain America is Marvel....

That tank is unorthodox.

I hate bugs and I think this is cool...

Kitty cute!

The %^-*ing hell am I looking at?!

Okay, that's enough posts for now. I don't want to get reported.
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OH !@#$!!! I JUST PUT THAT IN MY "INCREDIBLE THINGS" FILE! That stuck up %^-*! deserved that. I don't care who she is.

OH @#$%ING ^-*!!!! I can't say I agree with them since I don't know who the people they are talking about are (well Lil Wayne I never payed to much attention to and Drake is okay especially because of Drake and Josh), but God damn those are sick burns!
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I wonder if I'm the only one who knows that this is a joke from Egoraptor and JonTron's Game Grumps episode...

This one deserved a post all its own so that the world may know the truth.
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I hate those of you who don't get this.

I post it because it is a mathematicians' joke.

Ahahahaha! Ahem, twisted but true.

For anyone who thinks this is funny...

Ditto for this.



Darwin jokes. This one really got to me.
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ghillie suit win
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Kroger if you read this, then screw you. You got back into memes. If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't be on icanhazcheesburger right now... Nah, I'm kidding. It's all fun. For now...
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Can't stop laughing...

So many drunk messages...

Unexpected comeback...

It's !@#$ing Bioshock. BIOSHOCK!!!

Just flapping...

The %^-*...?

Check plz...

What an !@#...

That IS what happened in the show, so...

Last one.
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Seriously, who are you people in Joey's? So many new people...
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Here's a fun game. Search "starcraft" on google and look at the first few links. Watch "If Starcraft was more complicated" for one. Have fun with that.
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Science joke. That damn fluorine...


Optical illusions.

This guy has to be kidding...

Again... Why?

Take it! TAKE IT!! Bonus points for that guy having my name.
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So true...


-Nappa, DBZ Abridged.

What pizza has nine slices? That's the only reason I included this one.

The second group looks more realistic to me.

Is it shallow or is it...

All are...

Now for the cute section!

Watch out we have a badass halo player here. Weird I just starting randomly crying. I don't think it had anything to do with the picture or sadness. Weird...


One of my teachers loved prairie dogs.

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The Iron Gamer. I haven't even watched the whole episode yet, but I know I'll love it. For one, it has JonTron. Secondly, it has Husky. For those of you who don't know Husky... YOU ARE NOT STARCRAFT FANS! YOU SHOUDLN'T BE ON THESE FORUMS!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?! AT THE VERY LEAST, GO WATCH SOME OF HIS VIDEOS NOW AND I MAY FORGIVE YOU!! GO OR I WILL OTHERWISE HUNT YOU DOWN!!! YOU! HAVE! BEEN! WARNED!
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Husky is meh.
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And HDStarcraft smylez?

A speed/survival run of the canonical mission of Starcraft 64. Starcraft 64 is just the Starcraft games on the Nintendo 64. I didn't even know that version existed but I found out about all this when I looked up Alexis Stukov on the wiki. It led me to a bunch of canonical extra/downloadable missions for Starcraft 64 and Starcraft for the PC respectively. Indeed you couldn't play this mission (Resurrection IV) unless you played the 64 version. It has never been released for the PC, but these guys ("created and released by Zero and Drake Clawfang of StarCraft Legacy").

Read all about the missions here. The links to the previous canonical missions are at the top of the page. It is an interesting read and apparently, details from these missions will come up in Starcraft 2 at some point. Hopefully, they will also remember that Fenix existed at some point...

Infested Stukov. I wonder what his role is now? And this guy Taldarin, will he come up again? He did serve with Adun for Adun's sake! Why wasn't he in the final showdown in the mini-protoss campaign? Did they forget him? In fact, weren't there other heroes like the Dark Archon Hero who was missing from that mission? So many questions... It just gets me more excited for the next releases for SC2.
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These are not really triumphs unless you count "the wiki rule". However, this does show how the heroes and villains of the protoss you may never have heard of. Some of these people have very interesting histories nad you just goes to show the many different paths the protoss can take. I left out one notable protoss whose page is incredibly long. I will post his, but it's heavy spoilers for those who reads the Starcraft books. From what I know of them, the books are pretty good. The history and lore you can get from the books is very much part of the Starcraft universe and I suggest you read up on it if you are interested.

Unnamed protoss heroes. (status dead) (status dead) (status dead) (status alive, presumably) (status unknown) (status dead)

Named Protoss heroes besides the obvious ones like Fenix, Zeratul, Adun, and the ones who appear in the mini-protoss campaign. (status dead)

Mercenary protoss leader who was killed Infested Stukov's mercenaries (Mercenaries II map). (status unknown) (status unknown) (status unknown)

Mercenary protoss leaders who helped kill Infested Stukov's enemies.

Appears in the first Mercenary map which mean they are mercenaries.

Affiliated with Aedus/Xerxes. Haven't read hers yet.

Others of note.
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Though there are many more named protoss, all of whom have very interesting stories. I think this guy stands out a little bit mostly because of the attention Blizzard has given him. A deep anti-khala fanatic, Ulrezaj formed what is basically a terrorist cell/cult that turned against the dark templar. Used in multiple downloadable missions and a book or two, Ulrezaj posed a great threat to the protoss. It got even worse when he combined with not one, not two, but three other dark templar with him as the dominant power. Then, it got worse with him fusing with an additional three dark templar later on. Basically, he has the strength of seven dark templar. That's... insane.

He is connected to:

The last two are from the Enslaver's campaign which a few of you may have played since it came with the PC games of the original game. The first guy is from the books I mentioned and his story is pretty interesting itself since he has the mind of a high templar within his brain.
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One thread. Kept alive by one commander. Never to be bashed. Sticky requested.
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Tal'darim fanatics who were connected with Ulrezaj.

Infested Kerrigan's general and consort... WAIT. WHAT!?
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