what's ur favorite video game?

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my TOP 5:

5. mortal kombat PS3 - just so bloody and awesome

4. starcraft 2 PC - nuff said just fun to mess around with, cheese, and move up in rank.

3. super smash brothers N64/GC/Wii - a game with more depth than you think. really fun party game aswell.

2. Barney sega genesis - great games like hide and seek kept me alive as a kid.

and my number 1 game is RATCHET AND CLANK! PS2/PS3 - get this game nuff said. the last 2 sucked tho.
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I dunno, in a unorganized manner, it would go like this.



Amnesia The Dark Descent (So many memories from that game)


Starcraft 2


Team Fortress 2

The Elder Scrolls series
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me my game r starcraft 2 - kof 2000 andkof98-residentevil 2 3 4 5- borderlands- umk3- and for the neo-geo aes samural shodown 2 - and- ninja combat for the neo-geo aes to
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Final Fantasy V (For Gameboy Advance)
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I would say;
1. Elder Scroll Series
2. Fallout Series
3. SC2
4. AoE 3 (Age of Empires III)
5. I honestly have no idea.
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1. Zone of the Enders /Series The only series where the robots had literal COCKPITS
2. Armored Core /Series More realistic than Gundam and is still more bad4ss
3. CoD Series /I just kill people for fun, I mean, why not?
4. Dead Space 1 & 2 /Makes me feel good about killing people for fun.
5. The Darkness Series /YOU. ARE. GOD while playing this.
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1. Legend of Zelda Series.
2. Lord of the Rings Online.
3. SC2.
4. AoE 3 (Age of Empires III)
5. Dune 2000 (old game)

*high-fives plasmaman*
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persona 3-4
Starcraft 2
the Darkness 2
mega-man (reminds me of old times)
I am Alive
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My top 6 (yeah had to add another number), these are from least favorite to most favorite FYI:

6. Darkspore; very fun game, only problem is that it's repeats a lot of things.

5. Black & White 2; loved this game a lot, a great ancient city based RTS.

4. Starcraft 2; hard game in my opinion, but an extreamly fun RTS.

3. Minecraft; very fun and creative, but does tend to get boring sometimes.

2. The classic Spyro series; I love all the classic Spyro games for PS1 and PS2, but I'm not a big fan of the new ones.

1. Spore; old game, extreamly fun, this game will always be my favorite game, even after I stop playing it.
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Spore was amazing. I got featured a couple times, but then I left when the trolls came and started the mass downvoting. How is it now?
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I have played AC a couple times.
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03/17/2012 02:17 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
Spore was amazing. I got featured a couple times, but then I left when the trolls came and started the mass downvoting. How is it now?

I still play a lot because I'm some-what popular, I havee around 63 Spore subscribers. Not that much but MUCH better than what most users can get.

Also, @ your question, it's pretty bad. The MPN is flooded with bunnies.... I'm not lieing! This user named Sharples is mass uprating tons of bunny creations. ._. The MPN is also completly broken because so many users have figured out that they can have about 10 alts and mass uprate their poorly made creations.

Look for youself: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=view-top_rated_new

You may need to be logged in though, but I don't think so.

As for Spore updates/patches, sadly, Spore has not been patched since 2009. :( There has also not been a single new featured creation in over a year.

I still play though because I have fans and because I'm not getting mass downrated... Yet...

P.S: Just in case you're curious, this is my Spore page:http://www.spore.com/view/myspore/bjpiers
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03/17/2012 02:17 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
Spore was amazing. I got featured a couple times, but then I left when the trolls came and started the mass downvoting. How is it now?

I used to have Spore, and played it a lot. I had all the expansions but my game started glitching like crazy with the arrival of a patch, and then crashed and exploded. a.k.a. it crashed, was unable to start up again after that point, and I was unable to log in anymore. Hundred dollars down the drain. :( I even had some fairly good things made, but those are still on the Sporepedia at least.
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Asheron's Call
Phantom Dust
Black and White
Halo 1

I win this thread
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5. Portal
4. Okami
3. Starcraft
2. Final Fantasy VII
1. Pokemon (Namely, Blue and Ruby)

Come on guys, everyone's played Pokemon.
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1. SC 2
2. CoD BO
3. Halo 1
4. SSX Tricky
5. Super Smash Brothers Melee
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1. Tribes 2
2. Half-life 2 mods
3. Both Starcrafts
4. Super Smash Bros. series
5. Timesplitters 2 (oh the memories).
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03/18/2012 06:03 PMPosted by wfawwer
Come on guys, everyone's played Pokemon.

I do still play Pokemon sometimes, but I don't play very much anymore, I turn on Tiny Tower more often than Pokemon. And you don't even need to play it that often.
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5. Pong
4. Contra (anyone still play that? xD )
3. SC2
2. Minecraft
1. Skyrim
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TF2, tales of symphonia, mass effect 1, super smash bros series

Skyrim sucks for me
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