puCK's colossus drop build

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Here is a replay if you want to see http://drop.sc/145965

    13 - Gateway
    14 - Assimilator
    17 - Cyber

    19 - Assimilator
    23 - Stalker (You want to keep the stalker relatively close to your base unless you kill the scouting scv. If you scout tech lab just leave it in your base.)

    23 - Warp gate
    26 - Robotics Facility (Build as fast as you can as long as your stalker is almost done and they have not scouted you. If not prolong until you get the scv out.)

    28 - Sentry
    30 - Nexus (Only if you feel they have expanded themselves. For example if they don't have gas they are more then likely expanding. If you kill the scouting scv and you push out with your stalker and see a bunker throw down the nexus you can always cancel.)

    30/31 - Robotics Bay
    32 - Warp Prism


    ------ You should now have full chrono on your nexus and your minerals/gas should be around 400 - 300 if done perfectly. (The colossus will finish first. Save a extra chrono for thermal lance/gravitic drive)

    40/41 - Colossus
    41 - Gravitic Drive
    45 2 Gateways

    -Thermal Lance whenever you can afford (Use all chrono on forth until its done)

    50 - Observer (Park the observer right outside the ramp to see if they are moving out, if they are you need to try and take down the army as it leaves. If you see viking get out of there unless you are very skilled with your warp prism micro and observer)

    ----- You should be using chrono boost on probes up until your robotics facility is down, once it is down keep saving chrono until you can chrono the colossus/gravitic drive.

    ----- You should park your warp prism in the path where possible drops/banshees come, simply because if it was say a helion drop you can pull your probes to block the path of which the helions drop and kill them all off before they do their damage. Do not forget that you can use your warp prism to pick up damaged units/probes.

    ----- If they 2 rax you delay your expansion if you have to lay down a couple gateways. If they are agressive with the 2 rax build a extra sentry and delay your gravitic drive. You should have about 3 ff set and your colossus will almost be done by then.

    ----- If they 1-1-1 try to focus down marines/scv's the more marines you pick off the longer you delay their attack. Also throw down 3 gateways and skip the expansion unless you believe you can hold it off with the expansion. The warp prism is extremely good vs 1-1-1 for instance.... You can drop a single zealot and all tank fire will go on it while you engage with the rest of your army, from there you drop 3 more zealots on tanks. Once you become very good with this style of play holding off 1-1-1 is extremely easy. However if they start making a lot of vikings you will need to stop producing colossus especially if they have a raven simply because if they make vikings they are going to have less banshee support which also in return makes it so the raven is less valuable and a heavier zealot immortal army will be much stronger.

    If you have any questions just post and I might reply to them.
Edited by puCK on 3/28/2012 10:37 PM PDT
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Is it possible to drop the Nexus before the Robo, or is it better to drop the Robotics before expanding?
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If you do the Nexus before the robo your opponent is more likely your colossus will come too late and they will have starport. Also the more maradaurs they have the less damage your colossus can truely do. Also it would be almost impossible to hold 2 rax or any early heavy marine pressure if you were to do nexus first.
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damn 2 rax... i cant beat it off a 1 gate fe.
will try this build, thanks for increasing my protoss arsonal!
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Please post replays! I can put this in our build orders thread and it'll live forever and ever, but people need to see it ran.

Clearly.. you do not watch his stream..
it is one of the most godlike..
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Thank you very much for this build.
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I've seen Puck do this in a custom game with me and a friend. He demolished the guy with it. Fun to watch.
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Call it in the air **flip**

If you lose the colosuss its game. Sounds hilarous through think I saw TLO do this when he played random in beta :)
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Is this basically like the reversible jacket build on TL except it uses a colossus? Count me in.
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Puck is a bro so you can trust his builds are good.
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Here is a replay http://drop.sc/145965
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I've been watching tubbythefat roll this build on his stream with a damn good win rate (also GM). I've tried it myself a couple times after seeing him do it and had some success with it.

It definitely takes some good apm to pull off though, as you really need to be constantly microing your colossus drop and not missing a beat at home, otherwise you fall behind pretty quickly.
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the only problem is that this build doesnt guarantee a lot of safety for you, so if terran does timing attacks.. it's a lot harder to hold, though if they're like.. mid/low masters or below, this build works well, 1-1-1 might be a problem though if you skip out on defense
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03/29/2012 03:16 AMPosted by hellokitty
the only problem is that this build doesnt guarantee a lot of safety for you, so if terran does timing attacks.. it's a lot harder to hold, though if they're like.. mid/low masters or below, this build works well, 1-1-1 might be a problem though if you skip out on defense

Obviously you don't watch my stream o.O
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