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LF short stories :)

Hey everyone. :)

I was asked to find a story that relates to my culture or religion, and i thought, starcraft feels so holy and religious to me, so i decided to do it on starcraft. :)

I am looking for about a 1 page story (or around 3minutes length when said outloud) that is nice and interesting :). Perhaps one that tells a journy of an epic probe versus zerglings, or one about the lonly dark templar who was single handedly able to take down the zerg empire :).

I have looked for stories around a bit but some are too long and some involve way too much background knoledge to understand.

Thanks!! :)
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I have seen the astral bodies journey across the sky hundreds of time since my arrival: tonight, I watch the pair of moons in solitude. The holy duo shone down on me, making the scars along my body, the rips in my wings, and the chipped skin prevalent against the black of the night. The last of my kin—my brothers, my sisters—passed under these stars.
The night was dark, and the enemy intentions, darker. They came with thousands, clad in lifeless steel. They came upon our home, marching forward, an army of automatons, sharp in contrast with ourselves. We knew nothing of it till squeals of agony pierced the silence of the night. The sound was painful to the ear; the sight was horror to the eyes. Their slow, methodical grind into our home left trails of destruction behind them. They crushed the weak underfoot, the feelings of mercy absent from their mechanical minds. The stench of burning skin drifted to our noses as they immolated the world—our world—morphing the peace of the night into a raging inferno who swallowed the dead and the living into oblivion. Small metallic objects hailed from the sky, an unholy rain that killed all it touched. We panicked. I ducked and leaped over the bodies of comrades; I weaved my way through the impending forces, dodging their onslaught with nimble twists and jerks, avoiding all but the grazing of several bullets. I emerged, slightly scathed, at the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ongoing destruction; where now, I stand. Here, it is quiet—then, the rumbles of cannon bombardment vibrated the ground beneath my feet. I stood by in awe at the color of the flames that burst the hive apart, and that engulfed those I had once fought with. It stung my mind: I could feel their pain, the agony they endured I shared, resonating in the recesses of my psyche. Their whimpers, their pleas, their cries, they all haunted me. I clenched my eyes shut, forcing them out of me, out of my head.
I had awoken the next morning. My claws had dug their way into the rock. The skin under my nails bled from being imbedded into the ground. I peered over the chasm to behold a miracle: the devastation of the night proved fruitless, as the swarm worked like bees to fix it. The hive, dismantled by flame, had arisen once more; our ranks buzzed about, eager to retaliate at the heart of the fiends who dared to defy our unified will. The place pulsated with anger, with vengeance. It would not be long before the levees of restraint crumbled beneath the crushing waves of revenge. I could feel the strength of their fury imbedded in my mind, through their own horrific plots. The seed of retribution had been planted in me as images of the slaughter during the night flashed through my mind. My anger welled again, as it had so many times before I would tear the flesh away from the enemy. The insatiable hunger to avenge the fallen—my kin—brought my mouth to a frothing. I bolted down the side of the rock to aid in the preparation to strike back: to help unleash the fury of the swarm.
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i like the story except zerg are mindless...
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Yeah I know. But in order to relate it to people who have no prior knowledge of Starcraft, it helps when the main driving character in the story has some kind of conscience. Plus, this is only a part of the whole thing, the rest is on my blog.
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On Tarsonis, during the Zerg invasion ...

"Cerebrate, why have you not infested those captured Terrans?"

"I shall in good time, Overmind. I merely wish to study their free will and creativity first. At the moment, they are teaching me a mental exercise they call 'cards'. Despite having only some fifty two playing pieces, it is surprisingly complicated ... It seems I just lost again."

"Cerebrate, it is illogical that your 'gem' cards would be outranked by a 'shovel' card; since terrans are quite obsessed with metals and minerals. Further, why would a 'vital organ' defeat a 'cudgel' when the weapon would obviously destroy the organ? They are obviously lying to you. Assimilate them at once!"
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There were some pretty good religious-esque Protoss poems I found on a fan fiction site. Ten minutes of frantic searching later, I found it:

Unity, in particular, is excellent. Acceptance is probably worth skipping.

I'm not entirely sure how accessible it is to non players, but for what it's worth, here's my shortest work:
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