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By the way, did no one notice my post that said lunch was ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES? :)
A half-hour lunch break. Cafeteria is on 2nd floor. Campus layout:
Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms
2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library
3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves)
4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing
Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting Tower
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"The f*ck!" I shout when Laura slaps me. "What the fekk is your problem?" Mad, I pull out one of my pistols and point it at her. "Ok, I really don't want to use this but I'm not above blowing your brains out if you don't apologize."

OOC:How !@#$ed up would it be if I roomed with HRBR?
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I look up from my sandwich, pull out my SBP 91, and fire off one shot, knocking the pistol out of Cold's hand. "If you want to settle this, settle it in the Gym!"
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I glare at Shadow, "Whatever, shes not even worth the time." I walk out and head for the fourth floor. I mean to practice my shooting skills.
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I smile. Crisis averted. . . sort of. I quietly slip away to the roof to keep up my tradition of looking for any other members of my Ghost flight.
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"I can't really eat anything, I'm going to the firing range to practice."
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"Fair enough. Meet me in the Lab when the bell rings." (OOC: If anyone wants to end the Lunch period, the bell is the chorus to "Caught in a Mosh")
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I appear next to him, I was cloaked.
"You DO know I'm a Changeling, right @$$hole?"
My fingers are around the hilt of my knife and ready to stab him if he pulls his guns on me.
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"Hm, that's new, so under that slightly attractive frame your just another mass of goo? At least you can think straight, and if you were part of the swarm we'd all be dead, so you have that. Doesn't change !@#$, your still a Zerg." I say as I shoot the target directly in the center.
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"One question before I go. The invasion mission. What will be the arena? Desert, Forest, Indoors?"
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OOC: What is "Caught in a Mosh"...?

I've never heard of it before.
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OOC: The invasion you will be guided through is in a desert-like area, and you will be dealing with Terrans and limited Zerg.
IC: While on the roof, I get only my usual static. I sigh. Immediately, I fire an energy blast out of the gun battery into the parking lot. "Hmph. Jessica and Marco survived, I know they did! Why . . . don't . . . they . . . respond?!" Every word is punctuated with energy fire. I sag into myself, then run downstairs and wait in the Lab for the period to end.
OOC: "Caught in a Mosh" is a heavy metal song. The chorus:
--"I can't stand it for another da-ay (I ain't gonna live my life this way)
Cold sweat, it can't affect it (Go, go, go, evilest sedition)
Which one of these words don't you understand
All caught in a mosh
Talking to you is like packin' with one hand
Caught in a moooosh!"--
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I head over to the cafeteria, grab a sandvich, seperate the bread from the beef, grab a fork and knife, then head to my room, munching on my bread along the way.

Once I reach there I set my plate (and beef) on a table, then I haul my reaper suit into my painting area. I grab several shades of yellow, as well as some lighter browns, and begin carefully spraying camoflauge on my suit.

It wasn't until halfway through the suit and after eating the beef I realized it wouldn't matter since it was only a simulation and I wouldn't actually be in my suit, but I always hated leaving a job half done, so I continued to spray on what I thought to be decent camo.

Maybe if Mr. Shadow would be kind enough to have my reaper squadmates be in camo as well, I might be able to set up ambushes. Nothing like activating your jump packs and charging into a completely surprised foe, then tearing them asunder. The psycological effects are very effective, one because of the loud and sudden noise jump packs make, and also because nobody would ever expect reapers to have the patience to set a trap or ambush someone.
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Well, HBRB will be the one deciding what units your squad is made up of, and I'm imposing a strict 12 supply limit. But sure, camoflage for what he picks.
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"Are we allowed to request/recommend certain units to Laura?" I ask Shadow.
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04/04/2012 02:48 PMPosted by Draconus
Well, HBRB will be the one deciding what units your squad is made up of, and I'm imposing a strict 12 supply limit. But sure, camoflage for what he picks.

If this is a competitive mission, you can be sure he'll give us the worst compositions and give himself the best.
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If this is a competitive mission, you can be sure he'll give us the worst compositions and give himself the best.

I thought that it was a single squad for all of us?
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OOC: One squad will help you all kill off an enemy group. The only vs mode is Vehicle chase.
IC:Agent Shadow's telepathic mind wanders, then a memory from his own training surfaces, broadcasting itself to every mind in the building:

Marco, Jessica, Jason, Ivan, and Dani were squadded with me. We were marching toward an encampment of the Sons of Korhal, before they fled. The Zerg had moved in, battling our Confederate forces hard. A group of us were marching in to clean out this bestial group. Back then, we didn't know. The Marines had had no luck, so it was up to a group effort. The worst began with that rotten Queen- Ivan was killed. We all fought hard, but we couldn't hold. I was left behind to call in a nuclear strike, when the Dark Templar killed it all. When I ran to catch up with my friends, I was knocked off of my feet by a stray Vulture's grenade. My last words were, "Jess, Marc, HELP ME!"
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I am roused from my thoughts, remembering the automatic broadcast my thoughs have. Oh, no . . .
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"I noticed that," I whisper to Shadow. "Don't worry, I don't think anyone else caught it. I figured that it wasn't on purpose, so I blocked it out for everyone else."
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