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i might be a little late with this but were actually closer then a lot of people are saying. some guy will (in theory) be able to build a warp drive which is what it looks like the battle cruisers use. we already use exoskeletons that you can go jumping between rocks with (just need some some metal plating on it) I mean seriously the only things we aren't close to is like drop pods or grenade manufacturing plants inside the suit. but others like warp speed travel, some jet pack prototypes are being made and the exoskeleton suits are very close. we already have artillery and tanks and all that haha :D enjoy
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how about predator drones? they shoot missles fly and is our "eye in the sky" if the camera was to see infared which im sure it could but don't know the details, it could be really close to a raven.
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Well, they thought that machines that walk like humans or animals was sci-fi about 50 years ago, so I'd say about 50 years from now, up to about 100 years from now, depending on what you're talking about. I mean, just look 100 years ago, planes were this new thing, and were relatively (to today) extremely slow and extremely unreliable, same with cars.
Some things that DIDN'T EXIST 100 years ago:
-Nuclear Weapons
-Genetic Engineering
-Quantum Physics
-Walking Machines (Google LS3 or Big Dog)
Yes, that right; the staples of our militaries today, tanks, helicopters, nuclear weapons, and computers (electronic warfare/computers), did not exist 100 years ago, so just think what that implies for 100 years from now.

Time travel is just about the only thing that people could have dreamed of 100 years ago and isn't possible today (well, at least backwards time travel isn't possible today).
So, I'm keeping my estimate of 50 years for most of it and 100 years for the rest.
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