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What ever happened to the UED?

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Honestly i'd chalk it up to the politics of the entire fleet being wiped out, probably still building back the armada, and even if they arn't its a open question who's in charge and what motives they have...

That's one part of the story element that I think they'd have a lot of trouble completing...

Maybe they even think that the fleet was never destroyed... The UED doesn't have ansibles. If the fleet sent out any messages to Earth, it wouldn't get there for decades assuming that Earth is very far away.

Touche sir, very good point... potentially being light-years away, it would take quite some time for any signal to make it back..

Shouldn't the UED be 250 years more advanced than the Terran? It always bugged me how they used the same weapons as the Terran in BW (obviously they did this for gameplay reasons)....
I hate it when sci-fi games have a human race without somehow acknowledging that they come from earth. I really enjoyed the UED story element.

I'm going to be brutally honest here, these three comments are actually the smartest responses I've gotten thus far, along with the one about us needing a star map to actually determine exactly how far the Koprulu sector really is... I'm actually thinking a lot about these points now lol.
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04/26/2012 07:14 PMPosted by RedRevlushon
Duke was the reason Mengsk started making progress in his campaign agains the Confederacy. Why else do you think Mengsk risked everything to save duke when his ship crash landed in the middle of zerg territory? And the fact that Mengsk was able to scrap up a new fleet means nothing, he simply scrapped everything he had left and everything the UED abandoned on Korhal, plus, we don't know if he didn't cut a deal with the kel Morians.

No, the Psi-Emitter is the reason why Mengsk started making progress in his campaign against the Confederacy. The Sons of Korhal had to flee from Delta Squadron on Antiga Prime, despite Duke claiming they are pushovers, and even in the cut mission "Operation Silent Scream", Raynor and Kerrigan did all the hard work while Duke had Psi-Emitters set up on Tarsonis, as he couldn't face the Confederate Forces himself.

And in Brood War, Duke keeps getting defeated by pretty much everyone.

We indeed don't know if Mengsk cut a deal with the Kel-Morians. Given how they could care less about the UED invasion, chances are high that it didn't happen. And Mengsk didn't salvage anything from the UED on Korhal, or else his force would have featured Medics and Valkyries.

lmao, again wrong... she was trying to lighten the situation, and she LET RAYNOR LIVE, its clear as day.

But during the briefing she said she wanted Raynor dead as well. And come on, ligthen the situation up by joking about a dead comrade she just killed? That's what you do when you want to piss someone off!

Also, she poked fun of Raynor's tough talk by pointing out that he didn't have what it takes to be a killer.

After the conversation she even says "For the first time since my transformation, I am weary of the slaughter..." This was a result of raynor's words kicking in, he told her that she had no idea what she was becoming and she even tries to justify herself saying "you don't know what your talking abouit"

How do you know? Fenix can die first and Raynor's words don't affect how she behaves afterwards: in fact, you could say she is even worse when dealing with Zeratul and the UED. During the epilogue, she decides to spare her enemies because she feels like it, not because she has remorses.

Her being weary of the slaughter sounds more like her getting bored; that would fit her evil personality.

Plus, if KERRIGAN says fenix and duke are a threat and that mengsk isn't its BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE FACTS.

She also said Raynor was a threat, yet she let him live again. Or she just failed to have him killed; the game really didn't do a good job in that regard.

As for Fenix, just because he survived doesn't mean he's a threat: in fact, following his resurrection, he doesn't do much aside from sticking around and being subordinate. Do you really think his presence was necessary in, like, overseeing mining operations on Moria?

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I don't see any story awards here, so it seems you're just making assumptions basing yourself on some vague information from a Wikipedia article. SC/BW's plot may be indeed adequate for a videogame - a 1998 video game, I might add - but it was hardly groundbreaking. In fact, StarCraft may not have fared as well had it not been for the multiplayer component.

everyone else loves the concept of the UED and agrees its a great addition the the SC universe, but you, but that's cuz your opinion is crap.

Oh, so you asked everybody else about their opinion on the UED? :/

If they are so popular, then why did Blizzard make their actions so inconsequential in Brood War? Why do they get to lose everything in the end? Why didn't they have Raynor and Mengsk killed instead of Stukov and Dugalle? Why does Metzen express regrets for having resurrected and infested Stukov? Why do the writers insist on not bringing the UED back in SC2? Why doesn't WoL focus entirely on the UED since "everybody loves them"?

Settle down, man.
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04/26/2012 07:29 PMPosted by RedRevlushon
lol. oh god, your really not getting it... they also said that in wings of liberty, there were 'lots of confrontations with hybrids'.

They did? When?

Kerrigan's goal in HotS is to kill Mengsk, not destroy the Dominion. That means it's still going to be around in LotV. Having a fifth faction showing up out of the blue would just overcomplicate things. Yes, "out of the blue", because unlike the Hybrids, their return hasn't been foreshadowed in WoL; bringing them back in HotS just like that would be just too confusing and pointless. There's already plenty of things to take care of aside from what distant Earth thinks about stuff that doesn't even directly concern it.

Seriously, everything the UED did in Brood War could have been done by the Dominion (minus invading Korhal IV of course) or, heck, Confederate resistance forces. They were like a filler villain in a manga adaptation: they didn't bring anything to the lore, we never got to properly know them and all their characters were unceremoniously killed. Does it look like Blizzard really had any intention of keeping them around?

You didn't read the books, and don't even try and tell me you did because you didn't. I don't even think you actually played BW because not ONE thing you actually said was right. Even the book SC ghost: Spectres mentions the UED resistance in almost every chapter and talks about frequent missions against them and the efforst the dominion is putting in to finally end their existence (which is obviously failing)

I read the first issue of Ghost Academy (with the fake UED marines), and I read the plot summary for Spectres and there's no mention to the UED, aside from rumors regarding their involvement in the capture of a Terrazine refinery. But the book is clearly not about them nor are the UED remnants helping the Spectres' insurrection.

Not to mention that the UED is nowhere to be seen in WoL, asides from one mercenary squad and a brief mention in the Psi-Disrupter's description. Since game's canon overrides book's canon, the UED remnants really aren't supposed to be that big of a deal, or else they would have played a role in WoL.

I mean honestly, I'm not trying to insult you, i'm trying to help you, if your going to !@#$ out a turd and call if fact, do it else where, like maybe to someone in the lower IQ spectrum, you know, like someone at your same level, cuz it doesn't work here.

"I'm not trying to insult you", he said. :p

Seriously, calm down: we're just talking about videogames here. No need to get so condescending.
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Well, they apparently did not need a scouting fleet, as they could monitor the activities in the Kopruulu Sector from Earth's safety. Heck, they even somehow managed to learn about the Overmind's existence, something that very few Terrans were aware of at the time.

So we have to assume the UED's fleet in Brood War was really the best they could do. :/

I think not, johnny.. they had to steal battlecruisers.. I'm pretty sure if a bunch of criminal descendants have that kind of tech, i'm sure the UED has MUCH MORE..

It was probably more of a "Let's see what they could do" fleet as opposed to a scout fleet. test there power.
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04/27/2012 06:38 AMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
And in Brood War, Duke keeps getting defeated by pretty much everyone.

Lol, that actually started in Episode II of vanilla, duke is a wuss..
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Well, to be fair, even Raynor got defeated in Episode II.

I think not, johnny.. they had to steal battlecruisers.. I'm pretty sure if a bunch of criminal descendants have that kind of tech, i'm sure the UED has MUCH MORE..

It was probably more of a "Let's see what they could do" fleet as opposed to a scout fleet. test there power.

If that's the case, that would make Episode V-VI even more filler, as the UED is going to be treated as a completely new faction the next time they show up. :(
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04/27/2012 05:12 PMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
Well, to be fair, even Raynor got defeated in Episode II.

Yeah but he's not that large of a force either, He only had like 300 guys vs THE SWARM! on their own turf..

04/27/2012 05:12 PMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
If that's the case, that would make Episode V-VI even more filler, as the UED is going to be treated as a completely new faction the next time they show up. :(

Yeah, blizz kind of flubbed up that one I'll admit, I think they should've taken time at least until summer of '99 to release so they could've fleshed them out more..
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Necro but.

The UED was great, also was it not mentioned they were an expeditionary force? Thus implying a large invasion was preparing back on Earth?
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Posted by FrostyPyro
Travel time. Earth is lightyears away

lol i really dont mean to be a jerk but lightyears isn't a measure of time... its a measure of distance...

He didn't say it was a measure of time. It's like saying:
Travel time. Earth is billions of kilometers away.

It takes time to travel long distances. But in this case, the UED must have been traveling faster than light, so who knows how long it would take them.
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As I said earlier, between the time the Zerg began invading the Koprulu Sector and the beginning of Brood War, only a few months had passed at best. Since Earth didn't care about the Koprulu Sector prior to the Great War, the current lore suggests that travel would only take a few months.
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I'm pretty sure it's an expeditionary force. I remember looking into the fact that the entire Terran Dominion came from an exiled group of criminals from Earth that lived for 250 years. If the population became that huge, how large would you think the UED probably is? Unimaginable.

The failure of the offensive and the loss of the expeditionary force was a temporary setback for the United Earth Directorate, the expeditionary force being but only a small fraction of the UED's total strength.[15] The United Earth Directorate remains active in its base of operation on Earth, but has lost its interest in the Koprulu Sector for the time being, although it hopes to do more in the future.[16] The UED initially tried to discover what had happened in the Koprulu Sector, then deliberated what steps to take next. They would need time to put together material, plans, men, and political will.[17] It has been indicated that the UED is focusing on internal affairs.[18]

UED remnants persist in the Koprulu Sector.[19]
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Didn't they get their collective butts sent packing after brood war?
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The UED did get its !@# handed to it in the first game, but it was just an expeditionary fleet. It's been stated already, that this was not the UED's full strength or capability. Historically "Expeditonary forces" are smaller professional forces that can be deployed on short notice. So while the UED sent some of their best commanders, they "left their big guns behind and relied heavily on local production and technology" (Starcraft wikia) to take down the Dominion. That they were successful in all of their initial objectives (despite getting pwnt later on) just demonstrates the excellence of their leadership.

The colonists are a rag tag band of trash that are constantly getting beat on by the zerg and the protoss. They survive because they're not critical to the plans of the other races. By the end of Heart of the Swarm, *SPOILERS* the only thing holding the zerg back from totally annihilating the Dominion is Kerrigan's will. Strength isn't surviving because someone else let's you. And that's what I like about the UED, it's a human faction that isn't vulnerable to the whims of the alien races. Hell, the UED locked down the whole sector on a budget; if they went all out and sent everything, it wouldn't be a fair contest. (Which is probably why we won't see them again) I suppose the existence and strength of the UED allows the writers at blizz to do all sorts of horrible things to the colonists without feeling they're writing off the human race.
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It's remarked in Heart of the Swarm by a certain NPC that the UED will return. The destruction of the Expeditionary Fleet will be answered for - in time.

Keep in mind, that fleet was dispatched before the Zerg were more then just some strange oddities popping up on fringe planets and the Protoss were shadows ghosting intergalatic trade routes.

We have to assume the UED is fully aware of the Swarm and Protoss at this point, and aren't going to recommit to the Korpulu Sector until they are well and truly ready to face these threats.
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UED will come I know that cuz in one of the cinematics in hots stukov said that they will come back someday, but I don't know if they send a bigger fleet than brood war
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expeditionary force, that alone show the UED power. an expeditionary force was able to rock the entire sector and enslave the Overmind, the most heavily guarded thing at the time for the zerg. it wasn't till the zerg and the terran team up that they were defeated and using local tech mind you which their foes are familiar with(a fail on their part). imagine what a real fleet could do, could they actually outmatch the protoss, the terran and the zerg combine and be a match for Amon and his hybrid forces.
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