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The time has come for the Creative Development hive mind to delve into the vaults and answer your questions pertaining to the lore of the StarCraft universe. You stand at the brink of gaining true knowledge, but will you ask the question that the ancients will answer? Or will your question fall into the galactic abyss? Consider well what question you will ask because you are only allowed to put a single query before them. Then, return to the thread often and vote on the questions you would most like to see answered. Welcome to information by democracy.

The rules of engagement are as follows:

  • No restriction on the subject of your post, but keep in mind that questions that may be answered by playing Heart of the Swarm will likely be overlooked; we don't want to spoil any surprises!
  • Please only ask one question in each post. If your post has more than one question (or if your question contains multiple parts), it will be overlooked. Also, it is recommended that you read through the thread to see if your question has already been asked; duplicate questions will not have a greater chance of being answered.
  • Questions will only be accepted for the first seven days, and the thread will be locked at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Monday, April 30.
  • While the thread is open for questions, forum members are encouraged to go through the thread and "Like" or "Dislike" posts; voting on a post will increase or decrease (respectively) the probability of that question being answered.
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What was Kerrigan doing between Brood Wars and Wings of Liberty?
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Is the dark voice a character we already know in the past or is he a completely new character?
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In Starcraft 1 we had units like Dragoons, Reavers, Medics, etc... In Starcraft 2 those units disappeared. According to the lore, why did those units disappear?
Posts: 6
Jim had a family before Kerrigan. A son and wife. How does that play a role in his one true love vibe with Sarah?
Posts: 11
Terran and Protoss races have male and female units....we know how it is to be a protoss or a human....what is the zerg initial lifeform?We see units being born just to fight,hatched from a Queen.What if there was no war? How is Zerg life living in peace?
Posts: 1
how does the protoss reproduce?
Posts: 2
Is that hair or tentacles growing out of Kerrigan's head?
Posts: 1,691
Does the gift of prophecy and foresight that played such a big role in WoL have any grounding in a sciency-fictiony explanation or is it just "mysterious" and "paranormal"?
Posts: 2
Is Samir Duran the Overmind or a Xel Naga?
Posts: 1,691
Did Kerrigan's ethnicity change between SC1/BW and WoL?
Posts: 4,198
In SC1 the queen of blades told mengsk that she isn't interested in revenge.
Why is killing him suddenly her life's purpose, according to the most recent trailer?
Posts: 1,913
Why does infested kerrigan have like 8 inch stilleto heels?
Posts: 35
When it was created, the Overmind was not given free will, and rather was given a direct order: to consume the Protoss. But the Overmind created Kerrigan as a hope of salvation. Then, What kind of control had the Dark Voice with the Overmind?
Posts: 1,691
Why did Jim Raynor turn his back on everything that happened in SC1/BW in that instead of killing Kerrigan (he watched her do some BAD stuff) he fell in love with her or something?
Posts: 6,651
When it comes to Dr. Hanson and her finding the cure for the zerg virus, did she actually make a cure or is she still in the developing stages of it?
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Are tassadar and the overmind 1 now?
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Question : Will the Confederacy ever take its place and come back in the future Starcraft games and expansions or be heard of in the stories once in a while maybe as something "not so bad" if Mensk is annihilated?

I'm not sure if this question would give away any thing about the game, but if the Confederacy always existed or beat the Yankee's then they must exist and people that live in the CSA (Confederate States of America) must love their land. They're not considered the bad guys if they won. lol
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How did the Terrans enjoy such rapid population growth and colonization of the Koprulu Sector when all they had to work with was four broken down ships?

According to the lore, four ships containing 40,000 humans crash-landed and established three colonies in 2259. The events of Starcraft 1 occur in ~2500. Yet it seems like the Confederacy/Dominion are full empires with many worlds and billions of residents. For instance, Tarsonis had at least two billion residents. No matter how I figure survival and reproduction rates, I just can't see how it makes sense.
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How did Terran get the technology to make a Protoss/Zerg hybrid in the Wings of Liberty bonus mission?
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