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Tashai Wars Unofficial Thread

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This will be the thread for the awesome game Tashai Wars. Post bugs suggestions and etc.

Note: I did not make this, all credit goes to the maker... not me!

please sticky and let the maker see
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Agreed, ghost super OP. most common start is fast ghosts, especially since zerg is almost exclusively bio. Ghost?tank combo is ridiculous. I use it every time and don't lose unless my partner is horrifying....
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This map has a ton of potential, as did Colonial Line Wars before it. The problems are the same though. Namely, a ton of the units are USELESS.

In it's current 1.10 version, the Tashai Wars is a nice game of rock, paper, scissors. All the previous whining about "ghosts are op'ed" is ridiculous. Terran trumps Zerg. Zerg trumps Protoss. Protoss trumps Terran.

Terran > Zerg: With a few bats and reapers to start, all zerg Tier 1 is rendered useless. Ghosts in Tier 2 are the ONLY useful unit, as they can knock out zerg air also, and hold lurkers to a relative stalemate, just long enough for... Tanks to come out. Zerg has NO effective counter for tanks. Overseers, Ultras, and Infestors won't do squat to tanks, especially when they stack in the top and bottom corners. Broodlords are too expensive and take too long to produce in order to counter the cheap, easy stacking tanks. And producing roughly 6 ghosts in Tier 2 before teching to tanks, is more than enough to take care of any early zerg air. Wraiths do the rest.
USELESS Terran units: Medics, Goliaths (almost always), Vikings (ghosts take care of the early anti-air as stated), Banshees (total garbage). Thors and Battlecruisers just can't hold their own against protoss and zerg counterparts, the Carrier/Scout combo & the Overseer/Broodlord/Corruptor combo.

Zerg > Protoss: Banelings are the key in Tier 1, holding even the dark temps at bay. Mix em up with your roaches and you hold the line just fine until lurkers come out. The only semi-effective counter for lurkers are high templars. But... they don't hit air. Which is why you follow up lurkers with corruptors. They own the sky just long enough to start the unstoppable Overseer/Broodlord combo. Protoss Carriers won't do anything to stop this finishing combo. Neither will any other Protoss unit combo. Try it.
USELESS Zerg units: Zerglings don't do !#@# after the first two are built. Hydras are a joke. Mutalisks are a joke. Hunterlings (or Splitterlings? make up your mind game-maker) have their tiny uses here and there, but mostly are useless. Ultralisks are incredibly useless, dying easily and not providing anywhere near the ground dominance they should.

Protoss > Terran: This is for all you whiny "Ghosts are overpowered!" noobs. Two zealots, 4-6 stalkers behind them, and 2-4 dark temps along the sides. Go immediately to Tier 2, and the archons in front/high templars in back combo will quiet all that noise about "ghosts are oped!" business. Archons, like the ghosts for TvZ, can provide anti-air just long enough for the Tier 3 Scout/Carrier combo. Bye bye Terran. Throw all the Battlecruisers and Thors you want at this combo. It will do nothing but prolong the inevitable. Carriers also mop up the killer tank/ghost combo so effective against zerg.
USELESS Protoss units: Sentries, cute idea but completely ineffective. Void Rays are a joke. Phoenix are a joke. Immortals? Another joke. Colossus? Another joke. Why would you EVER use immortals/colossus when scout/carrier does all their job and more. Archon/high templar combo does more than enough ground coverage to pave the way for the scout/carrier finish.

Recommendations for next map upgrades? The rock-paper-scissors dynamic is nice, if only because a tiny handful of people will ever understand it. But make the useless units useful somehow, or else remove them. Until then, they are like shiny worthless baubles good only for distracting noobs from the only real way to play.

Oh, and the funding expeditions mechanic is a completely worthless joke. It provides barely any mineral boost at all, and takes forever to do it. In the meantime, your army is set back so far against a skilled player who is racing to Tier 3 finishing combo, that it cannot recover even with the meager mineral bonus the expedition returns. I NEVER use it in team play or 1v1, and I crush everyone who tries to use it. They are still funding mindlessly while my army quickly reaches a critical composition they are way too late to be able to counter. Timing is everything in this tug-of-war map, which I think easily has the potential to be the best one ever.

That is all.
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i think that the protoss units are too strong
i always play as Terran and the Dt's and sentrys always screw me over because now they create hallucinations and also the Dt's are really strong because they are undetectable during charge and then they have a really strong attack. so i think that protoss units need to be balanced a little better because now almost everyone plays with protoss and i want there to be a little more variety
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also i think that the overseers scourge attack is a bit too strong because it wipes out air units extremely quickly giving them little time to kill them off
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Hey what happened to this map? Nobody plays it anymore.
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