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SPOILER figured out dark voice

Even if it was duran I guess he would've had to splice his DNA with Zerg and Protoss or something cause the dark voice looks like he has at least some Protoss and prolly Zerg too obviously. (Leader of hybrids)
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Does anyone have any idea when the dark voice will be revealed or is blizzard gonna add some suspense and skip around it for awhile?
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They revived Tassadar. Wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up as the DV lol.

Raynor: WTF?
UltraNoob: Honestly, I've been expecting a lame plot twist from the beginning.
Fenix/DV: But I'm still awesome right?
UltraNoob: Okay that's it.
*throws computer out the window*
They never revived Tassadar. If anything the DV could be Ulrezaj.
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dark voice dates back to the xel'naga. they found it, bound it, and left it. as with all bindings, this one ultimately failed due to overly nosey humans, and the dark voice was once more unleashed upon the galaxy
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Apparently they said that that "voice in the darkness" is not the Dark Voice behind the hybrids.
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I had a strange thought the other day while reading up on the Dark Voice. I had not known that Blizzard clarified he was not the same entity as the Voice in the Darkness.

Anyways, what would you guys think of Dark Voice being Adun? Or at least Adun being involved, perhaps this is the true identity of Duran/Narud. The only difference in the names is the letter R.
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@jag duran is also a shape shifter, as he stated
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05/24/2012 01:37 PMPosted by UltraNoob
- Rory Swann

He's obviously the Dark Voice! Just wait, it's going to be the big twist at the end!
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I think the Dark Voice will be Xel Naga or some other outside force that eventually requires some kind of uneasy alliance of Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg to defeat. Enemies come together against a common foe, like Half-Life, Halo, and many others, but notably Warcraft.

Then Blizz can launch World of Starcraft with your choice of three playable factions for PvP, and all factions against the non-playable Xel Naga (or other new) entity. They can launch in 2015 as WoW starts to peter out once and for all. I guess I can kiss $20/month goodbye for the rest of my life. :)
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I think it will either be a new character all together....

Or In my opinion it is Aldaris. He has like the exact outline of the portrait lol.
Edited by Oracle on 7/18/2012 4:43 AM PDT
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i figured it would be Samir Duran.
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The fallen one created the hybrids... But Samir Duran did that... WHAT THE !@#$ BLIZZARD? You get rid of my favorite hero (Samir Duran) and then also get rid of his story (Creating the Hybrids) Anything else you wish to get rid of for us?
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It is clearly Fenix.

Everyone knows when you almost die as a zealot, you become a dragoon. When you almost die as a dragoon, you become a dark voice.

Yep, it's FOOLPROOF!
Edited by Wolfy on 8/5/2012 9:04 PM PDT
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it is very clear from wings of liberty protoss side campaigne that the dark voice is a xel naga unless the entire story of who the xel naga really are is a fraud....from what i understood the zerg and protoss were created to fulfill one purpose, to then be unified to for the hybrid, hence creating what would be a being essencially like the xel naga. the entire "evil" aspect given to this dark voice could enitrely be misunderstood. the protoss and the zerg both broke their bounds with the creator, the xel naga hence hindering them from completing their ultimate goal, creating the hybrid, so they then had to go about it, hence the entire zerg protoss part of the story. as always humans just happened to have been caught int he middle of everything....honestly the story has so many different directions it can take right now, it all depends on who the dark voice or fallen one is.....for all we know the xel naga that created the zerg and protoss is the fallen one, and the profecy from wings of liberty did hint at can never know until whoever is writing the story writes it or if it is already writen releases it...
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Guys, it's clearly going to be Jim Raynor's alter ego. He doesn't even realize it, but, this is why he's at the center of all of these events. He's unconsciously calling everything to him.

He won't even realize what he's doing until it's too late.
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When yuo Brighten the dark voice portrait It's some sort of Alien That isn't prtoss or Zerg
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Guys, it is clear who is the Dark Voice: Donny Vermillion. Think about it, he spends the entire game attempting to starve Raynor out of support and just disappear, and then conveniently has himself removed from the public eye when Raynor succeeds in saying Kerrigan, the only person who can stand in his way. It couldn't be more obvious.
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- Hearthstone
It could be aldaris... Just like Duran is obviously a Xel-Naga who's guiding Terran actions and was supposedly "killed" so too could Aldaris.
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Duran = Narud = Dark Voice, a Xel'naga shapechanger who serves Entropy, the force that returns everything to nothingness.
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