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Desert Strike, OP unit combinations

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Herp Derp Mode, But I won't tell you the correct order or pattern of construction, you will have to figure that one out on your own.

Always gas on time, and unlock full tech tree asap, then.

Protoss: Fades, Immortals, colusi, Hts and preservers

Zerg: Swarms, taints, Burtalisks, Hunter killers and Ultras

terran: Marine, maruader, tanks, thors and spartans

Discuss how OP are these configurations are.
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Lets discuss 2 year old maps no longer being supported by their creator.
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I can see that trolling is a dead art form. -sighs-
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It being old has no relevance to this topic...
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I've played quite a bit of Desert Strike. Out of the combos you've listed, the one I've had the most difficulty with is the Protoss one. I normally play as Zerg. I've been able to overcome that Protoss build by believe it or not using a mixture of Infestors, Scourges, Corruptors, Swarm Guardians, and Brutalisks. Of course I have a bunch of other units mixed in with them. Compared to Collosi, or Initiates for that matter, the Scourge is cheap, you get 4 and if they don't get picked off you got a good chance at bringing down a Collosi.

I've found Hunter Killers don't do the job since the Immortals have a field day with them and the Collosi eat Zerglings really quickly.

The Terran build I've had no problems with really... Those little guys that roll around and explode rip apart Marines, and Zerglings backed up with Slugalisks, Hunter Killers, and Roaches seem to do fine against tanks and Thors for me. Throw a couple Ultras in for good measure too. Of course as Zerg you want to have a strong air presence!

Zerg vs Zerg is always a crap shoot for me. When I see my opponent going Taint I'll mass up some Corruptors since they're cheaper and you get 2 as opposed to the 1. Otherwise it becomes somewhat of a mirror match for me...
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"any race vs the same race is purly based on pathing AI being you have the same units. 3marines vs 3marines lol."


Also, the Protoss combination is the only one that's a problem.

Zerg might actually be a problem for Terran if they didn't have Ravens.
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The problem is that Vikings aren't an effective counter to colossus in sudden death because of void prisms and fade initiates. In sudden death, for an air battle, range generally wins. The vikings will try to attack the colossus until the void prisms start to attack them which will force the vikings to attack the void prisms instead.

The problem is that vikings have a range of 9 while void prisms have a range of 12. While normally vikings can counter void prisms just fine the viking isn't just fighting the void prism now. Since the viking has to move forward so much they are now also in range of a lot of other protoss units. Close stalkers, templars and fade initiates can now also attack the vikings. One lucky storm from a templar alone will ruin your day, but the real problem are the fade initiatives sitting behind the colossus ready to murder the vikings.

Even if the vikings manage to kill the void prisms it's not like they are going to back up out of every other ground units range. They'll just continue shooting the colossus within firing range of all the fade initiates on the ground and the fade initiates will likely kill all the vikings before they are done with all the colossus, unless you completely mass vikings so hard that you over-saturate them to the point that the fade initiates simply can't kill them fast enough, but by then you probably don't even have a viable ground force to work with anyway.

Of course while all of this is happening the protoss ground force is flat out murdering everything that walks that even if by chance you win the air battle and kill all the colossus it's likely that every counter you were planning to use to kill the immortals are long dead and the immortals backed by fade initiates just march through your tank line.

Terran simply has no counter to the Void Prism + Fade Initiate combo which grants immunity to their colossus which grants immunity to their immortals, and with those 4 units protoss just marches right through terran.

Corruptors get wrecked even worse, but, unlike terran, zerg actually has an answer to the void prism + fade initiate combo, Taints. The same scenario as above plays out, but it's range 11 vs range 12 this time. This keeps taints well out of the Protoss ground forces attack range and Taints can butcher void prisms just fine.

The problem is...Zerg ground sucks in sudden death. A protoss is probably going to slaughter the zerg ground before all the colossus are dead anyway. While the swarm guardians and broodlords are probably going to be fine the protoss ground will likely just march under them while the fades distract them and kill the nexus.

My friends and I have played this game quite a bit, and we all pretty much agree that, at least 1v1, Protoss is the best race. For sudden death, Protoss has the best ground and the second best air options. Terran has the second best ground and the worst air options. Zerg has the best air and the worst ground options.
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06/23/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Supersun
The problem is...Zerg ground sucks in sudden death. A protoss is probably going to slaughter the zerg ground before all the colossus are dead anyway. While the swarm guardians and broodlords are probably going to be fine the protoss ground will likely just march under them while the fades distract them and kill the nexus.

From your example of this add in brutalisks and protoss ground is wiped out along with air if countered correctly.
Other than that I agree with much.

I don't see a major advantage Zerg vs Protoss, they are evenly matched / well rounded.
Zerg and Protoss win vs Terran due to range and dmg.
The only race that's at a disadvantage is Terran.

@ OP
Spartans are as useless as two !@#$ on a bull. Their A.I sucks, they don't stand at max range instead stand and die with the rest of the front line with marines etc etc ...
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07/03/2012 03:32 PMPosted by hellsaura
IMO,I don't see a major advantage Zerg vs Protoss, they are evenly matched / well rounded. Zerg and Protoss win vs Terran due to range and dmg.The only race that's at a disadvantage is Terran.

i am an experienced terran player and can crush zerg and toss...

ghosts vs toss is !%@%. and tanks vs zerg is !%@%. the rest of the army is negligable~ when i can get marines vs protoss immortals its not looking pretty.. when i can get siege tanks vs hydra its not looking pretty also.
I play toss lets do this :)
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1) Spartans aren't that great of a counter for Colossus. They work to a point until the Protoss masses so many Colossus that they walked over before they have time to fire their second shot. That and Spartans fail miserably at countering Colossus in sudden death.

2) Any competent Protoss will just throw out a few Archons and Outcasts to completely negate your ghosts. Doesn't matter how effective your army is at killing them. Ghosts just love to Snipe and EMP all their energy away before they can even reach the immortals.
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Oh yea I always make a small pile of outcast but only like 4 just because after that they are just eaten up. They are good for taking some ghost fire and cleaning up leftover tanks, but too many is a disaster lol.

As far as terran, the more meat and vikings the more ht's I make. I make very little prims and a few scouts to suck you in. I think one of the hardest to counter is when terran has lots fo thors, goliaths, and tanks. About all you can do is mass as many immortals as possible w/fades and collossus backing them.

Early game toss can't match terran, I don't think it's even possible for a toss 1v1 to get to gassing on an expert game, mass marines kill zealots. Throw in a few marauders and might as well gg it.
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Yeah, on Expert if your team doesn't have a Terran to build a bunker and in general clobber everyone early game you are going to be in for a rough time.

Just build a few preds and Protoss can't really do anything until they get some colossii. Not that Zerg is that much better early game vs Terran.

Archons are a good pick if you are looking towards the late game. You can try and bait the Terran to build a lot of Ghosts to deal with them then switch some of them to Outcasts if he does.

Edit: Ghosts don't even come close to 1 shotting an Archon. EMP shot only does 100 shield damage while Archons have 350 shields. Archons are actually a pretty effective counter to Ghosts since 1 Ghost is 900 minerals and and they can at most use 2 EMPs at once for 200 damage while the Archons are ~500ish

Ghost are just too expensive to be worth it in my opinion. I mean they are the price of a siege tank :/

Also you can have infinity number of Spartans, but once those Colossii hit critical mass the Spartans just become irrelevant.
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