The dig on brutal

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I have been trying to beat this for a few days straight! Any suggestions? How about a good build order? Iv tried massing tanks, taking the expo, and any other strategies i can think of. Perhaps I just didn't do them right?
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Do the above if you just want to cheese it for achievement purposes. If you want to feel like you beat it "for real":

- Mass tanks and marines continually
- Wall off your ramps with bunkers
- Keep 2-3 SCVs always behind each set of bunkers with autorepair on (once you have enough SCVs mining to spare a few that is; early on it's a good idea to put a couple of SCVs on a hotkey so you can pull them from mineral line to the bunkers easily when an attack is on the way)
- Get your weapon upgrades
- Whenever you get warnings of Protoss attacks coming, immediately target down any colossus, then immortals, then archons with the laser, in that order of priority (F2 is the default hotkey for the laser if I remember right, then hold down shift and rightclick rightclick rightclick on all the targets you want to hit in order)

Your defense should really snowball into something all but impenetrable before long. If attacks actually do significant damage such that you're struggling to reinforce, you're either building too slow, or being too slow with the laser and letting the power units get hits on you.
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The mission makes it seem like that the more you use the drill the more it hurts/delays the objective. This is only true once you are more than half way through the door.

What does that mean?

It means use can use the drill for everything/anything until you are half way done with the door. This allows you to mass your units and set up while the drill does the heavy lifting. Once the door is half done your forces should be formidable and your position entrenched. Now just us the drill to target the critical units: Colossus, Templar, Carriers for the air unit parts.
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Build order? Marines, Marauders (only a few), and Siege Tanks.

You've got to get bunkers in place quickly. You want five Marines and one Marauder - you do have the concussive shells, right? - in each. You need at least three bunkers at each choke. You will need SCV support at the bunkers and you will need to replace the SCV's often. Medic support will improve the durability of your SCV's, but the computer will target them ruthlessly.

You also need to get more Siege tanks pretty quickly. Get two more as soon as you have one stocked bunker at each end, then build another bunker at each end and stock it. Add another tank at each end. Add the third bunker and stock it. Then build tanks until you've got at least seven at each side. Rebuild any bunkers that are destroyed and restock them.

You should have some spare Marines or War Pigs to help with the flyers; Goliaths are okay here as well. Extra Missile turrets are useful too.

Using the drill early is not a bad idea; once you've got your chokes properly manned, you won't need the drill for anything except Colossi. If you don't take out the Colossi before they get to the chokes, you will suffer needless infrastructure damage.
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the dig is one of the easiest levels

mass siege tanks e little goliaths/marines for the aerial strike

ps: use the laser drill CONSTANTLY to kill colossi/archons/immortals
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As others have mentioned, the drill is VITAL to defending your base and winning. The protoss will be sending boatloads of units that are strong vs your tanks (immortals, archons, colossi), and the fact that they will be heavily upgraded while you will be stuck at 1/1 doesn't make things easier on you. Make sure you zap the beefy units the moment they come into map vision.
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If you dont want to do bunkers, i suggest a pf or 2 because they can soak up a HELLA LOTA DMG and are more efficient than bunkers.
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I was having a hard time on this mission like you. I kept building bunkers and they would be destroyed immediately so when I did finish the brutal difficulty mission I didn't build any bunkers when I did beat the mission successfully.

I built a few base units and then quickly built an expansion and then I just set up my tanks centrally in front of the drill. I built all non-essential buildings in the path you take to the base. Because the Protoss will aim directly at the drill usually they will get up the ramp and regardless of side get the full force of your tank army. As time wore on and I was getting my unit upgrades and a larger amount of tanks I ended not using siege mode very much which helped move my huge cluster of units around. And yes do get a number of marines and medics.

In the last 25% of the door I found myself often aiming the drill at the templar first worried less about the colossi or immortals. And archons get dropped by the tanks so they aren’t really a threat.
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I redid this one on brutal with specters. They are surprisingly good at buying time for tanks and the drill to destroy things near the end.
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did not personally ever have much trouble. many tanks and marines. I built one bunker at each choke. Occaisionally the Protoss would kill it, but no big. Lost 100 minerals and rebuilt. +Bunker HP upgrade helps a lot, more than the turret upgrade.

As with many missions turn on your game clock, this helps a lot. Make sure you get your War Pigs as soon as you can, watching the timer will help.

Get around 6 tanks at each choke, and make a large force of marine/medic to make sure you can deal with drops and also shoot down Immortals. Marines help a lot because often you'll not have time to get to focusing Immortals with the drill, needing to use it on higher priority targets instead. Marines will quickly deplete the hard shields of the Immortal, allowing your tanks to finish them off.

I also added Goliaths and the Spartan Company to my forces. Very useful if you have already completed Welcome to the Jungle as they help with anti air and arent bad for ground dps either. If you havent completed Welcome to the Jungle, don't worry about it, they are not necessary.

Late game the protoss will attack you with HTs. Make sure you pull your marines back and not let them get Stormed, only send them in once the hts are dead. focus hts with your tanks if necessary.

If you do all of these things, you should have no trouble with the mission.
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Have the bunker upgrades and the Marauder slow upgrade. Build bunkers as close to the cliffs as possible and put a Marauder in each. Mass tanks and build a few turrets around the ramps and the drill. Use the laser to take out Colossi, Immortals, and High Templars.

You can also make some Vikings to help with air/ground defense if you have them.
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I don't use bunkers on this mission. I just let them run to the ramp while my tanks barrage them with ballistics. I wall off the top of my ramp with either supply depots or barracks. Supply depots are easier. After you have enough tanks it doesn't matter if you're walled off or not. Just make sure you kill colossi and archons with the laser. Colossi can give target vision to your tanks.
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I just expanded immediately and massed tanks, with some marines/bunkers/perdition turrets to help tank damage. It took me a long time to finish this mission because I kept trying to go bio, but once I decided to just mass tanks, I won. Just use the drill liberally, especially on immortals and collosi.
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I like a one or two marauders with concussive shells upgrade on each side to slow the movement of the attackers... like psi-distruptors for Protoss.
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