All units aren't unlocked?

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I have finished the entire campaign. I am replaying it to get more achievements. I am stuck on
"Havens Fall" in the campaign.. I can't beat it right now. I went to the forums and see that other people who had a hard time with it posted that they got to use battlecruisers and siege tanks.
My only options are Goliath, viking, marines, reapers, firebats, medics, hellions. No siege tanks, no battlecruisers. I want to know why if I have beaten the entire campaign why I can't get any unit I need when replaying if other people do get all the units. How do I get all units to play?
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When replaying missions, you only get the units you had when you originally played the mission. It's to prevent people from getting easy achievements with units and tech from later in the game.

If you want, you can restart the campaign...
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Siege tanks are definitely useful, primarily for defending the base while the Vikings are out doing their thing. Battle Cruisers probably wouldn't hurt, but I've never given them a thought here. Perdition turrets are pretty handy here as well, but also not required.

I usually use only Vikings for the base-clearing; it's just a pain to fool around with non-flying units when it isn't necessary. You just need a great deal of Vikings.
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just mass vikings and get upgrades, you dont even need bunkers.marines, just 4 or 5 tanks out front really.
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As blitz mentioned, you only get the units you had when you played the mission. Of course, different players can have different units for the same mission, depending on the order in which they did the missions. (i.e. If you saved haven's fall and did it right before going to Char, then you're going to have a lot more stuff.)

Also, don't know if this is still true, but in the past, if you did safe haven instead, then haven's fall (and the other 2 missions you declined) will be available with full upgrades from the entire campaign once you beat the campaign.

You can either choose to get the achievements with what you have, or if that's too difficult (some of the achievements are kind of hard), you can replay the campaign. You can replay on casual difficulty if you want and switch difficulties only when going for a particular achievement. In casual difficulty, enemy units have 50% health so it's really really easy.
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Just mass vikings. Upgrades if you want.

To save time, build a bunker or two on each side (you'll need repair eventually if I remember)
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i did it with mass ghosts (Admitably it did take me 2:11:00 to beat it but i did it with mass ghosts)

Of coarse my ghosts also had perma-cloak
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Mass vikings with a smaller marine medic support force can clear this. I never used tanks or battle cruisers.
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Dont do that quest then do Safe Haven instead
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Is there a cheat that opens the Tech Tree? Seems like the devs are punishing the players for playing their game with this situation; I know this is an old thread and perhaps this has been patched; but as an old SC I player I miss my Armor. My usual force is heavy on Goliaths and Tanks with a few marines to screen the big boys. So far all I've had to play with are earth pigs; but Im a DAT at heart. (Dumb A** Tanker(real one)) BB.
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I use viking on haven;s fall, along with 4 siege breakers and ghosts, Snipe is AMAZING!

But you can do it without tanks and BC's First time I did it on brutal, i masses up ghosts, had about 30 before i moved out. At the start build 2 medics and two vikings, hit the first settlement with your three vikings and clear out broodlords. Land, kill off the buildings, meanwhile keep building vikings. Or after the initial 2 vikings, get a second rax and tech lab both to just pump out mass ghosts (with the infinite cloak) with a force as little as five, any infested terran falls. Make sure you get weapon upgrades. If you have the minerals and gas, more ghost academies with nukes.
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Everybody is telling him "Oh get Siege Tanks, they're awesome". But if you can READ, he said he doesn't HAVE siege tanks.
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Ha haven's fall. I hate that mission as it is too taxing to get vikings, their landing animation takes too long. Instead i mass up ghosts and use the vision that the game gives you to nuke them without needing to get close. Infinite invisibility, when you have 30 or more ghosts everything dies rather quickly.
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