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The UED were so damn likeable. (BW spoilers)

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yeah.. i liked the UED when they appeared too because they were from Earth... Also, they aren't rednecks with corrupt governments(come on, they united ALL of earth) and I saw nothing that made them evil... Playing as zergs, BW wanted you to think the UED as evil when they were actually not. *sigh* damn the queen of blades, everything could've been better if the UED ruled the terrans, not some power hungry dictator

Edit: And why do a lot of people think UED are Terrans? I like to think terrans and people from earth are seperate

I thought the UED was good when I first started Brood war because their main motive was to pacify the overmind and the Zerg. Then I thought them concuring the Dominion and taking Mangsek into custy was good but then I realized that they were concuring the dominion to get the coloinies to expand power. Raynors motives was to have the Dominion overthrown for the sake of the people opressed by it, not for the sake of a government.
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I liked the UED simply because they were from earth. I kind of found it hard to relate to the dominion sometimes because they had been so separated from the rest of humanity and accordingly developed their own culture.
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Well they were kind of stupid.
If you weren't moved by Stukov's death or DuGalle's suicide note while he flashed through memories of his soldiers dying (and even of the poor colonists he sicked the Zerg on) you aren't human.

I wasn't, one of the main reasons was that they unleashed the Zerg on humans without a second thought.

DuGalle was pretty stupid too.

"Don't confront Stukov on anything, no guys just immediately kill him with no questions asked. He's obviously a traitor, It's not like he can explain anything or was framed."

"Wait a minute..."


The only people the UED ever "unleashed the Zerg on" were Kerrigan and her broods. The UED never used the Zerg to fight the Protoss or Terran groups.

And the UED probably were going to talk to/interrogate/whatever Alexi. But Duran shot him and then ran away.
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The UED is the successor regime to the genocidal United Powers League that killed 400 million people and is intent on imperialistic behavior toward the Koprulu state(s).

Let's not whitewash them. However odious and corrupt Mengsk and the Confederacy before him were, it's strongly possible the UED is worse.

(C.S. Lewis said a robber baron's cruelty and greed may be satisfied, but someone who is tyrannical because they think they're doing the right thing--and a regime concerned with human purity seems like a candidate for that--will oppress people forever because their conscience will approve.)
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Correct me if i'm wrong, but storywise wern't the UED sort of like the paranoia mans New World Order and that they took over earth and killed all the undesirables? I mean, the only reason the Human colonies in space exist is because some nutty scientist pulled strings to get test subjects.
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I loved the UED. Yes, they were villains, but they were villains that thought they were heroes and those are always the most compelling. They were a very oppressive organization, banning all religion and most languages in an attempt to promote a singular culture and belief in the divinity of humanity. The Koprulu Sector residients of all species were right to fear them. In the BW manual it even states "The expeditionary force, led by the brilliant Admiral DuGalle, had a secondary objective as well. Admiral Dugalle was ordered to take control of the Zerg Broods and use them to pacify Protoss activity in the Sector. In so doing, he would assure the survival and prosperity of Humanity thoughout the galaxy..."
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Correct me if i'm wrong, but storywise wern't the UED sort of like the paranoia mans New World Order and that they took over earth and killed all the undesirables? I mean, the only reason the Human colonies in space exist is because some nutty scientist pulled strings to get test subjects.

Yeah, pretty much.

While not a religious organization, the UPL embraced the philosophy of "the divinity of mankind", scholars arguing that genetic alteration, cyber technology and the use of psychoactive drugs led to the degeneration of the human species. Actions of hard-line members of the UPL resulted in law being enforced which led to launch of Project Purification, its goal to remove mutations and unnecessary cybernetic prosthetics from the human population. Rounding up dissidents, hackers, synthetics, the cybernetically enhanced, tech-pirates, and criminals of every kind; they were determined to ensure mankind's purity and survival as species in the wake of ever increasing cybernetic enchantments and mutations altering human gene pool; "Project Purification" was instituted: a campaign of mass genocide in which over 400 million people were eradicated. Courtesy of the state controlled media, the general populance remained ignorant of the true scope of the genocide being perpetrated. Project Purification lasted for nearly eighty years.

The UED would have most likely killed the majority of the colonists themselves had they remained in power.
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If you read anything about the U.E.D.'s government, they were A LOT more oppressive than anything the Korpula sector has ever seen
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But thats all Tell, and you have to Show not tell in story telling, the UED we see was a military task force that was going to take down the zerg and stop protoss from interfering with human affairs. They had noble goals and while they might be corrupt they didn't do anything at all genocidal.
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They sat and observed a human colony being overrun by Zerg and then flew away without lifting a finger to help even after they saw everything they needed to see.

That's kinda genocide by proxy, or at the very least douchebaggery on a supremely epic scale.
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They studied it, while morally wrong true they did need to see how the zerg fought they really should have helped but i'm under the assumption that the force that went into the korpulu sector had few ships till they robbed some from mengsk at Dylar.
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Also, a direct quote from DuGalle in the Brood War intro:

"You've seen nothing. Dissecting a dead Zerg in a lab is one thing, unleashing them on men is another. You must go into this with both eyes open. Once started, there's no going back. Are you prepared to go all the way with this, Alexi?"

I think it's safe to say the UED wasn't only planning on using the Zerg to subjugate the Protoss.
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EDIT- frigging double posts.
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My face and my palm hurt from some of the comments in this thread.
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I'd just like to point out that his note doesn't mean that the UED knows anything about what happened in the Koprulu sector, just that he expected the note to be delivered after his wife found out about their failure.
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On the one hand the UED are the closest thing to the Galactic Empire in the StarCraft Universe, (Just listen to Brood War Terran 1) The fact their marines look like Storm Troopers in the cinematics help. And even their backstory hints that their "Putting on the Reich".
The Confederacy and the Dominion are bad the same way the bad guys from "Avatar" are bad, The UED is bad the same way the Galactic Empire is bad. Between the Galactic Empire and the Humans from "Avatar", I'd root for the Galactic Empire.

And then there's What they did for the story, Like Illidan's faction in "The Frozen Throne", Their whole moral murkyness and ambiguity was intended that while we might enjoy how much they threaten the antagonists, we have little emotional investment in seeing them loose. Because the fact they came close to beating Arthas, Kerrigan or Arcturus Mengsk, leaves an opening for the Badass normal (In WoW's case the Alliance or the Horde against Arthas, in SC II's case Raynor's Raiders) an opening in which they can defeat the antagonists.

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The problem is that Kerrigan proved to be too powerful for the UED, I know she deceived several times, but thos scams were used only to regain control of the zergs on Braxis using Mengsk´s psi emitter and then to get Fenix help obtain some resources on Moria (btw, the fight there was done by Kerrigan´s minions); bu all this was just used so that Kerrigan had a chance, when things come to the battles Kerrigan won faithfully, no tricks, just brute overwhelming power, on the battles of Korhal, Tarsonis, Char and then the orbital platform Kerrigan didn´t manipulate anybody, she just was the most powerful force in the sector. Of course she manipulated Zeratul to help her kill the overmind, but that was until she by herself defeated the UED forces, so I think she has the credentials.
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Who's to say that the UED wouldn't be any less oppressive than Mengsk or the Confederacy? Who's to say they didn't unite Earth by shoving anyone who dissented their rule into an execution chamber? All we know about them is that they were sent to conquer an area of space that didn't acknowledge their rule, which already makes them look like colossal bastards in my book. They could have simply used their power to crush the Zerg and keep the Protoss at bay, then used Diplomacy to ensure the eventual integration of the Koprulu Sector. Instead, their first act was to turn their guns on their own kind, destroying an outpost of the Terran Dominion.

Bottom line, the Starcraft Universe is populated largely by bastards, because it's easier create conflict in a universe full of jerks than one populated with saints.
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Okay, UED were the best Terran faction in the game, They were however fascists in the greatest sense of the term.
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