Viper Abduction seems Unreal (Math Involved)

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Marines are aproximately one SC2 cell block long. I determined this experimentally by using triggers to kill a marine, having him fall on his back onto a visible grid made of decals, decals which were aligned to the invisible SC2 map grid (made of "cells"). The marine, when completely stretched out, took up about one grid space.
The average human hight is about 1.5 meters. Humans are much taller in marine suits, so I would say a marine is 2 meters tall. Therefore, one SC2 cell block is about 2 meters long.
I do not know the exact range on the viper's abduction, but i would say that 10 cells is reasonable.
The viper seems to be able to pull a colossus from the edge of its range to itself in 1 second (Its an estimate)
So, the colossus is traveling at 20 m/s (44 mph) when abducted
The Colossus weighs a lot, I would say 10 tons of mass (9072 kg)

I can stop you right there.

The game is not to-scale. Unit sizes are not to-scale.

Battlecruisers have crews in the hundreds, but the ingame model looks like it can maybe seat 3.

Indeed. If you should be using anything for a reference, it's this:
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Dude I love you
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07/16/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Toortanga
Bees shouldn't bee able to fly...but...

+1 for the aerodynamics reference!

But they can, see they flap their wings very fast, 230 times per SECOND. No longer a valid arguement. Here I'll even cite it:
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This thread is sick. Reading this is a constant mind-blow.
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or even how an ultralisk (a massive behemoth several stories high) fits inside an egg (which is rougly the size of two lings)
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Well done necroposting Necromancer and Incomplet.
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you cant compare like that, sc2 units are not to scales. ie) marine vs battlecruiser.
In real life, viper is prob huge fat bird.
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Its been said before...Its a game.
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You're forgetting that Viper can be as giant as Battlecruiser or Carrier.
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It's freaking gameplay mechanics.
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is just a game dude.... :yaoming:
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But the fact Mutalisks somehow are able to operate in space AND WE CAN CLEARLY SEE IT DURING THE ECHOES OF THE FUTURE ENDING(THEY ARE SEEN FLYING IN SPACE TOWARDS KORHAL), makes it rather reasonable for a viper to be strong enough to pull a massive war machine down a cliff. And the mutalisks FLAP their wings. There's no wind in space >.>

angular momentum, air emmited from levis, and, since cats break physics by rotating in zero g's, why can''t mutas using a similar method?
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Starcraft is kind of realistic imo, but there are some stuff that doesn't make sense, or that should work but don't.

- Terran Marines suits are mechanical, why can't SCV's or Science Vessels repair them, seeing as the Marines are only taking damage to the suit mostly?
- Ultralisks. Eggs. Size. Understand?
- How do anti-Light attacks affect Protoss Light unit Shields? Flamethrowers aren't hitting the unit itself, just swirling around the Shield. (another flaw, how do they hurt the Shield?)
- Swarm Hosts have waaay more then 2 egg sacs on their back, so they should be able to spawn plenty more then 2 Locusts.
- When you attack a Colossus' legs, they don't have as much health as the Colossus, so they should get killed in a 5th the time it normally takes to kill them on the ground.
- According to lore, Zerg units vibrate very quickly to "swim" through the ground. So why can't they all burrow move?
- When an Infestor Neural Parasites you, shouldn't you die when it deactivates, seeing as it's a huge tentacle impaling into your brain?
- Marines never run out of ammo. Okay...
- Carriers, Motherships, and BC's should be waaaaaaay bigger. So should Nukes.
- Why don't the Protoss give Hardened Shields to everyone? They would last alot longer.
- Massive units should be able to stomp on small units. Maybe they have Morality problems.
- Any heavy machine with ballistic rounds should have concussive shells effect.
- Do Marines Stim their gun or something? That shouldn't make them shoot faster.
- Immortals can aim their weapons up, their idle animation shows it. Why can't they shoot air again?

1. To repare infantry armor is probably harder than vehicle armor.
2. How can a butterfly fit into a chrysalis? Or maybe, if you watch close enough, the units are smaller when they spawn immediately! Look at things. They grow, and to thingk about how bcs take 6 supply and marines one, maybe marines are squads, so things are slower and the ultras grow right after being hatched.
3. Assuming its a plasma shield, couldn't the flame go through it anyway? Plasma is just really hot stuff, so a flame attack could go through it, or jsut dissolve, but if its that hot, then a zealot would dssolve lings when attked, so its not plasma shields.
4. The locusts die, or represent more than one?
5. It could be reinforced, and could re balance itself when attked on the legs. Gyroscopes...
6. While vipers defy physics, maybe zerglings don't have a purpose to do such. It would take a lot of muscles and mass, therefore slowing the zergling, and defeating its purpose.
7. It's a parasite that doesn't live forever, likely transferred through a small impalement through the brain, or it uses a psionic thing that controls the way the unit behaves.
8. bullets might be manufactured in the suit/gun, but in WoL cinematics the marines load the gun. Maybe some kind of matter transferrence using systems similar that to the hyperion's short jump ability?
9. The game doesn't seem to scale. First, a nuke the size of ~3 marines could still pack its punch, and considering its delivery system is jsut a small rocket, it could be a fusion bombed propelled by a large viking rocket. Also, rines shoud be so much smaller, unless they represent squads like things do in civ 5.
10. Hardened shields seem to be just a power surge in the shield, scaled to the attack. That kind of generator for the shock would probably be heavy, costly, and somewhat fragile. would you like to have 250 min zealots? Not here.
11. If the game is not to scale, massive units could be dodged. Thors and ultras are prob the hardest to do so, while collosi have thin legs. Also, that would be hard to do because they could get destroyed in the process. It would also make thors etc. hard to micro in a army of non-massives, adding a lot of micro.
12. It would be a temporary shock, because it would just be from the surprise. However, that would not be feasible because, if not to scale/squad representation, it would only slow down a portion of the squad. You can be trained to advance through this, too.
13.Could be semi-auto firing, or activate a special mode which makes it fire faster.
14. Not easy to track with their weapons systems, and would have just a certain area of attack. It would probably not be good on their chassis, too, and with a cannon like that, it probably wouldn't hit anything because they move too much. Probably can only do that because of installation, and that guy probably cant look up from his cockpit.
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07/06/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Munqaxus
How do we know the Viper isn't as large as a Moon with a Tentacle the size of the Empire State Building? Look at the Size of Overlords that can pick up 4 Ultralisk about the size of Brontosaurs. Overlords must be the size of a football stadium.

Plus Overlords don't have wings, so they must be flying through space and planet atmosphere by manipulating gravity since organic creatures generally don't have thrusters. Since an Overlord can manipulate gravity to fly and stay afloat in planet atmospheres, that could mean that Vipers can also manipulate gravity to pull Colossus.

Viper is now Scientifically explained!!!

Yes, because it could just inhale and exhale vast amounts of gas.... like the movements it seems to be doing suggests....
manipulating gravity is only done in a black hole, right? How could gravity be manipulated by an overlord....... Without changing its mass?
With your logic, my way of the overlord flying is actually legit.
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07/11/2012 12:51 AMPosted by CptnHorrible
Mutalisks may have small flaps near the wings that release pressurized gas. Flapping the wings would control how much gas was released and propel the Mutalisk like a rocket.

Or mutas could just use principles of angular momentum, and/or use helium released by stars as leverage.
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08/27/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Philk
08/26/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Martiny
It doesn't make it more logical if the sizes are off, in fact it makes even less sense.

I think you didn't get the point of the size.
It means that maybe the Viper is even bigger than a battlecruiser, maybe it is really small, but maybe the size of a planet, we don't know because they make units smaller to fit on the screen, so if a viper was 3 times the size of a BC wouldn't the abduct feels more real?

Well, with troll science, if you lift a person lilfting you, you could fly. But, you need a solid base to make yourself not move when directional force is applied to you. Pull some1. You need to use force to make yourself stay still. Same with vipers, which are flying, so they would meet somewhere in the middle.
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In response to Battlestar's response:

2) That still doesn't explain the massive size jump. Butterfly wings expand after leaving their chrysalis, and even then the chrysalis is only somewhat smaller then the butterfly. Ultralisks are about 6 times larger then the eggs they come out of, and they simply can't conract their armor and muscle into that small a space.

3) They are literally Plasma shields. The game has it so that the shields actually block attacks, which means the flames wouldn't go through otherwise the Zealots would take damage right to their health. So how do the flames deal extra damage to plasma depending on the unit inside?

5) It may rebalance itself, but it's kind of hard to rebalance yourself when all your legs are broken just like that.

6) Zerglings burrow faster then Ultralisks. Why can't they move through the ground, at least at a low speed? Infestors can for some reason, and they don't have any muscle density.

7) It was still injected right into your head by a speared tentacle. Considering it is controlling your mind, I see no reason it wouldn't have the power to disable it upon death. What, is that too immoral?

8) Terrans don't have that kind of technology, they still wonder at the Protoss for being able to do that stuff, and if the Terrans could do that then they would do it all the time.

9) The game is completely off scale though. If one Marine equals a squad then Kerrigan is friggin' massive. And why are Leviathans only the size of a city block but suddenly the size of a city in a cinematic?

11) Ultralisks are infamous for being super fast and hard to dodge in the lore. One Ultralisk should be capable of walking through a clump of Marines and killing all of them.

12) Siege Tanks should knock Marines everywhere. They are high powered explosives that would be capable of knocking enemies away even if they miss.

13) With a Stim-Pack applied to themselves?
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