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Eighth Nibble at the PanKoprulu Academy

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The spark lands on Luna but she is unaffected, as an AI she had never felt pain,

OOC: read a few posts back Zanon, Luna is a mobile adjutant, plus she has several hundred firewalls, also her primary objectives cannot be deleted

Luna detects the AI in her systems, uncaring of the strange things it is making her do, she begins to upgrade the AI, increasing it's processing speed, she then unleashes ALL 600 of her anti-virus programs, and sends the AI back where it came from with a message:

Have a nice day.

OOC: Isn't there a saying?... you know, too many cooks spoil the stew? Wouldn't that many programs working at once be detrimental?
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OOC: She also upgrades herself on a regular basis, that plus being active for years, equals she is a lot more advanced than you might think, and a regular adjutant can input exact warp jump calculations, without error, faster than we can blink, so I think she'll be fine.
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I walk to the cockpit of the Wraith. I decided to do a few trial runs around the Academy.
[Comm]"If anyone needs me I'll be in the sky."
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OOC: They're part Spectre, so yes, they can read unguarded thoughts. The reasoning for that was that he was under the control of the Cerebrates for most of his life, and only recently became sentient, so he flares up when someone mentions discipline or control.
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[Comm] Didn't you just tell me to get ready for the mission? So that makes you a hypocrite.[/Comm]

I say to Shade.
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[Comm]"I am ready, all my stuff is inside my ship and ready to go whenever." I replied back.
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I wake up from a food induced coma, eat some celery, and look around the cafeteria to see that noone's here.

[Comm] Hey guys I think I missed the memo about the mission can anyone fill me in?[/Comm]
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Void Ray:
150 Health
100 Shields
0 Base Armor
2.25 Speed
6 Range
10 Sight Range
0.6 Weapon Speed
6 Damage(Stage One{+4 vs Armored})
8 Damage(Stage Two{+8 vs Armored})
+20% Damage vs Massive
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120 Hp
0 Amor
2.75 Speed
9 Range
10 Sight Range
2 Attack Speed
10 x2 {+4 vs armored}


Please remember Tank/Dps lol
And if anyone plays Dota think Naix, Tresdin, or Huskar with a touch of Magina
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Draconus asked for un-modified stats. He'll modify them personally afterwards.
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I need UNEDITED stats, then I'll fix 'em. smylez typed up the Roalisk because it was unique.
Calek's Personal Void Ray:
165 HP
110 SP
0 Armor
2 Speed
6 Range
10 Sight Range
0.5 Weapon Speed {Hydralisk= lower attack delay}
9 Damage [Stage 1, +6 vs. Armored]
12 Damage [Stage 2, +12 vs. Armored]
+20% vs. Massive

I just realized, you'll be necessary in space, because all you're dealing with is capital ships and a couple Turrets. :D
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OOC: So do I make up the stats for the Wraith or how does this work.
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Give me unedited, and I'll edit based off of your unit type(s).
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Spectre/Dragoon is anti-armor, mixed in with speed.

Xin's Personal Viking:
180 HP
0 Armor
3.55 Speed
9 Range
10 Sight Range
Lanzer Torpedoes- Anti Air=
2.1 Attack Speed (Dragoons and Spectres have low RoF)
15 x2 [+6 vs Armored]
Gatling Cannons- Anti Ground=
1.1 Attack Speed
18 Damage
6 Range
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140 HP
0 SP
200 Energy
0 Armor
3.75 Speed
5 Weapon Range
Sight Range I do not know about.
Burst Laser
*8 Damage
*1.69 Weapon speed
* Ground only
Gemini Missiles
*5(10 vs armored) Damage
*1.25 Weapon speed
*2 Attacks
*Air only
Cloaking Device

Separate Topic: I was wondering if later if I could somehow incorporate a Wraith and a Banshee, this is just an idea and you don't have to go with it.
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Spectre/Dragoon is anti-armor, mixed in with speed.

Xin's Personal Viking:
180 HP
0 Armor
3.55 Speed
9 Range
10 Sight Range
2.1 Attack Speed (Dragoons and Spectres have low RoF)
15 x2 [+6 vs Armored]

I am trying for Tank/Dps and if anyone plays Dota think Naix, Tresdin, or Huskar with a touch of Magina

Dude they all have the same RoF :P and daym that's fast can i lose a bit of speed for a bit of armor and shields I am part dragoon after all.

btw do you want landed stats too? cause it'd be awesome to be able to rip apart the hull of a battlecrusier
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Health: 125
Shields: 0
Armor: 0
Movement: 2.75 (2.25 when ground)
Sight: 10
(When Air Mode) Lanzer Torpedoes
Damage: 10 (+4 vs. Armored)
Attacks: 2
Weapon Speed: 2
Range: 9
(When Ground Mode) Gatling Cannon
Damage: 12
Attacks: 1
Weapon Speed: 1
Range: 6
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I thought Wraiths had 120, but OK. Wraith/ Banshee mix sounds cool. I'll work on it.

Bryan "Shade" Ravius's Personal Wraith:
175 HP
250 energy
0 Armor
3.8 Speed
5 Range
I'll assume 6 Sight Range
Burst Laser- Anti Ground=
10 damage
1.7 Weapon Speed
Gemini Missiles- Anti Air=
7 Damage x2 [+7 vs Armored]
1.3 Weapon Speed
Ability: Cloaking
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Wraiths could have had 120 back in SC1 but I looked up the campaign stats with no upgrades at all for the SC2 version.
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Hale Carmine's Personal Viking:
135 HP
0 Armor
4.25 Speed in Air
3.25 Speed on Ground
10 Sight Range
Lanzer Torpedoes- Anti Air=
12 Damage x2 [+5 vs Armored]
9 Range
1.99 Weapon Speed
Gatling Cannon- Anti Ground=
16 Damage
6 Range
0.99 Weapon Speed

Jake provided the landed. I'll edit it in.
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