First off I'd like to start by saying Ray Stevenson from War Zone did a phenomenal job as Frank Castle (The Punisher) but the movie's script, antagonist and "finess" was just unbecoming and did not do The Punisher any justice.

Also Marvel is thinking of doing something "punisher" again.

So with that in mind I think that Ray Stevenson would be a great choice to play Frank Castle.

Next what I'd love to see is a director who can capture the bleak film-noir atmosphere (in the sense of bleak, cynical outlook, not the sexual motivations) The Punisher has always embodied.

I think David Cronenberg would be a excellent choice, he had demonstrated in his film "A History of Violence" he is capable of capturing believable plots, dismal atmosphere and, at least in that film it amalgamates into a beautiful organic atmosphere.

I want my new Punisher like I want my comedy: bleak, dark, brutal, mature and most of all-believable.