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Infinite Defense

Has anyone played this map, seems to be pretty popular. Furthest I have made it so far is to level 20, which took almost 2.5 hours.

I seem to do best with mass cannons with some teammates getting anti air for collosi/brood lords, eventually cannons get stomped though.
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we are on 22 now
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I got to 34 last night but only because the game bugged out around level 18 and we stopped getting waves, instead we only got support units, so some rounds we would have 4 overseers in total, occasionally we got a big wave but it was only once every 5 waves or so, at round 34 we had some array not found error and no more waves ever came, timer just dissapeared so we just left.
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ok so I think what's breaking it is the perk that does minus 8% for next round. if you get it to much your at like -108%

ya dig? probably not though.
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so we're at level 24 or 25 i forget.... for the "next round" stats we're getting like -299, -500, etc for the number of units expected, and then we're getting all observers and overseers. so weird
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Yes, same thing happened with us last game, we came to the same conclusion with the -8% thing as we had used that perk 10+ times at least. When we got to round 34 the entire map broke though and the timer dissapeared entirely, no more rounds at all just an error in red writing about array not found or something.
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went to 27, still broken. also it was a 4 hour game....

-Designate them a spot, as it is I think it glitches the game if you build everywhere. So they don't really have room to spawn. Make the center or some corner unbuildable (that's a word) ground.

- make it so you can skip a waiting period, in case your ultra awesome like us and waiting 290 seconds takes way to long a round.

- Every 1 minute make it so the enemy goes on attack move again, in case the first time they were given that order it didn't budge them.

- Make defenses cost .2 supply or something whack, it's just to easy to build infinite amount right now.

- Also make a maximum spawn limit for the computer that caps out eventually, see how far you can push it within reasonable latency. Difficulty comes in them gaining their upgrades to counter our 3/3, and then by giving them the chance to spawn multiple different units like, say every 4 rounds it adds a type that can spawn.

lower ultras to 4 supply

- My opinion blows, but i think i'm making some kind of point. Reduce lag, and this could be a page 1 hit!
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two turns after you left we got a real wave. DTs and obs hahaha (29)
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ok, so I got to level 35 and from level 30 on it was enemy waves as usual. This was triggered (I think) by the last teammate leaving. Immediately after that I got a wave of DTs, then I got thors, then I got thor/corruptor/voids, then HTs and Dts which lagged so much I couldn't bear to play anymore.

the game is definitely bugged to death, making it essentially impossible to play (for real) with teammates past level ~20.

I agree with the above points - there should be a button to skip the waiting time, like a "ready" button. and designated spawns would probably add to it. Also I experienced a game where the very fist wave was void rays and may be a good idea to restrict certain types for early game....
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The map creator/editor/etc "Vanished" needs to realize that although it's great to have a map that's enjoyably challenging, it's TERRIBLE to have a map that's overly challenging. And I wish it was just that it was too challenging, but no, the issues on this map go waaay beyond that.

First of all, getting 4-6 carriers on the first round is ridiculous; because even with the forces of 6 players combined at that point, which usually adds up to ~12 marines, ~4 stalkers, and ~3 queens (which are mostly restricted to their own creep) there's no way that you're going to be able to beat even 4 carriers. And when I say this, I'm not just talking about carriers, I'm talking about thors, immortals, battlecruisers, ravens, and the like. Apparently this game is about exercising your macro/micro to prepare you for ladder. I don't see how 5 thors rushing your base 2.5 minutes in is realistic or helpful in regards to doing anything but getting you killed hilariously, because going against that much POWER 2.5 mins in? You're obviously going to get roflstomped.

Second, there should be some sort of order to perk choice and enemy upgrades. Players should be restricted to just a few perks for certain rounds. Your fate on the first round should NOT be decided by random luck, hoping that at least one good perk (like +400 mins, or +200 mins for all) will show up. No, rather it should be a matter of how smart your teammates are, and how quickly you can assemble an army.

Now, the last thing I want to happen is for this map to become some lame standard zombie-defense map where beating it just takes some lame tactic like a bunch of sieges on a high ground and supply depots protecting them, because that's what makes this game different--enemies coming from who knows where, no high/low ground, and stuff that keeps you GUESSING.

However, that's not to say that this map is good, in fact, it kind of blows. Not to be rude to Vanished, but Vanished really needs to get it through his head that this map's difficulty is determined by dumb luck. Either the first rounds completely obliterate you; or they're ridiculously easy, you get up a huge army, you've maxed out your supply, you've got minerals/gas sitting, and you leave when the game breaks/you get tired of the ridiculous lag even on your awesome gaming computer.

I guess that's the only appeal to this game. The fact that you have no idea whether you're going to live past the first 3 rounds does provide some sort of replay value, but it's not going to make me say that "this map is good." I'll still play this map more, but not for long in the state that it's currently in. It needs a LOT of balancing work, and the lag issues in the late-game are unacceptable. Also, if this game goes on forever, how are we expected to be able to compete against infinite numbers of enemies with limited supply and, more importantly, limited UPGRADES?

Vanished has a lot to think about. Peace and blessings.
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You have 3 people posting how they beat the game no problem, then 1 guy saying it's to hard.

sorry but your just bad :P

and yes I've had a round start out with pure immortals

I've had a first round start with void rays

both EZ

Even if you get carriers just work together and make sure your team hits them all at once. also use the perks you get at the top left, everyone starts with one. the combine 6-8 players who start someone is bound to get bonus 30 seconds, or 400 minerals for the whole team. I think that's why it's been hard for you, people not using their perks :/
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I've been playing this game frequently and I havn't seen but one person who was past level 15. This map is indeed, a challenge, so I wouldn't go mocking the Casual Starcrafter for being horrible at it.

The learning curve on this map can be really rough for the casuals. Even on training, the casuals tend to fall a part very quickly. This can have the effect of pushing players away if the map creator is not careful to balance the difficulty increases.

My review and points to the creator:

At first it was cool, because there were so many perks that it was refreshing to see a new one or 2 every match, however; over time it got pretty annoying. Started noticing people dropping before the first wave. It was because they weren't getting a "good perk". After playing the game many times, I started to realize how good a good perk really is. First and second waves can be destroyed easily, no matter the combo. Most of the time, it's the queens and obs that get annoying because you have to hunt them (obs need detection of course, and Queens are just seriously slow...) but by the 3rd wave, the average team takes one hell of a beat down with some one getting at least one hell'a good perk. Not sure what to do about this; maybe bunch some perks into groups so that you can some what decide what perk you'll get in the future. Slightly. To ensure a good perk, some time. I dunno', or just ramp down the swarms of bull crap after wave 3 so the perks are not even needed.

Hostile Forces Scaling:
After a few matches, with full lobbies, I wasn't getting past level 5 most of the time. Level 7 I think was the farthest, and I was constantly getting whacked. The AI loved me I guess. I then did a 3 person match and suddenly, the difficulty was much easier. Got to level 14 or 15, only to have a wave of 1011 Carriers kill us. I played a match on my own and saw the forces got even smaller (but wave 5 killed me 800 zerglings. O.o I suck), so accept for the randomely large waves without warning, it seems the game scales oddly. Alone, the game is capable, but pretty hard. With a small group? It's damn near winnable with a good competent team. With 8 people, you either lag out, the forces are so numerous that you'll never rebuild in 2 minutes time for the next wave or 3,000+ units...

Resource Nodes:
They suck. They are not properly placed in standard melee orientation. You can never get a good placement for them, ever. The arch is usually too small and sometimes, minerals will over lap, making harvesting slow as molasses.

Other than that, cool game that makes me get back into melee gaming again. Just wish something could be done about the Terrain. I understand it needs to be flexible because so much is random, but... you can't even utilize the reaper' and collosi' cliff functions... cause there are none!
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i think there's a bug where tanks blowup on their own?
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You can post new ideas for perks at

See you there.
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Have you fixed the game breaking bugs noted in this thread, where nothing spawns?
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You have 3 people posting how they beat the game no problem, then 1 guy saying it's to hard.

FinalBoss, seem to have forgotten to note what I said about "I wish it was the issue of it being too hard." Because it's NOT just the issue of it being too hard. To elaborate a little more, and sum it up quickly: the levels scale oddly, and the difficulty on the first levels are all jittery. Meaning that it just isn't right for one first round to be 6 carriers and another first round to be 10 queens. It just doesn't make even. You also forgot to note how I said something along the lines of: sometimes it's unbelievably hard, other times it's so bloody easy and it gets to the point where I ragequit because it's too laggy and no longer fun at all.

And it's usually not the issue that I myself suck, it's that we have a full lobby and people aren't carrying, like noobies. How often do you get a full lobby of 8 players where everybody knows exactly what to do, is all in the same corner, and everybody carries? It must be a lot more often than the number that I've had, because in most of my full lobbies, there's always 1-3 people asking "Is this hard," and "how do you play."

And it's not the issue that I haven't played enough of the map, or that I'm not "good" enough. My SC2 skills are perfectly fine. Sure, I'd never be able to compete in any sort of tournament, but I know exactly what I'm doing in this game. It's just like the other player mentioned: a lot of it has to do with perk choice and how well your teammates work together. You act like I'm just a one-man team here, it's not just me, so lay off, mate!

I actually forgot to talk about something. It was the mineral patch/gas placement, but somebody already mentioned that after my post.

Is there a way you can have a SET of patch placements? Like you actually design the different possibilities YOURSELF, so that there won't be any problems with the resource placement? And then the game will randomly choose from ~10-15 different possibilities. Not sure, I haven't messed around with the map editor enough to be able to know whether or not it's possible.
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ok wtf, the queens are op with their auto-transfuse. also, they can regen energy during the wave.
Tanks still blow themselves up for doing friendly-fire. Please take out friendly fire.
The map sometimes loads without any mineral patches.
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Okay, I really hate the amount of units they send at you... having 500 zealots come at wave 2 is beyond ridiculous, I microed my heart out and got a 2500 score from a single wave before we all got eliminated. They really need to fix the zealot waves in my opinion, cause later in the game you when you get like over a 1000 zealots, people gonna lose their bases for sure then its gonna be hard to rebuild in time for the next waves... with 100 something seconds to get your bases, production buildings and tech in time, there is little hope after the zealots come.

I also agree that in a full lobby, some people dont know they are doing, building a planetary and 2 bunkers when your base is behind 4 other people? wow. really.

Other then that, great game, its really fun and I enjoy playing even though I know its gonna be impossible. :)
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