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Well said, although I myself had to go up against mass zealots on wave 2 and didn't have the same problem. Might be an issue of bad consistency for wave size and such. Then again, we might have had fewer and better players, so I can't really tell.

Anyways, this map definitely has a lot of potential. But Vanished has to be willing to change the map a lot more for the better.

And seriously, isn't there just some way you could SCALE the levels and still have the players choose upgrades for the enemy? I don't see why you can't just make stronger enemies with perhaps faster rates of fire, while at the same time give us infinite upgrades to armor/attacks/shields to balance it out? The lag on this map is just UNBEARABLE towards round 10.

Seriously, if it weren't for the massive lag that impedes my ability to both micro and macro, I'd like this map a lot better. Also, it's not just the enemies that lags me out at times, towards ~16, it becomes the players' fault for the lag as well, since we usually occupy 4/5 of the entire map at that point.
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The only real issue are:
1.Sometimes the comp bugs because it has no point to spawn.
2.If you use the reduce to 5% to many times......
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The only real issue are:
1.Sometimes the comp bugs because it has no point to spawn.
2.If you use the reduce to 5% to many times......

Yup, this is pretty much it. So, in order to fix (1), perhaps you could dedicate a whole part of the map for random computer spawns. Basically, a small, straight section that covers about 1/4 of the map. Such as the very top, the very left, very right, or very bottom of the map. That way, people can still conquer a lot of the map for resources and survival walls, yet they can't go crazy and try to take over the entire map and mess up the spawns. But you'd have to make sure that there's NO players in said area. How about something like

If # of buildings/units/idk in region 1 = 0, then set variable "enemy spawn" to "1".
If # of buildings/units/etc in region 2 = 0, and variable "enemy spawn" to "2".

And if the players all cleverly took all the sides and corners, then that's when you would get tricky with the regions, such as a center region, or a "around the center" region, if you get what I'm trying to say.

Obviously it's been a while since I used the map editor, but you get the idea.

To fix (2) is quite simple. After a certain amount of 5% perks have been used, stop them from showing up. It's a little more complicated than that, but it's very possible and even I might be able to do it, if I started mapmaking again.

Fixing (3), like I said, is just a matter of SCALING combined with the perks that we choose for the enemies. Increase their HP, their shields, their damage, and rate of fire, and you've got 50% less lag! All you need to do to balance that out is give the players infinite upgrades. Duh!

Easy fixes. The effort just needs to be put into it.
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the random no mining in between waves needs to get fixed. it is very frustrating to survive only to have no ability to recover from a wave. this has nothing to do with the op out perk of 6000 min 2000 gas. throwin that out there
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increase lobby's countdown timer so that the last person to join isn't put as a random race.
if the room is less than full and everyone votes for "vs. HUMAN", nothing happens and no one gets chosen as the controller.
sometimes waves get repeated.
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You can *post new ideas for perks at*.

See you there [(and most likely nowhere else)].

You really don't see vanished around here often, so posting on Broken is the better way to go.

Also, i find infinite defense sadly boring. Addictive, but definitely a lot like faildron(aka squadron) TD in terms of lasting a bit long, and not getting much more interesting after an hour, even w/ the whole perk thing...

Only decent saving factor would be bonuses that come w/ getting a high level, depending on what they are.

P.S. other than the game start UI and loss of the original perks, bunker wars actually got better, but that's for another thread if u want to Bunker discuss further.

P.P.S. In case u see this Vanished, concerning Bunker Wars, last game I was in, another player's bunker spawned right on top of mine. I think it might have had something to do w/ the hills spawning close to where that guy's bunker was supposed to go, but no idea past that.
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Love this map!

The lag and balancing definitely needs work though... Difficulty levels would be great too, it's too easy in the beginning for experienced players so it's easy to rush tier 3 air right away making the rest of the game a snooze. And not sure how it's even possible to beat level 20 which always seems to be multiple rapid fire insta killing FAST moving air bosses. 650 supply of BCs? Gone in 5 seconds with no real damage done.

Oh yeah and turn off the AWFUL terran up the night music... I want to at least have the option to use the in-game music.
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