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Hello, many of you may have played a version of my Poker Defense Map. You have been playing a copied version of my map from when i couldn't protect it in the beta. I am the author and I have just uploaded a big update to this map with many more waves and unit upgrades.

The update is called "Original Poker Defense" and it should be by Spores.

I will be updating this map so i would ask you switch to my version. Please leave a comment in this thread, visit my SC2Mapster Page or email me at for feedback!
To get this version polished and to help improve it any feedback is welcome.

If you want to play a game add me at Spores.740 and if i'm on ill play with you. Anything to get its popularity up above the copies.

I will also use this thread for new version announcements and patch notes. Thanks!
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Changes: Version 1.0:
- 50 Waves
- Movement Speed Upgrade
- Every unit has an upgrade with unique properties and abilities
- Different wave order

Version 1.1:
- Numerous Bug Fixes
- Added Level Indicator to Timer
- Rebalanced Levels to make game easier
- Added More upgrade levels
- Increased Unit Upgrade DPS

Version 1.2
- Unkillable Life and no Victory Condition bug fixes
- Buffed 5 of a kind to have higher DPS as well as extra long range.
- Buffed Straight Flush DPS Significantly
- Fixed UI / Model Sizes of larger Units
- Minor Balancing
- Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.3
- Critical Life Issue
- Fixed Colours for Color Blind Users
- Flying Units can travel between bases again
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Wanted Feedback Areas:
1) Balance
- Levels
- Units
- Upgrades
2) Future Development - What do you want to see first?
- New Modes (Texas Holdem, Versus, Team, ect)
- New Upgrades (Unit Specific Ups, Global Hand % Upgrades, New Unit Upgrades)
- Short Mode
- More Player Spots
- UI - (Poker Cards, Next Level Dialog, Hand Selection)
- Other
3) Bugs - Anything you think is "wrong" and should be changed.
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Hard to get a game going when everyone's playing the other one. ><
Is the final boss actually beatable now?
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I have beaten it in my tests. So yes it is.
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I just played a game of this with Spores and it is definitely far superior to the other versions out on
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This really is a lot better. It's much harder though. If only the copycats weren't bumped up to the front page all the time.
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Ya, i made it more challenging. Once i get more balancing data i can see if its too hard or what levels are too hard. I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to help boost popularity. I also may send a request to blizzard to see if the copies can be removed.
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Im having a Really hard time getting past the Hellion fast phase even with enough units to instantly kill them in one volley 3-4 slip by. Any suggestions? im using fungal growth if i get lucky otherwise i use upgraded specters to stun. If only there was a Sentry unit in this version like some of the copies
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I removed the sentry as i found the unit to be not fitting with his ability. If it is too hard / a level is too hard it will be balanced. I do see the fast levels to be some of the most challenging to beat so i think an hp or speed adjustment is in order.

As for strategy, in my testing i use the same strategy. I position all units in the top left. Once all units have passed by i move the unit to the top right and engaging them again. I continue to do this process. This way you get the most time shooting for your units.

Question: What are you thoughts on the upgrades. Would your rather see more interesting upgrades and have unit upgrades be more powerful. It makes sense that upgrading the units is more fun and more customizable.

Also i have been contacted by the publisher of the most popular poker defense remake/copy and his intentions were just to make the map playable, hopefully the map will be removed and the copies will all die off and this version will rise in popularity.
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For some reason it doesnt feel like the upgraded units are stronger than the previous ones. like the going from 2 to 1 marauder is weaker, you get slow but it doesnt feel as good. I also liked the higher 8 amount of upgrades than 5.
One other thing is that i think if an upgraded unit benefited more from the general upgrades than normal units it would be much more worth it. I upgraded a thor to an odin and it only went up 1 extra damage at +5 attack.
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I will play the real deal from now on.

Didn't know the one I was playing was a copycat. Thanks for making this map Spores
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I would like to see some more Racial specific upgrades. Also It would be really interesting to see some units that can be placed out on the track itself such as lurkers. at the moment its really hard to get them to aoe like they can cause they are shootin adjacent to the targets and not linearly. Each race should have a range, damage, and attack speed upgrade in my opinion.

Something that I also think would be kinda fun would be to add different types of poker modes where its a competition between the other players and you. A texas hold em style thing with the highest hand getting the best units and therefor getting ahead. I just see alot of potential in this type of RNG based defense game.

One other thing. I think a neat addition to make it better for people who get a really bad start is to be able to sacrifice low units in a large quantity for a better unit. I know that you can upgrade the units 1 time by combining them and with ace units you can just upgrade them but some times I get a really bad streak and get far behind. IE 6 roaches will turn into a single unit of equal value to the 6 roaches. IDK im just throwing things out there
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Hey hey, Rizz was nice enough to "update" his mod of poker defense to tell people to play your version.
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Hey hey, Rizz was nice enough to "update" his mod of poker defense to tell people to play your version.

Yes that was very nice of him.
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I was just playing it. Far superior to all previous versions. I found it just challenging enough that it kept me on my toes, but not impossible or too difficult. Wave balance seems fine to me at the moment. I reached level 40 before dying. Took me an hour and a 38 minutes to get there though, so;

Suggestion: If possible, make an option at the start that allows players to choose a 25 wave or 50 wave variant. If they select 25 waves, you could create a boss wave every 6 waves. At 24 you could have like 2 mini-bosses, and then on 25 have the final boss.

Edit: Or, if possible, wave 24 could be a regular boss. Wave 25 could be a boss that only does one loop and fights back.
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Well done. Didn't get to play much yet, but much cleaner. I played a broken version for the first time right after launch and am glad that you got this out and are getting the credit due to you.
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Spores, I might have found a minor bug with the Colossus boss. I upgraded a few immortals into 3 of my own Colossus units and had them standing down in actual pathing lanes. When the Colossus boss came, it was trapped by my Colossi and could not advance around the square. Was able to easily pick it off with the rest of my units from there.

The other enemies seem to be able to pass through my Colossi legs with no problem, so it might just be an issue with the large boss model.

Great great job on this one, we've been looking forward to it for a long time!
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Blah, wrote a long post about DPS and it seems to have vanished into the void.

Anyway, long story short. Assuming attack speed is seconds between attack. Then a lot of upgraded units do less damage then unupgraded units. As Azazel pointed out. Swann deals less damage then two marauders. Swann actually deals slightly less damage then two stalkers.

The easiest place to see this is with Roachs and Queens.

With +5 Upgrades...
...a Roach deals 63 Dmg over 2 seconds and thus has a ~DPS of 31
...Two Roachs deal 63 Dmg twice over 2 seconds and thus have a dps of 63.
...Queens which have an atkspd of 1 have a DPS of 47 or 51.7 Armored.

see the problem? and Unlike Swann and Marauders which have about the same deficit in DPS, Swann gets a cool passive to offset the difference.

Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, and Flush all deal less damage when 'upgraded'

Full House, and Four of a Kind are straight upgrade though.

Haven't really had a chance to look at High Card, Straight, Five of a kind, and Straight Flush, but assuming colossi get splash, they're probably worth upgrading despite any DPS decrease.

edit: Just realized I didn't actually check high card, will look into that later as well.
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Love the new map, Spores, definitely more challenging than I'm used to, which is a good thing.

One interesting idea that I would like to see, but I don't know if it's possible, would be to offer upgrades that could influence the cards that you draw, rather than the units that you receive. These would obviously have to be much more expensive upgrades, ones that you would need to save up for over the course of several rounds. But I'm thinking upgrades like:

- Remove all 7s (or 8s, I forget what the lowest card is) from the "deck", so that you'll only draw higher ranking cards

- Allow a "double dip" draw, where you can draw a new card twice instead of once

- High card and 1 pair hands are treated as a "Two Pair" hand (can enourage players to go for riskier hands)

- Allow players to "peek" at what the replacement cards would be before they commit to drawing a new card

Would also like to see a less generic startup screen, possibly one that shows which unit represents each card type, or a basic guide to poker hands (for inexperienced poker players).

Regardless of whether you use my suggestions or not, I love all the work that you've done so far, and I look forward to playing this map more!
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