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Bronze League is broken

SC2 is the very first RTS game I have ever played more than one game of in my life.. I bought it this summer after the past 8 years of playing FPS games, mostly Halo and some CoD. I lost all 5 placement matches and got into bronze.. after 16 games I went from 70 or so bronze, to 40 in silver.. I had no idea how to do this or that other than watching a few huskystarcraft videos on strategies I didn't understand lol.. I finished the first season I've ever been in as #2 in silver. Bronze might be broken in the form of derankers and smurfs but with all of that, how can I be beating Gold and Plat players after having the game for less than a few months with no prior experience? I feel like the only reason people stay in bronze is that they aren't willing to learn how to play..
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yeah i am in silver and i have been playing against people in gold and wining most of them. i foresee a promotion!
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I believe that there are indeed deep, pervasive, and serious issues with attempts to get out of Bronze league.

The first is that (as explained by many pros that smurf / troll / etc) you have to have over a 50% win percentage to escape. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but in conjunction with MMR the prison is near inescapable. MMR means that you face people of appropriate skill level and normally is an intelligent match-making method.

However, since you need over 50% win percentage to get out of Bronze (a requirement not applicable to other leagues) your MMR and actual skill can rise up towards top Silver or Gold or even Platinum+.... but because playing people near your MMR is supposed to pit you against people you have around a 50% chance of defeating, the gap between your wins and losses WIDENS CONSIDERABLY... meaning that the gap gets larger as you play more games.

It is irresponsible of trolls and others to tank their MMR to play against lower-skilled opponents that have no chance of winning, but the problem is greater than that.

TL;DR - Needing a fifty percent win percentage to get out of Bronze is moronic when MMR is designed to face you against people of your skill level regardless of their league.

Suggestion #1: In Bronze you should only be able to play against other Bronze league players. To get from Silver to Gold you need to beat high Golds and Platinums, but that shouldn't be foisted on new players.

Suggestion #2 - Trolls or people looking for a break in Bronze shouldn't be counted towards the Bronze pool once their MMR is above Silver.
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Yeah i get the same thing in 1v1 and 2v2 and 3v3 i always get them and its not fair aha
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Totally agree, the ranking system is broken, i am stuck at bronze and play against gold, platinum and diamond all the time.

This ranking system is crap.
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I'm a player who has moved from Bronze -> Silver -> Gold across multiple seasons , and I have two points.

1. I have not seen the same problem as others with the system being "broken" , as others as said a majority of players are bronze so you have an even tougher time getting out of that league.

2. In the end rank doesn't matter , your going to get matched up against similar players even when you do manage to get that promotion. What matters more is your actual skill level.
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Coaching from a plat player isn't gonna help you with much more than basic aspects of the game. Most bronze leaguers do not have any semblence of sound mechanics. watching streams(not sure if many people stream anymore) and day9 will probably help you more.

It took me 1 season to go from silver to diamond, and then 3 more from diamond to masters(although I did not play one of those seasons inbetween)

Also you could be stuck with a low MMR, which sounds likely in this case. You are probably correct that you belong at least one league above your current rating, but you may have lost many games to very low rated opponents when you first started.

Remember, the league is just a symbol. If you're playing people that are in higher leagues than you and you're still winning you'll move up eventually. Don't worry about the matchmaking and get better. When I was stressing about making masters I couldn't do it. I was getting worse and not better. I focused on getting better and one day after a win I was surprised with a league promotion.
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lol this thread is funny, consistency means you are good. When you are good you play better players to make you better. All you have to do is keep winning to get your win rate up. When the ranking system pits you against tougher opponents its because you have shown the ranking system you are as good as the higher ranked players. I bet if you played 10 games in a row and win 8 out of 10 youll get promoted; take it that you are playing your race correctly. Day9 said something very ,very important. In every game you play no matter what race you are, everything that you build, be it buildings or units, they must have more than one purpose.

that video is very important, he explains that you must not waste your resources. they must be used wisely! maybe if you actually use some of the advice we are all giving here, you'll get out of bronze. I went from bronze-silver-gold-plat in the time span of 2 months. the longest being getting to plat. its possible to get out just play well.
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I happen to agree on several points some have made in this thread.

I recently played a 4v4 match with 3 bronze players in my team (and I am bronze) vs. 2 bronze, 1 gold and 1 silver. And the match was ranked "even" (what is up with that btw?). So they won, and I lost against 2 other bronze players who had the help from 1 gold and 1 silver. How am I supposed to win consistently if I repeatedly get ranked with players from several leagues above? According to the logic of some people in this thread, this match would not affect my ranking negatively, but of course it does.

If this is the way you want it I don't even see why you need the bronze/ silver/ gold whatever, just put everybody in the same league.
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I am currently on a 9 game win streak in Bronze and I think all 9 players were in Bronze that I beat. I'm enjoying my time in Bronze because I know one day I won't be able to play in it. So why not just enjoy the moment and try to dominate.

Before this streak I was eaten alive by a Master league player.
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I don't think you really understand what you are talking about. MMR is what matters, not necessarily what league someone is in. You can 100 ranked platinum player that's been losing a lot of matches to people with lower MMR than him thus lowering his even further. Promotions/demotions don't happen instantly so it's very possible that a guy you are facing in platinum league might be almost the same MMR as you are in bronze.

If you are just looking at the match results and going I lost because he's in platinum then you aren't really addressing your main problem of what you need to fix in your own play to improve and consistently beat players that are ranked higher than you. I used to be diamond in 1v1 a long time ago and then I stopped playing 1v1 for about a year. Lost a lot of games, eventually got placed in bronze which I wanted so I could start slowly improving my 1v1 play again. To be honest I'm pretty much regularly crushing bronzes in 1v1 and the system is now matching me against silver/gold and I am still winning most of the time. So I expect that I'll be promoted out soon.
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Lan: that does not explain why have a bronze/ silver whatever league if it is only the MMR that matters and players are pitched against higher leagues. In the case I was talking about I would not even have been rewarded extra if I won against two higher players as the match was considered "even". It seems to me that bronze is more of a punishment than silver is a reward.

Imagine you had a soccer or a football league working with the same dynamics as Battle net, would be completely ridiculous.
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Now I had another of these incidents. I was playing a 3v3 match with 2 other bronze against 2 bronze and 1 silver. What makes me post it here is that the match was deemed favoured to our team. The problem is THE GUYS ON MY TEAM WAS TOTAL NOOBS. So they won, and I recieved a higher deduction of points than I would have recieved if I was pitched against a worse player. The official question for the day, IF my MMR is so damn high that I lifted the my entire team to be considered "favoured" WHY am I playing in bronze? It is like a double penalty, damned if you win damned if you lose.

The least I would expect is to be deducted LESS points if I lose against a player in a higher division than I would if I had played consistently against other bronze players.
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bronze isn't broken.but i started out very badly and that is affecting my current win rate... i used to be 13w/60L.then i switched to zerg and am now consistently within 2-3 wins of 50%. that means my zerg win rate would be much higher than 50, and im still not promoted with 215+ wins
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another thing that peeves me is that these bronze league players do not have proper builds. its all retarded mass all ins that no matter how good you play, the may have like... 20 void rays at 15-20 minutes.i had 50-70 hydra's and i still lost. the rift in skill level in bronze is really bad, alot of these players dont even know the metagame
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its true that most bronze players dont even have the basic mechanics to play, but there are many who deserve to be in silver or even gold, but are being held in bronze because they either had a bad start, and also because these players you are refering to that do not have the proper skills and mechanics do builds that are retarded and impossible to read and some times impossible to counter unless you have started on that tech path from the beginning.
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But I am not talking about 1v1, I am talking about 3v3 or 4v4. The dynamics is probably great in 1v1 but in 3v3 or 4v4 and you have one or more lossbots on your team and you are pitched against higher league players you are pretty screwed.
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Well first, I would like to say that MMR is not broken, however the consistency between leagues and MMR are. People want to see progress if they are doing well. To be stuck in one league to many feels like a punishment. It is kind of like being a B student then getting graded on a curve only to put yourself lower to the bottom of the class. I am not hear to whine about the system. But i believe that there should be a better correlation between MMR and leagues. I have read how the current system works, and I understand how that one works at a basic level. But at the same time, it can be very degrading when you are sitting in bronze league on team ladders being pitted against people that solo ladder are plat/diamond/masters. If blizz didnt make MMR invisible, I would think that less people would be QQ over league placement. In another game that I play, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, there is a community called Forged Alliance Forever, that shows in plain sight MMR of a player in both team games and solo. Also, your MMR 1v1 is not mutually exclusive from team play MMR. Just food for thought. Enjoy.
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Oh and another thought, if you win/lose a game in under 4 minutes it does not affect your MMR at all. Problem solved, no smurfs, or alot less because we all know those bound and determined will find a way. Unless you buy a different account. But hey if you want to waste your money on another account, more power to you.
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Necro!! Yay!!
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