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Do you play multiplayer?

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11/16/2012 01:26 PMPosted by Dalkin
I'm debating if I want the expansion. I've already done the campaign twice, and I love SC2 but unless you do multi player there isn't really a lot of ways to play it.

Actually, $39.99 is cheap, even for the campaign alone; since it includes the following and more (were it not to include multiplayer skirmishes):

- Many missions (20(+?)), each with a slight, if not great uniqueness to it

- Loads of in-engine cutscenes which, though it may vary depending on the power of your machine, look stunning

- Several simply outstanding pre-rendered cinematics

- New environments

- Graphical improvements to both the cutscenes and the game itself

- New tools for mappers to create fun custom games

- A wave of new achievements

And if your willing to spend $20 more for the Digi Deluxe version, there is also a new ultra skin, 3 portraits, 3 decals, and content for D3 and WoW
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I'm not much into PvP, but the Custom Games section is really bad.

Every day in SC1 always brought some new fresh game every time I logged in, their were tens of thousands of amazing maps out their.

SC2 has a very pitiful amount, with only 25% of it playable because they are on the first page. (Tell me if I'm wrong, and I'm missing something. Because I'm really bored right now, I can't keep playing the same maps that have been out since release anymore.)

You come from a WoW setting don't you? PvP in WoW versus PvP in StarCraft are two completely different things. In WoW it is "Player versus Player," in StarCraft it is "Protoss versus Protoss." If you wish to refer to StarCraft's ladder, it would be "ladder" or "multiplayer."
As for the Custom Games scene, it depends on what custom games you are referring to? SCII for some odd reason chose to divide melee custom maps from the others. The melee area is pretty much dead unless they are tournament maps or Blizzard published. Many mapmakers are generally complaining about the lack of Art Tools which Blizzard won't release until Patch 1.6, so they are just kind of doing their own thing. Ever since the developers started showing up in the Custom Games section, I've seen a great deal of positive feedback (some negative) and people pleased with designing their maps.

They also didn't have any tutorials for getting started with creating your own custom maps until just a few months ago, either. So there is progress on that front, but I'd say waiting for the Art Tools is really what is slowly them down. Although there is some more good news, Dustin mentioned in an interview at BWC that for Swarm they are going to be tweaking the Arcade for a more accessible Open Games list.
The Arcade in general was a huge benefit for the community. It really allows for the community to show off their works compared to the prior and crappy system they had. It also introduced the Cutscene Editor if I am not mistaken. Blizzard is just good at taking their time to address issues. There are huge improvements going to land with Swarm for and StarCraft as a whole.
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I started playing SC2 to do MP with a couple friends, but have enjoyed the campaign quite a bit. Before, I just assumed I was terrible at RTS games, but it's been fun and surprising to find how much improvement I was able to make with practice (I'm still bad, but I used to have to read what buildings/abilities did during the middle of a match).

Currently, I only ladder occasionally and still enjoy the single-player aspects of the game.
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I'm not a multiplayer type. I played Warcraft 2 and 3, and Starcraft 1 and 2, all without touching the multiplayer. I've never even seen WoW in person.

I do it solely for the story.

Plenty of story in WOW... it's the main reason why I played it and hope to play it again, finances permitting. Also, a good portion of the WOW story can be experienced in single layer mode through questing.
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I used to because i wanted the overmind pic. Other than that i probably would play if i didnt have to constantly mute the opponent every game.

There should be an option to always have opponent communication disabled.
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