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Expert Tips on searching for Map Editor info:

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I've given out this guide months ago, where it was completely ignored, but I'm seeing some new blood and I will share this information again.

I've noticed that many of the new mappers don't know the best ways to search for information to try to answer your question before you post.

I don't know about other mappers but I tend not to answer questions that can be answered by literally 10 seconds or less of google search.

But perhaps you don't know the best search parameters. I know I spent a few months of fruitless google search when I started out before I got the hang of it.

Before you can efficiently find information you need to know the sources of information to search from. The internet is full of garbage that google search will pull up before the data you really need.

Here is a list of souces. Now our good MVP Sixen has been caught saying that the only StarCraft 2 modding site is Sc2mapster but that is simply not true. Sc2mapster has the most information of all of the sites but isn't always the best place to find an answer to some of those really complicated questions.

Here is my list: This is for lower to mid-level questions. 80-90% of mine are usually already answered on this site or give me enough information to solve the problem. It has a good amount of assets as well. Its also the only "for profit" SC2 modding fansite. This is a StarCraft 1 and StarCraft 2 modding site. Its kind of inactive anymore but I've found an occasional piece of the particular puzzel I was trying to solve. This is strictly a SC2 modding site. It has some good guides and some tips here and there. Also has a good number of experienced and talented mappers. A WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 modding fansite. It has some good content and the largest selection of WarCraft genre assets that are usable in StarCarft 2. This is for those hard-to-find-the-answer-for questions. Given that Galaxy Editor is a direct descendant of World Editor it makes it so that, although everything is re-arranged in Galaxy Editor, many if not most of the core mechanics used in World Edit are the same or only slightly modified in the Galaxy Editor. Many of those "niche" questions that tend to get you informally and politely trolled on SC2mapster (or outright ignored) were answered in WarCraft 3 and you can glean the "key" to solving the issue in Galaxy Edit.

How I use Google Search:

The general format is extremely simple:

<Your question>, <Specific Terms (Optional)>, <The source site>


Porting WarCraft 3 units to Starcraft 2, FockeWulf, HiveWorkShop

Will pull up my guide on how to port WarCraft 3 models to StarCraft 2.

Hope that helps at least some of you!
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Posts: 1,720
07/30/2012 12:51 PMPosted by LegiT
thx man i like a person who helps people out some i know but others are brand new putting this page as book mark :)

For a positive review. I will re-arrange your sentence into Formal-Netspeak-English (and yes I'm being nice)

Thank You man. I like a person who helps people out. Some other mappers I know already know this. But other mappers are brand new to this. I am making this page one of my book marks :).
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