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Dr. Nurad <--- where did yall find this guy?

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Stukov was resurrected as an infested terran then de-infested by Artanis and Raynor in the secret mission on the N64, this is supposed to be canon, therefore, if Blizzard are cool, they'll bring back Stukov, even though he was technically a bad guy in the overall plot
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Stukov killed himself, but then he was revived to become Zerg by one of the cerebrates just like kerrigan
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And they are bringing him back, its confirmed
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I seem to remember Tychus using the word "xel'naga" too, which struck me as odd at the time. How much do the Terrans know about them, anyways?

They actually know a bit, Valarian discovered their ruins before the Protoss and Zerg even first appeared. They know the Xel'Naga exist and what they are, especially after the events of Shadow of the Xel'Naga. (Though that's one book I never want to hear again)

Not to mention that Jake tells his entire story to Valerian, which would've included a lot of details about the xel'naga, and I'm sure Valerian didn't keep it entirely to himself.
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Narud= Duran
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Stukov killed himself, but then he was revived to become Zerg by one of the cerebrates just like kerrigan

Stukov didn't kill himself. Duran shot him point blank.

"Say good night, Stukov."

"To hell with y-*gunshot**gasp*"

He then proceeded with his dying breath to convince DuGalle to keep the Psi Disrupter to let them have their shot at capturing the second overmind.

He was revived and infested, then deinfested. Apparently wasn't all that happy about the latter though...
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Stukov comes back in hots
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He's an easy character to forget. You only see his emails and transmissions from him in one mission. Never even see him in cut-scenes until Heart of the Swarm.

Isn't Stukov dead?

Play through the downloadable SC1 single-player mission. I forget what it's called but you can still find it on the SC1 community website.
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