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How To: Four Steps to Diamond

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Exactly what I was thinking! People without the skill to actually make diamond shouldn't be writing guides on how to get there, because he (Orb) obviously cannot.
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Protoss: 4-gate

Terran: MM ball

Zerg: play smart, scout, counter your opponents build, have good APM, keep up on macro, always have at least 1 more base than your opponent

those will get you diamond
You think toss comes down to nothing but 4 gate to get into diamond? Thats like me saying Zerg 6 pool makes it to diamond. 4 gate is very risky, and can fail in many different ways against anyone with decent skill. 4 gate also gets wrecked by terran, so congratulations on your garbage post.
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Uhh orb plays in tournaments against top players you're a nobody.
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It's nice to see both positive and negative replays to my thread! If my thread was able to assist you then awesome and I'm glad I helped you as that is truly my only intention.

To the trolls I honestly am not upset by your comments, if I didn't have thick skin then I wouldn't be posting up information in the first place.

this guide was never intended to be an everything guide on how to macro, micro and work on your build orders. rather the intention of this thread was nearly to emphasis their importance and give a clear path for a new player to logically begin learning these skills. there are a ton of great posts and videos on almost every aspect of the game. there is literally so much to learn when you are a new player who hasn't played many RTS games and while all the information is there and you have skilled players telling you what to learn and how to go about it, what I find lacking is a proper order in which to learn the skills. this is the heart of what my post attempted to address.

EDIT: Sorry for the typos as this iPad keyboard blows and it's far too late for me to really care aboutnfixing it all up. I'm sure the majority of it is comrhensable.

I find that it's not all about what you learn as it is how and when you learn it that makes this game either enjoyable or frustrating to the new player.

to those of you criticizing my league for whatever reason as as a sort of justification to dismiss what I have provided here without actually reading the content or understanding the true meaning and intended audience, I have this to say,

visit my YouTube page:

As you can see the majority of my star craft 2 time has been consumed with the creation of a brutal campaign video walkthrough and many other videos. in combination with my job working for the us army I simply do not have the time to participate in ladder play at this time. I enjoy helping people and have placed the completion of my walkthrough at a higher priority because I have forever to play ladder but people need help now on brutal.

A few of you pointed out how I could possibly have the time to write this guide if I didn't have time to play ladder games. Well the problem with this logic is it assumes too much. in wrote this guide on my iPad while on a three hour flight to Florida (I'm on vacation). I figured my flight time would be better served by writing up a guide that might actually help someone. I.m boarding a ship tomorrow and won't be heard of for the next week at which point I will work on finishing my brutal video guide. after that I will effortlessly make diamond once my priories are finished.

Beating the campaign on brutal and getting to diamond solo are two very different endeavors. Human players are far less predictable than the computer and it takes more than just macroing okay and attack moving like you can do in most of the missions on brutal.

I'll admit it isn't hard to get into diamond solo because at least half the players in there are pretty awful and never should've made it past platinum.

Either way, I would think it would be saavy to get into diamond first before writing a guide on how to do it.
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Good advice for new players (and those of us still developing our games to new levels).
It's a fresh take on many concepts also considered by Day 9 in his overviews. <-- this one is quite parallel, for anyone doing some training in SC2 I highly recommend checking out many resources to increase your information retention.

Also post Liked :)

Additional: Here's a hotkey list (tho I don't believe it covers GRID configuration)
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Orb, please edit your original post to remove the suggestion to bump, as it's considered spamming by Blizzard. See here:
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Great guide, and I think you guys are underestimating diamond... Cannon rushes don't work

How can you cannon rush anyone but protoss? Terran can fly away to a new base and zerg can easily make spinecrawlers or creep to stop your advance.
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im diamond in 1v1 2v2 3v3 and plat in 4v4, and i agree with the orb fella, although theres a lot u can add, in fact theres no limit..but from what i read it sounded solid.
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I agree with these four steps completely and I agree...
watch day9
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Incredible advice, I just wanted to give thanks to the Orb for the effort it took to write this guide, even if it was written during a flight while on vacation (jealous :P)

Why people are so pent up on rank and such in a game most wont remember in 20 years is foolish, instead look at the content and actually read it, it is very well thought out. After reading this and practicing the advice, I went from bronze to gold. To most thats not a big deal, but I simply wanted advice on how to improve, and I found it. The rest is practice.

Thank you Orb for your effort, I do appreciate it ^^
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Hey Orb, thanks a lot for posting up this info. I'm a little late to the party in this thread but great information none the less.

I say this because it was well written, well thought out, great little house analogy, and most important: GENERAL ideas on what to pay attention to and how to move forward with learning to be a GOOD player.

I find that many people are so apt to ask for specific and detailed instructions on how, when and why to do things. This is true for most areas of learning, not just video games. There is something to be said for a "Here are the basic guidelines, now go practice" approach which you have taken in this thread. Extremely detailed instructions are enticing because they seem so easy, but in the long run remove much creativity from the game and lessen people's drive for innovation, as well as learning on their own. This is why I especially like the last section in which you mention how once these basic skills are mastered, that frees up the player to experiment with strategy and build orders with intelligence and purpose.

I'm looking forward to reading more of what you have to say. I'm about 50-50 in platinum right now, though I've got 4 wins and 11 losses against diamond level players. The rest have almost all been against other platinum players. So I'm still struggling myself to get these mechanics tight, and start steamrolling up into diamond.

Luckily I've got a couple high ranked diamond friends who are helping me learn in game, and I would suggest this to anyone else who is struggling. Find someone who is patient and very GOOD at the game. Ask them to play 1v1s against you and critique what you're doing and how to improve.

I'll see ya in diamond, Orb. hehe. Best of luck to you and everyone else.
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hey, c'mon! get back to your brutal campaign videos!

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Way too long.

It's like a high school essay. Too complicated.

It's only too long for those who think high school essays are too complicated.

Orb, well done. Liked :)
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i actually didnt read the whole thing but i did read the headings, and i dont agree with them. foundation is strategy, build orders scouting, walls are unit composition( he says unit control but that is micromanagement, so im assuming he ment composition) and base management and the roof would be micromanagement. the shed thing with analyzing your own replays and building orders would be kinda part of strategy and build orders.
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I have no !%*%ing clue how Orb ended up in Gold League, but suffice to say that if you haven't heard of him before he's probably much better than you are.
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Amazing guide and very well written. Much needed for us bronze leaguers. I've actually taken your advice and moved to the grid layout, which hasn't been the easiest change in the world, but I'm working on it. I just need to get that muscle memory to kick in! Thanks, and I actually went ahead and subscribed to your youtube station. Good stuff! Gives us little leaguers some hope.
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I disagree with your premise. With a 43-38 record, Gold is a very appropriate league for you.
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Four easier steps to Diamond:

1. 6pool

2. Cannon rush

3. Reaper rush

4. 4gate all-in

You realize that there are effective counters to each of these....right?
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