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Sure. I believe it's already been translated into Portuguese by SDream on the ptBR forum, and I think someone put it on the Korean forum as well. If there are some languages that you can cover which aren't already, by all means I'd welcome it.
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I'm not sure where to add this post, but I would like to state my opinion about the ladder match-ups hopefully to improve the ladder play fun level. This concerns mirror match-ups. I don't mind them once in awhile but when I get like 3 or 4 mirror match-ups in a row I tend to be a very unhappy camper. I know that we can just surrender the game instead of playing but this hurts my ladder win / loss score and it is a waste of time loading into another game. Can Blizzard please set up something so that mirror matches happen less often or at least not 3 or 4 times in a row??? Thank you for your concern.
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Is there also an updated version of the original post??? That was written april 2010 and i dont really believe that it is still that way.
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Yeah hi,

I have a few questions about this, I'm right now at Silver Top #1 with 960 or some points, I have a decent win ratio and still not being promoted to Gold, why's that?

I'd like to know what does it take to be promoted to Gold or at all. I've read the articles mentioned at the beginning of this post still, I don't understand in a clear way does the ladder work.
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Q: I'm only in Silver, so why am I being matched against Platinum players?
A: Two possible answers: either your MMR is too high for your current league, or your opponents' MMRs are too low for their current league. Look at your match history. Are you commonly being matched against players from higher leagues? If so, you have an opportunity for promotion. Look at your opponents' match histories. Are they commonly being matched against players from lower leagues? If so, they are at risk of demotion.

BULL!! It's more likely all about the players that are or are not available to play the type of game you want to play. Sometimes there aren't enough and then you get mismatched. Nice try Blizzard. I would much rather be offered an opportunity to try something new by the game than get squished 7 times in a row. Alternatively we could auto-leave a league that F!ed up but I frankly don't believe this for a minute. Blizzard doesn't want to admit id doesn't have enough players. Frankly your players aren't to terribly interested in the excuses for why the games aren't fair.

!!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!!!!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!!!!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!!!!FIX IT!! !!FIX IT!!!!FIX
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02/22/2014 04:15 PMPosted by Archimedes
Blizzard doesn't want to admit id doesn't have enough players.

Its worse than that, they don't care because they think they have enough players at the pro level - everything else is overhead they'd rather see dry up.

Until they have a new product to sell us, we're just a drain on their resources. Their entire business model is framed by the need to generate hype around a new version and then run with the money. They get plenty f hype from couch potatoes watching the pros, actually supporting the player base is just too hard to be bothered with.
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What's MMR?
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