Mech, Bio, and Zerg

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Because Bio is ridiculous. Please guys, would you rather have people do a style of play where people get hellion, tanks, ravens, banshees, etc. vs protoss, or woudl you rather see marine marauder medivac? That's the main question here, and that's why I beleive a few changes need to be made to the way TvP works..

A. Make stalker original range -1, and then have an upgrade that gives it +3 range. After the ranged upgrade, stalkers will become VERY good units vs bio, which they really aren't right now.

B. Please don't nerf tanks. Seriously, tanks are fine.

C. Nerf Marauders. Seriously, they're not fine.

D. Make the thor act sort of like a tank in TvP. At the moment, it's just too fragile.

E. Nerf the immortal JUST ENOUGH to allow for mech to exist. 1 Immortal being able to take 12 shots from sieged tanks is sorta ridiculous D:

F. Nerf marauders. Seriously, they're OP. I'm getting sick of bio.

G. Take EMP away from the ghost. Instead, give ghosts "Lockdown". Any BW player here will know what I mean.

F. Give EMP to the Raven, and make it a researched skill. Remove hunter seeker missile, as it is completely useless vs all matchups right now.

------------Now for zerg....

Basically, we WANT bio to actually be USEFUL vs zerg, and zerg to be equally useful vs mech. At the moment, zerg is just way too strong vs bio, and that's why we're seeing mech. What we need is to have units for zerg that handle mech well. Units like mutalisk already do a great job of dealing with mech play by killing the AA (Thor) using spread micro. However, because banelings are just so cost effective vs terran bio, terran is really left with no option other than bio-mech. What should happen in TvZ is:

Instead of nerfing mech units, make zerg units better vs mech. For example: give mutalisks more hp to punish any terran that chooses to go super huge number of tanks without proper marine support. However, nerf banelings so that any bio play isn't super ineffective.

The thing with doin any changes to zerg is that it has a huge effect on protoss. What I think would have to happen with protoss is for phoenixes to be more viable as anti-air. At the moment, they are nice and all, but not super viable as anti air, and are instead used moreso for graviton beam, which isn't their main purpose.


All I want in the end is for there to be an actual variation in the matchups. Bio shouldn't be useless, but it shouldn't be the EASY-MODE FTW!!! strategy that it is now. What I want is for mech to be a bit hard to use, but still VERY strong if used well. I also want zerg to have proper counters to mech, like better mutalisks.

Oh, and on a sidenote.. Blizz why won't you allow air units to do proper hit and kite tactics? Like mutalisks and corsairs in BW? That would be sick yo >.>
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Oh wow just realized that when I copy pasted this from notepad, the spacing is all messed. Oh wellz. o.O
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A) Stalkers with +3 range AND Blink are waay too much. They're fine the way they are.
B) I'm fine with the tank nerf. Given their smart targeting and splash they are super effective at 50 damage, especially vs. Zerg.
C) I agree. Normally I try to avoid thinking that something is OP and just devise ways to beat it, but Marauders really shouldn't have stim in my opinion.
D) Thor is not too fragile, use some SCVs to repair it. Thors in an SCV group hug are very strong.
E) Immortal is fine the way it is, it gets hosed by smaller, faster attack speed units. If your army is only tanks then it's GG anyways.
F) See C
G) Phoenix graviton beam functions sort of like how lockdown used to. I'd like to see MAYBE a range reduction of 1 for emp, but otherwise it's fine.
H) Hunter seeker missiles are underused, not useless. 2 ravens using point defense drone and hunter seeker missiles can own balls of smaller units.

Nothing really needs to be changed for zerg, at least not on the order you're suggesting. Whether bio or mech is successful depends on the army composition of both players. Both strategies could potentially work if the zerg doesn't counter them properly. Mutas don't need more HP and banelings certainly don't need a nerf.

I saw a suggestion once to make two roaches come from 1 egg, that would be cool to see. Hydra movement speed could use a small increase as well.
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... nevermind.
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nerf thors. too many thors, zerg can't fight em.
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