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What's your average APM (actions per minute)?

What the heck is APM?
This poll has ended - Sep 14, 2010
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Short for "actions per minute," APM is frequently used as a means to measure one facet of skill at StarCraft II. Tracking it can be a great way to gauge not only how much a player knows about the game, but how practiced he or she is at issuing key commands throughout a multiplayer match.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran in Diamond or are new to the Koprulu sector and fighting your way through Bronze, we want to know: what's your average APM? And what tips would you share with those looking to ramp up their own?
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In general, APM is not a good indicator of skill. Accurate APM is.

Aside from that, mine starts at around 50 early game and evens out to 100 or so late game.
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How can someone have 30 APM? DO they just stay idle half the match?
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*If you want to choose "What the heck is APM," choose 1-30 instead.
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Depends on my race, but as zerg its usually 120 or so if I'm not 7 pooling.
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I got like 200 AMP in the original SC, some how I have like 120 now.
Do the way these 2 game count APMs in the same way?
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It's usually around 71, but it spikes at times that actually matter to around 200. Average is still 71.
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usually around or a little over 60, and I'm in Bronze ;_;
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My average is usually around 75 in a normal game, sometimes goes up to 150-200 during intense battles. That said I think artificially raising APM by making a bunch of pointless clicks is stupid.
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I pull about 45, 60 with zerg.
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I get around 30 as protoss. I'm not a great player, but I'm silver 1v1 and platinum 2v2. I honestly think at the current skill level I play at an apm any higher would just be a result of me mashing a+move and right clicking.
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I go about 65-70 during calm parts of the game and anywhere from 110-150 during intense times
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How do you check your APM again. I forgot
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I have an average APM of around 35. I only like doing whats necessary and a lot of APM buffing I've seen is just mindless repeats of basic commands and I'm just not into that. I've seen my APM spike around 170 but thats just me needing to cast FG or use Inject Larva after morphing a bunch of units.
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How can someone have 30 APM? DO they just stay idle half the match?

How do you check your APM again. I forgot

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How do you check your APM again. I forgot

Pick any old replay from your 'Replays' tab in-game, there's an APM counter for each player that you can view.
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How can someone have 30 APM? DO they just stay idle half the match?

How do you check your APM again. I forgot


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My APM stays around 50 when I'm not in a battle or doing anything important. There's no need to spam when nothing is going on. When I'm in a battle, however, it jumps up to 120+. So my average isn't all that great but I have good APM when it counts.
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APM is a joke. As long as you know what your doing AMP is lame to me, a bunch of useless clicking means nothing.
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