Wierd graphics, computer crashes, nvlddmkm?

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So I got my laptop back from having it's heat sink fixed, and they wiped the haard drive and did a fresh install.

So I got Sc2 up and running, and now I basically can't play.

the match starts normal enough, but then I start losing effects, like they become planes. Then the mairnes turn into ghosts! And the medivacs start shooting lightning to heal! Then the icons turn blank and the game start skipping, and then the whole screen will turn black, or normal maps of zealots will become the new texture for the ground.

Then I BSOD, and that it!

Another timew I tabed out and saw a little pop-up that said "nvlddmkm has died, and has been recovered."

And I got this error message once when the game crashed before my computer did.
could not write to memory.

I've done about 3/4 hours of work trying to fix this, and so far I've gotten it better... I put in the fps cap, I installed all the vista updates I could find, I try to scan the registry, wiped all drives and reinstall my Nvidia divers, I even reinstalled the game just in case.

So it is software? Is it Sc2? Is it my hardware bugged out?

I was playing this same computer, so it seems like it's the fresh copy of vista 64-bit has destroyed my ability to edit maps or enjoy my hobby : (
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Video card
Vendor ID: 4318
Device ID: 1618
Device: NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M
Driver Version:
Video memory: 1,052,311,552
AGP memory: 1,861,849,088
Vertex Shader: vs_3_0
Pixel Shader: ps_3_0


Hardware/Driver Information:
Processor: 0x9
Page Size: 4096
Min App Address: 0x10000
Max App Address: 0xfffeffff
Processor Mask: 0x3
Number of Processors: 2
Processor Type: 8664
Allocation Granularity: 65536
Processor Level: 6
Processor Revision: 5898
Os Version: 6.0
Os Service Pack: 2.0
Os Bit Size: 64

Percent memory used: 75
Total physical memory: 4259581952
Free Memory: 1052246016
Page file: 8726016000
Total virtual memory: 2147352576
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well I turned off windows aero, and now it doesn't go too wierd... but now my whole monitor will SHUT DOWN.

remember this is a laptop, and it should be fine since the laptop just came out of the box : (
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yeah its not overheating.

I gave up trying to fix it software wise, did a fresh install of vista, still no dice.

I think I'm going to fraps its a bit for the awesomeness of this hardware issue. Maybe they sent me a dead card?

anyways, it's a laptop so no replacing, called hp, they agree wityh me that's hardware, so we'll see what happens in 2 weeks.
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Those are signs of a GPU overheating, I'd really look into that first. What are your temps when you start a game?

Also, a GT130m isn't that great of a graphics card, you might need to play on all lowered settings, if you try anything more it'll probably overheat.

Make sure when you play on a laptop you play on a desk with the laptop lifted off of the desk. I use water bottle caps in each four corners of the laptop to keep it propped up so it stays cool.
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I am getting the nvlddmkm.sys blue screen of death within about a minute of playing and I have tried soooo many things to fix it:

1) cleaned and updated dozens of new, old, beta and non-beta drivers
2) Updated mobo drivers
3) Tried using my old GeForce 480 video card (I currently am running a 580)
4) Re-installed Windows
4) Re-installed SC2
5) ran spyware, adware, spybot, clean-kitchen-sink-ware

and still nothing. Am I alone??
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