Phantom Mode

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Love the game, it's perhaps the best custom map out there right now, and pretty much the only reason I hop on to SC2 anymore.
I do have a few suggestions to either point out, or correct, a handful of problems that seem to come up every couple of games:

1. Prevent people in parties/vent from joining the same game. This breaks the game and tends to ruin it for the other players.
2. Prevent cheese. This is a big problem in all maps, but it tends to be very frustrating on this map. For instance, a player joins and, rather than play, decides to just rush a random person or SCV rush people, etc. Adding destructible rocks at the entrances could help, or something else. It would be hard to prevent, but if it could be, that would rock.

Of course the biggest problem isn't something that can be prevented; people who attack without evidence (or wrong evidence) and discussion. Random violence tends to break most games.

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I think the main problem is the default shared vision of this mode. I love the game and I find it funny trying to point who is the phantom but the shared vision is quite a problem. As for cheese I haven't found one yet.
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The cheese is entering the game in a party and picking paladin/phant and baiting out/killing every one to win.

The only counter i see to this getting a party of 8 trusty friends and playing with them to avoid cheesers or watching the lobby like a hawk for simultanious joinings.

Check their recent matches and if they have been in phant matches with people in your lobby I'm afraid you might have a bad case of teamers.

Don't mistake people who join phant super quick after another game so they might get the same people for teamers because they will prob join close to the same time. And if you call partiers out in the lobby the rest of them will GTFO to avoid the gank. Or the teamers will leave.

I've played roughly 400 custom games. Most of those being phant/abyssal champions. And when teamers break a game it pisses every one off.
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lol me too

A well used reaper rush can crush most partiers.

What's really funny though is when two partiers get slayer and try to kill the pallies and fail miserably.

In one game i was in two zerg teamers tried to rush me and my pally partner. I getting workers but managed to cannon rush one guy and was then killed by the slayers after I killed the teamers.
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Lol Teamers can get annoying by I find teamers sometimes funny as it can end up as a hilarious giant war.

Once just for the hell of it I convinced a entire lobby after the game started for a terran vs zerg since no1 was protoss. It was 3 terran vs 5 zerg was funny x.x They all tried to ling rush us xD.

This game is a epic version of melee :P

I'd love to have a phantom mode with campaign units and a few zerg n terran upgrades from campaign. (and the super warpgate for toss but nerfed to have normal build times since its build time is instant)
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I've seent he phantoms win lots of times. You just have to trick and deceive and not give yourself away. Also, if your smart, lots of times people think slayers/pallys are the phant so most games its 2v4 give or take
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This is the #1 trolling game.
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This game is soooo awesome.
Really provides insight into human psychology. How people lie, how people cover it up, and how people get paranoid about the tiniest details.

One problem I have with this game is that the deception screen is too obstructive. If it could just be a little bar at the top of the screen, it'd help a lot.

Wait...this isn't an official thread, is it.
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I've been reported 3 times for stacking the game...
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Awesome Map, my favorite with Star battle.

There should be more Tall grasses to hide units and make abushes, or even hide buildings! that should be sweet
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im not sure if this is just my problem but whenever i try to join a game of phantom mode it will freeze at the loading.
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I love the game, but I don't like the most recent version, with the new map. I just liked the old map better. The new map is too big, messier, and not as fun. Either make the old map a separate game altogether or (and I don't know if galaxy editor can do this) make it so players can vote on which map to play in the beginning.
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A problem I've encountered twice is the inability to unvision other players during the night.
When day breaks, I want to stay hidden. I can't remember why, though...

Also, I think some text commands could use shortcuts. Like -pr instead of -playersremaining.

Sorry if these issues were addressed already.
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lols I love this game it's one of my favorites. Its so using mass infestor and accidently killing a slayer, oops.... But sometimes phantoms are really hard to find and phantom advantage doesn't work when infestors np their high tier units. lols. anyways i've been wondering about why is there super zoom out
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sorry if someone asked about the weird zoom thing.
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This is by far my favorite game on SC2.

As for my input, making only one paladin in GvE was the perfect balance for giving phantoms that little extra edge. Far, far too many games of GvE were a double paladin roflstomp clockwise around the map. Either the phantom did not build extra and died, or tried to match the paladins and still got killed by the slayers/paladin. So great change there.

The problem still is Blood Brothers mode where there are two paladins. I always thought the keepers mode was more interesting. However, the idea of KoD did not appeal to me because it blurred the line of which side that slayer was on. There should be some sort of keeper that buffs all slayers slightly if still alive and if he is killed the slayers get weakened in some way or the phantoms get stronger. Also, do not tell the slayers if they are a keeper or not. Just make it clearly known that some slayers are keepers.
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People keep kill me because everyone think I am phantom. I always real slayer. Why everyone not listen to me what I said? What wrong with people?
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