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Heh, maybe you doing it wrong. This thing in Phantom mode called "Psichology" it is wonderful invention that allows you to convince your allies you are a good person.

People use all kinds of psichology like reverse psichology and reverse-reverse psichology and backwards psichology.

Hah, don't claim to be something else as slayer. EVER. It will get you killed.
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I have often had my score reset and I know many people probably mentioned this but I just joined the Forum
Could someone possibly tell me how to prevent this or is there already a working way on fixing it?
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This thing in Phantom mode called "Psichology" it is wonderful invention that allows you to convince your allies you are a good person.

I think you mean "psychology." One google search away. Figures that bnet players wouldn't bother searching anyway.


Anyway, as a disclaimer, I've only begun reading the first page and last two pages. If this has been suggested already, ignore me.
But I don't think it has.

Anyway, on the first page somebody suggested an HP/SP/EP increase for all phantom units.

The map dev responded to this, saying that it ruins the point of the map.

But I think you can do it without ruining the map.
Can't you just use an invisible behavior to decrease incoming damage, increase dealt damage, etc, by a certain amount? That would be invisible until the fighting begins.

Perhaps allow the phantom to disable these bonuses on-demand? Use triggers to remove and add the behavior on every phantom unit. Make it start off disabled and you're good, you've just effectively upgraded phantom units without making it apparent.

It'll also be easier to detect those 12-year-old phantoms that show up and start making fools of themselves.

As for the psychological aspect of the game though, I'm afraid it's not really that deep. Really, all that happens in most games is:

1) Everyone maxes out to 200 supply.
2) First players to max out usually have, say, void rays or mass thor.
3) People just wait, asking who everyone thinks is the phantom, etc.
4) One player goes ahead and attacks either a random player, or attacks one of the players who haven't maxed out yet (usually the useless newbie slayers who won't be that useful anyway).

Then, either everyone attacks the attacker, or stalemate again. Most of the game is, anyway, a stalemate.

I have some suggestions for the map:

1) Add the aforementioned hp buff that phantoms could enable/disable on-demand using behaviors and triggers. (If you do not know how to use the map editor, don't comment on this. You'll just look like a fool)

2) Perhaps you could make the map a little less... open and more local? What I mean is, split the players into groups of 4 or so, putting them close together. That means that people will pay more attention to their neighbors. Right now everyone is just evenly spaced out, and it's a pain to have to move your force around.

3) Reveal phantoms earlier. Right now, phantoms tend not to attack until they know who each other are. How about when all players (or say, half) have reached 100 supply, THEN phantoms are revealed?

4) The PLAYERS need to pick night/day or shared vision off more.
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The new map for phantom mode is horrible
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03/19/2012 05:29 PMPosted by Unknown
The new map for phantom mode is horrible

I think Infernal has a little brother who wanted to publish his map really, really badly. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Infernal agreed to replace the terrain with his little brother's terrain.

Infernal, we would appreciate it if you didn't succumb to your little brother's nagging so easily :/
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He really needs to change the map back i hate this mappp!!!!!!!
change it!!!!
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I want more expos on the new map(if its changed)because the if i take 3 expos 2 support my void rays/stalkers every1 thinks im phantom 4 some reason...and by the time some1 dies and theres 2 more bases im already maxed out
Edited by XDslayer on 7/5/2012 9:12 AM PDT
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Still an awesome game.
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We need a new map. ;(
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Sean there is already a new map but people have ignored it.
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Mules are op in phantom mode
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anyone figure out hidden achievements? I'm missing the top one and bottom 2. I can tell you a few I've found and others have told me
-say "-whatami" 10 times
-Lift off a command center, put it in a corner and it will eventually explode
-chat 255 times

if anyone knows the others, please post :)
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