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Island Troll Tribes

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I was wondering if anyone planned on making an SC2 rendition of this map?
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Trolls? General Discussion is thatta way. --->
But seriously, what is Island Troll Tribes?
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Basically, you choose a hero class. You gather items (sticks, rocks, etc) and combine items to make shelters, skinning and blacksmithing facilities, or just a basic fire. Your health and energy go down over time (health being hunger and energy being temperature). If either reach zero, you're dead.

Obviously, health is restored by eating food that you cook on a fire from animals you kill. Temperature is raised by being near a fire or other heat source.

It's based on the Wilderness Survival maps in WCIII.
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this map was awesome in wc3. i support this.

it'd be kind of weird in sc2 tho. but still, yes.
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I will try and help anyone that will try to make it.

One problem is that the item editor is very messed up (I had to screw around for a day to get a 1-use item to just disappear after being used) and extremely complicated...
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I loved this game on wc3.
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i played all of them. - loved all of them, though i preferred jungle trolls more, hunger and health didnt share your hp bar in Jungle Trolls.
i wanted a dark deeds remake too, id make them myself, but i dont have the patience for nor do i have the understanding of editor software.
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I actually really enjoyed ITT in War3..
The Chat Gem Lives!
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I liked Ice Troll Tribes the most - temperature actually made sense in that. Why am I freezing on a tropical island?
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02/16/2011 12:30 AMPosted by Soga
Why am I freezing on a tropical island?

you got me there, ill agree, but JTT had a weather system too, and custom quests that could be completed in order to bolster your trolls abilities, the problem with IslandTT was that without a decent six inv slot player the game was hard, but it did create alot of interesting fights for the witch doctors hut.
whereas the problem with JTT was that in order to be effective, a tribe needed one of each type of troll, or some really good players on specific type of troll.
Ice trolls, the only versions i managed to play of this were where a troll was a troll, no hero abilities bar sprint, no leveling, and they didnt get heat from clothing. :P'

each map had good ideas in its own right, and ice trolls was the original, the others maps built on the idea of making each troll a specialist in a certain field.
the reason i was fond of JTT the most was because
    * the map had weather events, like extreme cold, rain or wind and each one would have a different effect on your troll, like cold would cause your heat to drain at 4x the normal rate, rain put your campfires out unless the inventor put oil on them.
    * each troll had something they were good at, shaman was a magic user, inventor made guns, bombs and boats, warrior was good at cracking skulls - chiefly those of your enemy tribes and the hunter was exceptionally good at surviving and had some pretty nice special structures that aided him in that area - each troll was limited to the hardware they could use, ie levels or class specific items to prevent the bomb wielding magic user from totally owning a warrior unaided - this encouraged a large scale of teamwork.
    * hunger was separate from health! - this was my biggest gripe about IceTT and IslandTT, your troll would have to carry an inventory slots worth of food so they didnt die of hunger in the field, ok, this made JTT easier for newbies - but having food in a slot made IslandTT a problem for 3 slot classes like the beastmaster, so instead of dropping dead in JTT when your mana or hunger ran out, your toon would go into a coma for lack of mana and become uncontrollable till he regenerated ALL of his mana which was a risk in its own right, and would begin to loose health at about 5hp/sec and if your heat ran out you would become slowed and also take damage at about 5hp/sec.

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One in the works, I could use help as well if anyone is interested.
Edited by Scrapper on 5/30/2011 1:04 PM PDT
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If someone can help me with triggers I will start making this map
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The thread has been updated over at the site with more pictures including items/troll actor preview.

We are recruiting for two posistions:

1.Item/recipe creator

2.Trigger and systems creator
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class previews are up.
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