Last of the Firstborn

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Just for kicks, we should link this to the Z&Z/Academy functions. A kind of "many years later" deal. As NPCs.

It might keep this alive longer than J.A.N.E. Or the Warren. Or your attempt at making a story based off of J.A.N.E.
Need I continue?
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Hey, with a story, all you have to do is periodically update it.

But if that is the case, with the academy thing I will need to make two characters.
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Draconus, what do you mean by link, is the Academy linking to this or is this linking to the Academy?
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It means making all of our characters, our characters from the Academy, only older.
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How many years older?
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Seven-thousand-four-hundred-ninety-one-years; five-months; three-days; twelve-hours; nine-minutes; and fifty-three seconds. Precisely.
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Seven-thousand-four-hundred-ninety-one-years; five-months; three-days; twelve-hours; nine-minutes; and fifty-three seconds. Precisely.

No comment.
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08/08/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Halleflux
Seven-thousand-four-hundred-ninety-one-years; five-months; three-days; twelve-hours; nine-minutes; and fifty-three seconds. Precisely.

No comment.
According to Nikola it would be. O_O
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Faction: The Shroud
Class: Blood Hunter
Name: Iranis
Modifications: Protoss DNA, Zerg regeneration, Rifle has a plasma blast function.
Back Story: Joined the Shroud after expelling from Project Shadow Blade. He killed many a enemies, mainly Zerg and Terran Ghosts.
Tell me what I should start at and who I start with.
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Name: Drath Akatun

Faction: Shadow Brood

Class: Fighter/Infested

Modifications: Can take on multiple forms and can grow multiple limbs.

Backstory: In an attempt to assimilate humans, a larva was given the DNA structure of a terran. Yet, terran DNA is incompatible with the zerg for assimilation. The result is a gelatinous mass that can take form of anything it consumes. It currently retains its larval form unless it turns into a creep like substance that can engulf and break down any cells it can find, and replicate those cells to basically become the consumed creature.
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Name: Kelet
Faction: The Shadow Brood
Class: Blood Hunter
Backstory: Elite Zerg Strain, created to hunt down enemies of high importance.
Other stuff shall be added according to what KO specifies.
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Back to the thread, GO TO AIUR!
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Agreed, if I can have any say in this. Aldullon should go to Auir, because a direct strike against the Hybrids would be suicidal. Auir is more likely to be less dangerous.
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I say Aiur then the Terran station.
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Aldullon's Void Ray soars through the stars. He has made up his mind: he will go to the ancient Protoss homeworld of Aiur. He engages warp and soon arrives at the planet.

Aiur has turned dark. No light it receives returns from its surface. A feeling of foreboding comes over him. He now must make a decision.

Should he continue down to the surface of Aiur despite his apprehension?

Or should he go elsewhere? If so, where?
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Clear a landing zone first, then land.
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land, there is nowhere else to go.
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Keep moving, the overmind and tassadar still reside there and can give you insight.
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Zalra, the queen that made him who he was today was killed. He killed her on Char that day, and that is how he earned his freedom. The symbiosis wanted freedom to and surprisingly it's a she. They took a Dominon Drop Ship off of the planet, he found the Shadow Brood and they needed help in order to survive. Since he was infested he knew the problems the Zerg faced. He decided to join them for the time being. Right now he is serving under the Brood Mother name ........ (Knarled you come up with the name. And how many years do you think it is after the Invasion RP that smylez made?)

So much time later which I have no idea how much.

Diethelm woke up from his slumber.
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