Last of the Firstborn

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OOC: Hey Crymson, can my little larva monster be a part of your hive?
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I don't have a hive, I am in the Shadow Brood that Knarled make, and all Zerg characters go there.
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OOC: Oh yeah, I was thinking about "The Invasion". Whoops.
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Aldullon flies down towards the surface of the planet. He scans thoroughly and finds a place that seems safe to land... in fact, the planet seems to be devoid of life. Not encouraging. The planet seems to absorb all light, so the ground is pure black, meaning the only light is the grey sky.

Strangely, though the ground is dark, to his mind it blazes with psionic energy. The surface of Aiur can now be percieved mentally! How bizzare. Aldullon's ship shows him that there is in fact life on this world, a faint signal emanating from the north. He would like to investigate, but suddenly he notices a strong psionic signal coming from the west. Should he...

Investigate the biosigns? Or...

Travel to the psi-signal?
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Biosigns. The psi-signal could be hybrids since they wreak of it. And Knarled can you clarify this? How many years is it after the Invasion of Char?
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Name: Sinfloti
Shadow Brood
Modifications- Currently None
Was recently birthed into the Shadow Brood by Marduk, one of the last surviving brood mothers.
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Never mind Knarled, I think I know who the Brood Mother for the Shadow Brood is.
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I don't know the exact time distance, but this is literally picking up where In Utter Darkness left off.
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I will say this, it is quieter then the Graveyard Shift today.

IC: Diethelm walked up to the Brood Mother. "I am not be a part of your brood, but we all need to work together so we can survive. So what can I do to help your brood."

OOC: And what do we do since Marduk is one of the Brood Mothers?
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OOC: So far, this has been an interesting RP, but I can't come in until there is a good point to. Please tell me when, unless I find a good spot.

But I would try to scout the bio-signs, the Hybrids are more likely to be giving out psi-signs, but they could also be bio too. Also, if there are both signs, and only one of them is hybrid, why haven't the hybrids gone after the other? Surely they could have detected it too.
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I woke to another day in darkness. The Dark Voice thought he had won, but The Shroud had survived, and we would make him pay and return the light to this galaxy. I walked out of my hut on Korhal and approach our leader. "What task do you have for me?"

OOC: Biosigns, I don't trust the psi. Also, I thought it would make a good spot to start. Tarsonis that is. I'll change as needed though.
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OOC: I dunno guys, remember there is always Tassadar floating around, crouching in the Overmind's dead carcass. On second thought go for the biosigns, I don't feel like living through that retcon again.
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OOC: Is anyone even GOING on the Nomads team?
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Name: Xel Kîr

Faction: The Shroud

Class: Psion

Modifications: Xel Kîr is a tank-born High Templar/Ghost.

Back story: At one point, the Shroud attempted to create a multiracial clone, a mix between a High Templar and a Ghost for maximum potential Psionic power. Even though Xel is a tank-grown Protoss/Terran, he does not actually posses as much power as they thought he would, even though he is still a potent Psion. He prefers telekinetic powers, using enemies and objects as rag-dolls. (Xel isn't that strong yet, you can regulate this.) Xel is not actually male or female, but a mix of both, due to a careless mistake - the High Templar was a female, while the Ghost was a male. This make social interaction awkward for Xel, and Xel usually keeps to itself. (Xel is technically an 'it', although it is usually referred to a a he or she in conversation.)

Weapons: if possible, a small blade, a bit longer than a knife, that is keen and elegant. Also, a SMG, if possible, silenced.

Appearance & Physical properties: 5'2" in height, Xel looks much like a Protoss, only with a mouth and standard human hands. He still absorbs light like other Protoss, as well as water. He is estimated to live past 250, assuming he is not killed in action. He is not connected to, or part of the Khala.

Xel is not telepathic. He talks through his mouth.

Xel is not NATURALLY telepathic. He can still use psionics to manage an equivalent, it's just harder than normal.

Another new person? I need to look for my speech...
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Aldullon makes his way north. He is increasingly unsettled by the planet's silence and darkness. He left his ship behind, but continues to communicate with it. He can see that he is begninning to get close to the bio-signs...

Suddenly, he throws himself down behind a boulder. A Hybrid! A Reaver patrols the area ahead, and it was completely undetected by his Void Ray's sensors. Indeed, Aldullon can barely detect it himself... it seems to give off no psionic signal whatsoever. Aldullon now must make a decision...

The Bio-Signs are north of the Hybrid, through a canyon. To reach them, Aldullon must get past the Hybrid. Should he...

Attack, attempting to defeat the Hybrid in a one-on-one battle? Or...

Call his Void Ray and attack from the air? Or...

Go somewhere else? If so, where?

08/09/2012 02:28 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
IC: Diethelm walked up to the Brood Mother. "I am not be a part of your brood, but we all need to work together so we can survive. So what can I do to help your brood."

"There are Hybrid survivors to the south... while they cannot call for help, it would still be wise to destroy them. They may be too great for you alone, however, so take allies.
"Alternatively, you could travel to the Ruined Hive and bring back the minerals and gas left there. Salvage what you can and bring it here, and you will be rewarded. Beware of creatures that may lurk there!"

08/09/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Zarkun
I woke to another day in darkness. The Dark Voice thought he had won, but The Shroud had survived, and we would make him pay and return the light to this galaxy. I walked out of my hut on Tarsonis and approach our leader. "What task do you have for me?"

"The Hybrid are the apple of the Enemy's eye. We amust always continue to slay them. Above Tarsonis is a Worldship with many Hybrid aboard. We plan to destroy it, but for now harass it however you can. Travel there and kill the hybrid!"
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Void Ray.
IC: I come back to the base camp. Covered in blood. "Rogue Zerg and their silly misconceptions."
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"Yes, my leader." I leave and head out towards the Badlands, where the Hybrid and a way onto the worldship were. It did not take me long to get there, and along the way I found the body of a marine and took his communicator. The leader would want this, and I was determined to watch for more. I saw a Reaver and hid, considering my options.

OOC: Void Ray.
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"I will travel to the ruined Hive, we need all the resources we need to drive the Hybrids off of this planet." Diethelm started to walk away. He was starting to morph his hands into claws.
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OOC: I guess I better get my little monstrousity moving.
IC: Consume.
All those that oppose you.
Take on the form of the powerful ones that caused the great decline of life.
Become the most powerful being of all.
Destroy he who resides in Darkness.

These same thoughts power Drath as he searches for the first step in his evolution. A simple drone.
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OOC: I will be gone for a few days, sorry. I will try to start after I get back, but I'm going to be traveling a lot for a bit. Void ray, Hybrid Revers can't attack air in-game, here they should not be able to hit it unless the VR gets too close. Problem: The hybrid brings in other guys.
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