25 Reasons why Zerg is OP in TvZ

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It's true that Zerg do have slight advantage in TvZ, but it's not "OP".

Friend of mine who's a masters zerg keep saying Terran is op, so we swapped race and played 1v1 inhouse and defeated him. It wasn't that easy, but it's easier than playing terran in tvz match up. We both offraced.

When MVP streaming NA 1v1's, he had difficulty in TvZ games, but manage to barely win those games. He decided to switch to Zerg, faced ZvT and it was ridiculously easy for him to reach high masters. (Now he's a GM there if I remember correctly from last season)

DRG also said Zerg seems to be a bit powerful in TvZ.

I had a difficult times trying to get promoted to masters in euro server with terran. Stopped at low rank diamond with record around 8-8. Next season, decided to play zerg and got promoted. Was LOT easier than expected.

Main problem is the infestors. Their so called support units counters everything what terran does in tvz. Yes even mech. 3-3 upgraded mass infested terran gives very difficult time to our mech compositions in late games. Not to mention fungals on vikings to kill terrans air superiority to battle with broodlords. Sure we can spread vikings, but it's not easy as people says. Probably won't be enough to deal with incoming 15+ corruptors, infestor support, and queen transfuse + long air range attack. Gotta be very good positioned and hope for the best.

Yeah people says ghosts, but they are not effective vs decent zerg. Explains why pros don't use ghosts in TvZ matchups anymore.

Anyways, still and will be terran!!! :DD Due to micro intensive!
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Marines... the answer is marines
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Last post here tonight: I think it's incredibly stupid of people to point at Taeja's winrate vs Zerg and say "MU not OP!"

Here's the real deal - Taeja is really freaking good. And really freaking good people will even beat other people with an imba advantage because they're really freaking good. Zergs will work hard to fight Taeja's style. His winrate will go down the longer his career continues.

But seriously, saying Taeja makes TvZ balanced is like saying "all you need to do to get rid of your cancer is to become Jesus! Seriously dude, you're going to die soon, why aren't you making this happen!?"

Lol, yes Taeja's really good. Yes he can beat people who have an advantage over him. But to say Taeja is SC2 god and that the Zergs he plays aren't any better just have a race advantage is absurd. Zerg QQ'd Toss until Stephano discovered his 12 min max, then Toss QQ'd because it was impossible to stop until people stopped it. And now all you hear are Terran tears hit the floor. Every style of play changes and adapts to win against the others. Taeja figured out how to win in the match up so figure out what he does and make it work against the people around your skill level.

I'll go ahead and call it. This new creep nerf will come out. Terran's will be back on top (like they have been since forever) and zerg will QQ the creep nerf when it really doesnt change anything for the community on the forums. The terrans just learned to adapt. Then there will be another inconsequential change, zergs will bounce back, and Terrans will blame it on the "buff".

how'd that prediction work out for you?
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I love how that one guy posted all these Terran counters to various Zerg-y units and neglected the fact that Zerg have that instant tech switch advantage we were just QQ'ing about :D
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The reason zergs are op is because of one unit countering everything, which can also be used as harrasment, moves really fast even when burrow moving, is relatively cheap and can be massed.
You guessed it the WINFESTOR.

That unit is so broken, that you can just blindly mass them up and you know that no matter what your opponent has you can counter it. Their unit size is big,which makes emping them ineffective and they can just fungal or block the ghosts with broodlings or zerglings before they even have the time to cast the emp.

Infested Terrans are amazing and cost very little energy, allowing you to mass them in a fight to trade energy for a valuable army, meanwhile you got fungal to demolish bio and viking balls with ease.

It takes 10x more control from a terran to battle a zerg due to that silly unit.
It makes for boring games and forcing terrans to favor allins or timing attacks to try and win before winfestors come out.
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this is the zerg + blizzard logic xD ... not to flame blizzard but its quite funny

XvZ ....

1st match

Zerg makes fast expand
X race punishes for fast expanding
Zerg rages because they lose
Zerg flames the forum

2nd match

Zerg makes fast expand
X race attacks the fast expand
Zerg complains that queens are useless to defend because they can be kited
Zerg rages because they lose
Zerg flames the forum

3rd match

Zerg makes fast expand
X race attacks the fast expand
Zerg still complains that queens are not good enough to defend and static defenses are useless so they never build them
Zerg rages because they lose
Zerg flames the forum

Queen Buff

4th match

Zerg makes fast expand
X race attacks the fast expand
Zerg NOW makes a couple of static defenses and lots of queens
X race loses all their units with absolutely no damage and no possibility of any other harass
Zerg is happy
Zerg calls the game balanced
Zerg still flames the forum

5th match

Zerg makes fast expand 2 times
X race can't do anything
Zerg makes tons of infestors
X race ragequits
Zerg flames in forum that the game is balanced and others are bad


this was fun to post xD
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08/09/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Alcibiades
1. Unparalleled vision with creep and overlords

Just about equal to a scan, no?

08/09/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Alcibiades
2. Overlord speed means a guaranteed secondary scout which is totally free

...Free... unless a marine comes out in time. Then its 100 mins and (Idk how long an ovie takes to build) of production.

I was going to respond to them all but... too lazy. Lol... Im only gold but.. C'mon man. Different races are different. You aren't really stating why they're OP. More just how they're different.
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Oh no. This was necro'd D:
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Cut in half the health of zerglings. Dafuq. They have 35 hp lol. You are saying that they should go down to 17.5? That means that a single siege tank shot will kill every single one it hits. Plus a ton of units would be able to kill them instantly. If you want 17.5 hp/ling then there should be 4 per larva. Doesnt work that way. Same for zealot. They are fking 100 minerals dude 100 MINERALS
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Please, just stop embarrasing yourself.
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When Terran wins it typically means he won in multiple different areas of and is just more skilled at sc2. When a Zerg wins, he could be more skilled, or maybe (far more likely) the Terran player made 1 mistake and died or couldn't keep up using the same eAPM as the Zerg.

my ego is here to agree with this :))))))
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When Terran wins it typically means he won in multiple different areas of and is just more skilled at sc2. When a Zerg wins, he could be more skilled, or maybe (far more likely) the Terran player made 1 mistake and died or couldn't keep up using the same eAPM as the Zerg.

my ego is here to agree with this :))))))

When Zerg wins it typically means he won in multiple different areas of and is just more skilled at SC2. When a Terran wins, he could be more skilled, or maybe (far more likely) the Zerg player made 1 mistake and died or couldn't keep up using the same eAPM as the Terran.
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All i heard was crying, Sounds like another bad Terran that dosnt relize how OP Terran really is lol, idiot.

Zerg is the most UP Race of the three.
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Just some stats to throw in. I play all three races and have 6 starcraft two accounts (from friends that quit) that I use for separate races.
Playing solely random, I level off at about rank 40 diamond.
Playing solely Protoss I top off at about rank 10 diamond.
Playing solely Zerg I top off at top diamond but not quite masters.
Playing solely Terran I top off at rank 1 platinum.


Because I just can't stop spamming marines XD

I love marines so much that I never make factories except for an armory so I can get 3-3.... Marines are so awesome. Wow! :D

In all seriousness though, I just can't seem to play seriously when I'm terran. Don't know why. I say if Terran is too tough for you just switch to toss! :D Most fun race by FAR and your multitasking skills will shine with warp prism harass or multi pronged harass during an engagement. Mehh... My Zerg account is kind of neglected. Its annoying playing a race where you only get BMed by Terrans and Protoss after a hard earned win... So I just play Toss mostly now XD
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Every race has its advantages.

- I don't see enough terrans take advantage of the planetary fortress. The amount of effort it takes to bring one of those down is absurd, and it can, by itself, completely nullify early aggression from zerg.

- If you build enough infrastructure, you can actually out-produce a zerg. Zerg has the extra resource of larva, and you can literally run them dry in late game if you have a bunch of barracks cramming marines.

- Hellions are extremely difficult for zerg to stop. Queens can kill them, sure, but not nearly fast enough to prevent them from killing workers. Hellions become even more frightening when made en-masse to protect terran mech units from lings. Every terran I've seen who's done this has either beaten me or almost beaten me.

- Banshee and hellion harass are one of the most effective forms of harass that exist in the game. (some micro required)

- Zerg has to build their army to counter you, not the other way around. You get to decide what units hit the field. This is a bigger advantage than it seems.

- Zerg needs more bases than you do to have the same resource income and production capability.

- Drones and attacking units all come from the same larva. If you manage to kill a few drones in a harass attack, you will set him further behind than you think.

- Zerg anti-air is restricted to static defenses and queens in the beginning and middle of the game.

- Zerg requires a massive amount of gas to keep a functioning army.
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08/09/2012 12:22 PMPosted by Alcibiades

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26. Terrans have to turtle until 2/2 and then attack between 14 and 16mins with a 200/200 army and win or do substantial damage else any high level zerg player will get hive tech and hive tech units and own you.
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