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I know beta hasn't started yet and whatnot, but I was curious if anyone knew the answer to this all the same. If one of your units gets grabbed by a widow mine, and you kill that unit before the mine goes off, does the mine still go off upon the units death, or does it just...disappear?
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it just disapears.

Also it does not do freindly fire

Also it can jump on to units with a range of 5 (thats marine gun range)

Also it has 55 hp and takes 3 seconds to burrow.

Also it does no damage to structures.

Also 200 damage.

Also it can latch onto cloaked/burrowed units without the aid of a detector.

Also if it latches onto a cloaked/burrowed unit it will reveal that unit to the rest of your troops.
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Also it does not do freindly fire

Ummm.... no and no. If you watch the new video that just came out the zerg player runs his hydras right into an scv line while they are gathering gas and blew up from a widow mine.
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Why does the widow mine not have a sophisticated targeting system? It is not free so it should have at least one accountability cusion. So far it seems a little unfair that one zergling can trigger the mine no matter what the terran player does. We should at least be given the choice to switch the mine from auto death to manual rally. This would give terran players the ability to react at the last second, maximizing damage or avoiding an easy 10 second cleanup from any player wishing to to clear a mine field.

Ya I know starcraft is a game of seconds, but that's nearly 400 minerals and 100 gas lost if you made 5 mines. I guess widow mines will fit in better with bio mech, I just wish there were more options for this unit when trying pure mech.
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